Watermelon event

  • :?::?:

    It may be an old event like the masked ball one?

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  • lulz… and here we thought something original?? trolled again hah.

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  • FarmerTom why trolled? Even if it's not something original, it is still something new for our European region. It can be a nice change from traditional, well-known festivals - don't you think? Anyway, we'll see tomorrow :D

  • Hello,

    Indeed Watermelone event is just small additional event from other regions to bring something new to our standard "routine" of festivals.

    It may not be super fancy like normal festival, but we try to add some events which were never in our version for more diversity. ;)


  • Yes, we will come back to our regular festival schedule in some time - since it's smaller event, we probably won't have it for full month.


  • really nice to see a new event, I was very surprised to see new content.

    Like that they still put some effort into RoM.

    Now wanna say that description of the watermelon seed buff is wrong, says 20second buff while its 20min buff. Also me and my party have wasted a lot of gold and resources (coins for portal, transform pots, universal pots etc) on the new 500kk hp boss. We got him down to 0% health, but you can't kill him, so there is no loot. A bit disappointing, but still like that there's new content to explore.

  • Whats with drop rates on seeds? They drops almoust less then earth essences from Hall of earth. Full buffed with max drop rates buff and cant get decent drop on seeds?

    So explain please drop rate on this or its realy ussles thing.

    Also how much seeds vs coupons? If i farm 4-5h 20 seeds and will get only 1 coupon I will be mad as hell.

    Overall nothing to bother with drop rate like this.

    You would better give us proof event then this. Idea ofc is nice but what with drops?

    Why cant they drop like wind coins?

  • I agree, and i really appreciate the effort to put something new in the game.

    Pity for the boss bugged, but if you are gonna to fix it, pls.. pls... Increase also Watermelon Seed drop rate.

    Its a copy past from a Japan event, and we all know eastern grind is completly on another lv.

    If drop rate remain the same NONE will be able to join this new event.

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  • Farmed 30 min with 480% luck and result is 2 and to do guests 1750 is needed.

    I will die before i get all together :)

    Most moronic event ever and if not that enough the boss is bugged and labyrinth has no chests

    You are treating the few left over players like shit

    and to skip pom event to this is just plain moronic

    and one more thing is that all new player are waiting on the story event cause they need the titles

    resulting in annoying even more players :thumbdown::thumbdown::thumbdown:

    (adding i farmed in the latest zone Vortis and all mobs same level as me)


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  • I can see that they say in German forums that this is a substitute for Proof Event.

    I would like a confirmation on that.

    If it is then please change the team responsible for this event and for being so irresponsible with zero knowledge of what ROM community wants

    after so many threads and posts, and nobody asked you to substitute proof event,.

    Community asked for new caps and zones even if they are shit copies of older zones and instances..

    If you say like too many events then please stop with your excuses of too many events, ROM community did not ask for those crappy events, and

    you remove the most useful event people wait and look forward too. Do not say is delayed remove this shit event and put the proof one we do

    not want crap event as a substitute to a great event.

  • Proof events stupid, about time they start releasing stats into the game for events rather then proofs. People hording proofs to hold and sell when price increases is dumb. Proofs on vidar been same price for over 2 years due to the large number of them on server, which im sure is the case for almost every other server too.

    New events are cool, but i think this watermelon seeds need to be effected by droprate to make them easier to farm.

    The new custom boss looks interesting if you can get the script to work, nice to see a boss that gameforge can customise themselves released.

  • Watermelon is just a regular festival, just one that has not been used in this version before but in KR/JP.

    Soon enough the next festival should be one of the ones that are already known.

    Daseins Labyrinth is the new thing and I guess it will be iterated upon - for now today/tomorrow we'll continue to try to get to work it properly as it currently should be.

    New events are cool, but i think this watermelon seeds need to be effected by droprate to make them easier to farm.

    The dropchance might be low (3%), but what makes you think they would not be affected by increases to droprate?

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  • My question was mainly to GMs, ofc anyone else can also express their opinion, however yours is pretty biased because if you think proofs are

    stupid so you can sell your 20k stocked proofs at a high price that applies maybe to you or other few people not the whole community. However i

    do agree with new boss stuff which you mentioned.

  • My opinion has been the same for the last 5 years, never liked the proof system. Amount of proofs doesnt change that. Honestly they can delete all proofs from entire game for all i care. Proofs has just caused issues since release and the way they can be horded is silly and doesnt really follow the trend for other currency, since they have no limit and arent account bound. Make all proofs account bound so they cant be sold and this would equally work. FORCE people to actually use them to pull stats.

  • Buffed all drop buffs I had and it took maybe 2-3h to get 20 red seeds. And I was none stop running. So im sure loot buffs maybe increase seed drop by few % only.

    For example. How many mobs are in ST till b1? Some runs i killed evrything there and got 1 or very rare 2 red seeds.

    So I need to do 150x runs to get some reward? Hell even on plvl you wouldnot get so many run count.

    I suggest start drop event straight away and we see if it insta fix to this seed drop problem.

  • Strange, not even trying, i.e. no drop rate buffs, just normal housemaid pot and wings and I got three seeds in about 10 minutes. Just wanting to check it out; I was killing the ostriches outside Heroica, level 100 killing level 96 yellow mobs.

    Of course not even close to being statistical results.

    A better example was a friend (level 55) doing Butterfly dailies. 10 dailies is 50 butterflies in 15 minutes, he got 2 seeds, again no drop buffs.