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    Hello my dear rom friends,

    Since the game started to become really stale for me i have decided to start some really stupid project.

    To succesfully finish my project however i am in dire need of your help!

    My diyce knowledge unfortunately ends where the prewritten scriptfunctions end, and so i cant seem to get my script to work.

    Im trying to find the correct line to do:

    name = "Whirlwind Shield", use = offhand == "Spell Shield" },

    Hopefully there is still someone active here that can help me with this :P:P


    Maybe im doing something wrong, but my Item Shop doesn't show any items under the "Current Offers" (0) tab in the All Items overview. That's where I always check what's on promo. Today the runes are on sale, the promo does show under the "Upgrading" - "Runes" though. I didn't see any promo yesterday either, so I might have missed that one entirely. Please add promos to "Current Offers".

    From what I remember this was always showed under the "Current Offers", although I try to avoid the item shop as much as I can. That's why I figured it would fall under bug report, if not feel free to move.

    Server: Vidar


    There are only two things we can answer:

    - We don't know either (Primarily, but not limited to when, if & what will be changed/fixed)

    - We read your feedback and forward it, but that is all we can do.

    Korin you could acknowledge its broken as it is?

    And that it needs to be fixed ASAP?

    Its not feedback because we want it different, but because its impossible right now. This should be hotfixed tomorrow if you ask me.

    yep you are 100% correct, but I have a strong hunch of what the response will be.

    prolly something along the lines of "this thread is about the quest mountain path, if you have questions about peak level and instance make separate thread". Just wanted to beat them to the punch. Not like its gonna do anything, just trying to generate some traction I guess.

    Please either lower the peak level requirement for both the normal and hardmode difficulty (1 or 2 peak should be enough) of the New Pantheon instance, or drastically increase the peak experience rewarded. It's not a problem is the instance is challenging, and it should, but we can literally not even hit the boss. This peak requirement is a little bit too ambitious as it is now. Our entire guild is peaked, but we have only 1 person that is grinding peak xp. Since he is a healer main the experience he gets is very limited. His goal is 2% per day, and he tells me he is already struggling. It's clear as day to all players this is way too much of a grind.

    I'd highly suggest substantially increasing peak xp. To me the maximum acceptable pace would be 5h per level for the worst classes to farm on, on an experience boost of about 300%.

    A 25 hour grind is already too much for most casual players that just want to run the newest instance for a bit and then take a break until next instance is released. I guess the whole point of this peak system is to separate the hardcore player from the casual one (which is totally ridiculous in the first place), and 25h is more than enough to do that. There have been piles upon piles of complaints in the past about the time it takes to unlock the Ironblood Will skill (to unlock maximum damage potential), and yet Gameforge thinks it's a good idea to release a similar grind?

    Let us run instances instead of having to pointlessly grind out months and months of braindead xp farms.

    On a lesser note I would also like to see xp boosts included in the future tp/xp/droprate events. New players and altfarmers get punished this way because they purposefully want to extend the already horrible peak grind.

    From level 55 onwards, instances start dropping Ancient Mementos. The higher level instance (and difficulty), the more mementos it drops. These mementos can be used to buy potions, gear and weapons. Typically the weapon that you can buy is that of the previous zone's normal mode instance (which isn't very good). Another use for these mementos is that you can buy certain crafting materials with them, as well as those hammers that repair your gear. You can also buy the "black codex teleport" skill for 200 mementos, which will let you teleport to any instance that you are high enough level for. This will cost you a teleport rune per cast, but essentially saves you the marking ink. Alternative would be to travel by mount.

    Be aware, in the later zones these merchants (black codex) are only available after completing the zone's main questline!

    I don't remember how good memento gear is, but I think its a little bit worse than the crafted set.

    Assuming you play a damage dealer char, the main stats you are looking for are: (physical?) damage > attack power > critical hit rate. The hardmode instance sets come with a damage bonus, as well as a set bonus. crafted gear only has a set bonus (certain parts of the crafted set are dropped in normal difficulty of the zone's instance however, so you might not get the entire set). Normal mode difficulty instances are almost never ran. Proof of Myth gear also comes with a set bonus, and generally has a little bit higher stats than memento and crafted gear. Memento and shell gear doesn't have a set bonus.

    If I were you, I would get the "Charplan" addon. This addon gives you the ability to toy around with all sorts of equipment builds and shows you the stats this gear would give you. Same applies here: damage > attack power > crit. Look for parts only that give both attack power and crit hit rate (if not going instance set), unless going for a set where individual pieces+setbonus would result into higher overall stats (attack power and crit).

    If you want to go for an endgame set, you want a "hall of earth" accessory set. their name is something with "ancient" in it. This set gives a damage boost, but is very difficult to get over 100 durability. If you don't plan on endgame soon, its better to go with the quest (blue) accessories. Even when using this "ancient" set, the 2 (ring and earring) slots you have left, you want to use quest accessories. Remember, if an item is purple it doesn't necessarily mean its better than a blue item!

    Also keep in mind that some gear pieces are easier to get than others. Crafted and shell gears are rather easy to come by, but without being able to run an instance at normal mode difficulty, you will find it near to impossible to finish an entire crafted set. Always get your gear over 102 durability since it will amp up your stats by 20%.

    PS. good to know, crafted gear is usually named "transformed".

    IF gameforge will look at the rates and change them, this will most likely still take a while to get implemented because they haven’t gathered enough complaints or since there is decreased support during the holidays. Unless there is some special christmas event for peak points planned, please atleast toggle the xp part for the winter event boost. Blows my mind they must have thought it was going to be too fast on xp event or some shet. Imagine having to grind all that on a tank, that would take like what? 700h? This to me looks outright insane. It is also clear as day dailies/quests are not a viable option to get levels.

    I also wonder what peak level is required to reliably hit bosses in HM. I havent looked into it, but at first glance it looks as if rogues have a sizeable advantage because of their additional accuracy.

    where is the info about how peak level works? we need to get level 5 peak level to go to newest ini on HARDMODE? and if yes where we gonna find the exp for leveling it up? there is 138kk to get for 1 level, and the rate is 1/100 that means in one map there is like 15kk exp for peak system. so where do we grab those other 123kk ?

    Prolly plvl ezmode inis or running an instance where you get tp? Daily quests perhaps? Just my guess.

    Korin answered all sentences where you put a questionmark at the end.

    you dont have a clue about the amount i see

    Not really no, the way you describe it it takes 78h, which is insane ofc. But then again, I havent completed the quest, so I don't know what the fk the peak system even is. There is prolly some introduction to the system once you have finished the quest (i'd hope atleast).

    where is the info about how peak level works? we need to get level 5 peak level to go to newest ini on HARDMODE? and if yes where we gonna find the exp for leveling it up? there is 138kk to get for 1 level, and the rate is 1/100 that means in one map there is like 15kk exp for peak system. so where do we grab those other 123kk ?

    Prolly plvl ezmode inis or running an instance where you get tp? Daily quests perhaps? Just my guess.


    Let's say that after a month or two they put the climb to the top level open to all ... and the time lost by us in going around to take out the blissful stone? Who makes up for that?

    There is no answer to this question at this point of time.

    atleast answer a question you know the answer to.

    Ask me, let's see.

    My initial writing is full of questions to answer and you don't answer any. Can you answer any?

    Korin answered all sentences where you put a questionmark at the end.

    I kind of like the peak level system requirement (the quest part atleast), sure its a bit of a grind, but isn't that what we wanted? ST and TOS were so dead easy that many ppl I knew quit as it was so simple to complete.

    The problem is that (with many other parts of the game!) the quest drop seems RNG-y. I would probably feel better it the bosses would drop a flat 2 freely-distributable quest items. This wouldn't change the amount of runs needed significantly, but this way ppl know what to expect, and decrease "player disappointment" imo.

    Peak levels are fine to be a bit grindy, but hopefully not too much. Or perhaps the difference between lv 1 and 5 isn't too significant. I'm curious of how much experience is needed to level it up. Grinding xp isn't the same as grinding instances. It wouldn't be bad for ppl that put it the time to grind xp to have a little bit of an advantage over other players that just log in for instances In the evening, but it shouldn't be a requirement for the latest instance for all to grind 50 hours of xp. Now I've heard that HM Pantheon gives a good chunk of tp, so perhaps you can just hop in Pantheon when all have unlocked peak level and passively gain peaklevels while running the instance. On the other hand, the first clear is always gonna be the hardest, after which it gets much easier every clear you do. So if peak level influences the difficulty that strongly, you are either gonna need max peak level across the board to clear, or the instances will become just as easy as TOS once you have maxed.

    Personally I, and with me many people I know, really wanted a hard instance, and this might just be an indication that a hard instance is just what we got.

    Latest instance shouldn't be for midgamers and lazy ppl. You just come back a month from now and ppl will tell you what the best way is to get the required level and what you need to clear the instance. For the rest pretty much what Aktl said.

    just shout that you are looking for a guild in one of the highly used channels in your server and there might be some ppl that can help you out with that. Usually they whisper you first to discuss the internal guildrules, then you can decide if that's what you are looking for or not. There should be a couple of laidback early to midgame guilds in every server as far as I know. Most of these don't pressure their members, but rather like to provide them with midgame runs or crafted gear or some shet. Don't know if that's still the case, but should be.

    I'm not trying to come across as hostile or anything here, but I do not agree that you HAVE to be in a guild whatsoever.

    People rather run instances with friends and guildies for sure, but as long as you are skilled, geared and friendly enough there is no necessity to be part of any guild to run instances.

    The majority of honor points come from the battleground dailies which are earned solo (to do this you do need to be part of a guild however). Also honor points aren't a vital currency of the game (perhaps if you want PVP gear, but why would you want PVP gear if you are a solo player).

    While I respect the fact that some people want to play solo i'm sure you are aware of the fact that you are willingly limiting yourself this way. You might progress slower, but I don't feel that this is in any way "discrimination".

    As you probably know being part of a guild has lots of useful perks from level 1 all the way to the endgame level. I would strongly advice you to join a guild, it doesn't really matter at which level of the game you play. With all different sorts of guilds out there i'm positive there is one that fits your needs.

    Building your own castle also has its perks (you don't have to share your guildvault with anyone for example), but gets very expensive very fast. Be prepared to spend a boatload of money if you want to have bufftowers and guildbuildings equal to established guilds.

    PS. useful tip: Arcanium Arena is a good source of guild materials if you want to upgrade your guild/castle.

    if all you want to do is solo stuff then k/m is the way to go.

    That being said, I don't have a k/m so don't ask me how to play it.

    Just wanted to let u know before u invest in k/p or k/w that k/m is for sure the way to go.

    for group (end) instances you'd want to go with k/w.

    I don't think there is a list of skills that don't apply to GCD.

    That being said it I think this is how you test it:

    -> You place all your skills on your action bar and use one of them. On most of them there will be a clockwise motion going on. This means these skills have a GCD. The GCD doesn't apply to skills that don't show this motion (I think that's how it works atleast). Hope this helps a little bit.

    hey I got a question; for me it would be really helpful if we could add a custom name to our accounts in the new launcher. I know this is not a feature as of now, but this way it would be easier for people to sort their accounts. Is this doable?

    I would preferably look like this:

    Username (added custom text)

    Or do I need to post this in suggestions as separate thread?

    Also does anyone know if there is a way to change the order in which your accounts can be picked in the change game account section?