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    it doesn't matter if even 10 people across the servers are peak 3 in 6 months time... they all still gonna have to wait for others to catch up to be able to run anything....

    and the ones waiting on others will quit because waiting too long, and the others struggling to catch up will quit soon after as ( whats the point) if there is nobody to run it with when you get there?

    So who wins? No one.

    any particular reason everytime there is an update, I have to reload my save variables file everytime, as all my addons etc are being reset everytime there is an update? getting old lol.

    Ive had that happen before as well, and thought maybe I didn't donate enough, so I started donating 10+ times if I want xp buff, never failed yet since starting that.

    Could be hogs wash or not, just sharing.

    I changed my font on this game years ago, now I cant seem to figure out how to change it with this new config. If anyone can message me on how to, please, I cant stand this OG font lol.

    between the item shop, and now this, it is very, very, VERY clear not one person, listens to anything players say on these forums, and again yall keep wondering why there is never activity on these forums, old and new.

    Nobody asked for this, but alas here it is, with the mentality of "deal with it, or quit", which is pretty much the standard flagbearing message with GF.

    So I download this new launcher ( as I am forced to) and it starts downloading a patch... fails everytime… says "Unable to apply a patch, please repair your game")

    The game ive been logging into for 10 years, with never a hitch, I now cannot log into. GG GF.

    To add for an edit, I just did a fresh install from THE GAMEFORGE WEBSITE, couple months prior.

    Lolol lets add more to the equation. Shut GF client down, restart it, doesn't tell me to repair my game, tells me im already playing.. and wont load up. smh.

    Only GF can reinvent the wheel and make it square.

    there should be no problems with anyone's alts, there isn't enough people that play the game to not have alts.

    I don't know if anyone could be free to play without alts rly. (Im sure its possible tryhards.)

    But the reality is, you need alts if you don't want to pay for everything out of pocket in game.

    Cenre' has it on point though hah

    Let people have as many alts as they want, those are the farmers pumping stats etc into the AH, without them, AH is empty, well more than it already is lol

    Don't give up on anything yall want changed... "the squeaky wheel gets the grease"

    IF community whines enough about something they will change it...

    They just usually go over the top with the changes usually ;p.

    I just want siege 1 HR sooner is all XD

    definitely should make changes to that for sure... its a old rumor they used to do that for p/w combo years ago...but alas the only way they ever fix anything in this game is if community bands together and constantly flames about it..

    Then GF will most likely respond by.. just removing all healing gear from game hah

    all the class guides were on the old forums... and possibly have been long deleted by now... another one of the "great" decisions by our supreme leaders.

    But if you pop onto youtube, there are atleast a bunch of ch/r videos you can use for to help.

    I apologize for bland answer. Just saw no replies and figured id atleast throw some direction at some videos about it.

    for the few playing on any dead server, yes a merge will be loved by them.

    But a merge isn't going to fix anything.. they merged 7 servers into 2.. then 2 into 1 for American servers.... neither merge fixed anything..

    population came back for a bit after both mergers because people wanted to see if anything had changed..( like price).

    but alas once they realized nothing changed.. they all left again... it will be very hard to bring those people back... ( fool me once, fool me twice?)

    So, while a merger will be helpful to the few active players... it is only a bandaid over a gaping wound.

    Until REAL change happens, it will just be more of the same.

    Cut the games prices by half on everything, and give twice the amount of diamonds per dollar than before at a sheer minimum, and we can talk about ways to bring this game back to life, with us players promoting it, and advertising for you by word of mouth...

    I used to try and recommend lots of players to play this game, till they changed how much diamonds you get, and the price of this game got even more expensive than it alrdy was.

    10 people buying 1k diamonds is the same as 1 person buying 10k diamonds...

    and guaranteed the person that buys that many diamonds... will still buy that many diamonds.

    But I digress and im veering off course.

    have a great day.