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    if you are looking for endgame again, there is none atm sadly. New ini is not doable until fixes..( like many other times, like st was) can only run st or

    tos, the same instances weve been running for 1-2 years now.

    If your looking for midgame fun and maybe a good siege war here or there thats still a possibility.

    the official statement is the same as it always is... "we are listening.. we forward all your feedback..., we are us!!"

    been rinse repeat same answer for going on years now.

    then once in a while they will throw in a " i feel something good is coming soon!!, but i cant say what it is!!!" to get everyone excited...for about two

    weeks or so, then people once again realize that it was just another lie.


    not being a smart ass here, but it is a contest they held only on forums they do from time to time.. whether it is "send in your photo from here"

    contest.. or " submit your best story of your favorite time in-game and be entered in random raffle, etc etc"

    Holidays are coming soon, hopefully the powers to be can actually do more than they usually do and think of some great ideas to interact and have

    fun with the populace this holiday season incoming.

    it was 100% because of players..

    if we still had old forums... i could search through dozens and dozens of posts about people raging on and on about it.

    World chat was full of rage about it.

    Because diamond pricing went to 300k, endgame pieces instantly doubled or tripled too, so there was plenty of rage to go around those times lol.

    its one of those situations.. where "be careful what you ask for"

    anytime in ten years of playing this game where players raged about something...runes of magic almighty gods just usually remove it from game...

    and never get around to actually fixing it... or they go the complete opposite of what players want.

    Ie- eoj farming... people complained about afkers at energy drink.. so they remvoed it. Now nobody eoj farms much at all anymore.

    complained kbnh was too hard. then we got beth, goh after...

    complained about ice blade being too op years ago.. now its a dead class pvp wise.

    just random examples i thought of quickly, i could go on and on...

    Diamonds SHOULD be in AH.

    Figure out how to implement it. put a cap on max and min. whatever. just do it.

    i loathe dealing with other players trying to buy something from item shop. let me buy the diamonds i want from ah and buy them myself! haha

    not many remember but you could sell diamonds in auction house.....but people would buy the cheap diamonds then try to resell at 300k + trying to

    corner the market for themselves....and they removed them as well.."temporarily"

    i still believe if they capped diamond selling at (for example) no more than 100k per dia on auction house things wouldve been fine...

    if someone wanted to sell less than 100k per well let them, but atleast nobody could go higher than 100k...

    just an example of a possible solution that couldve been a start...

    this topic has been hashed out many times over the years on a solution... and all we ever get is the same auto recording for years now..

    " we are listening... and we forward everything you are saying to Gameforge, trust us"

    please keep in mind, absolutely none of this (these rage posts, third party posts, fix posts, qq posts, all of it) wouldn't even be here or said, if peak

    system and pantheon were fixed months ago.

    The forum could be full of "strats for pantheon" or "Fastest way to peak level" or guides to classes... you know normal forum posting, but until the

    game can back to any sort of normalcy, this will be all anyone will see when they grace the forums.

    But man, if a festival has wrong terminology, boom! hotfix in a day or two... Right on top of that!

    But hey dont worry all, it took Sun Temple over a year to be fixed, and we are coming up on that yearly mark soon!! so heres hoping 2021 might be

    the year!! X/X/

    whats the point of beta testing, if the product they put out after is still crap and broken? for example... every content/instance for last 2-3 years.

    Lets not escape the fact it takes 6 month up to a year plus for any sort of fixes too...

    92 content was broken even after 98 content was released,

    how long was sun temple broken? Closed?

    list goes on and on

    or just stat all str sta, and be a dps when you want.. or a tank when you want...

    i buff to over 850k pa as a dps, or over 1.3 mil pdef as a tank... with just one click either way and a few different pots/buffs, and my stats are old.

    and that is sustained numbers, not pre boss fight or any nonsense.

    if you focus either way, numbers im sure could be higher.

    champ is 100% cheapest character to build if you go that route.

    i cant even count the number of times, dozens upon dozens.... i have been dps in a run... then the tank dies... and i hit shield mode... and tank the rest of the fight and we dont wipe?

    that right there is more beneficial to a run than most other options.

    that is the power of str sta statting lol.

    You wont be the greatest tank or the greatest dps out there, but you will be the most versatile, and hero when you save the party lol.

    just giving an example, not saying its the meta


    This right here....

    I told everyone when peak 5 came out first... to not even farm it until a solution was implemented...

    The ones that didn't listen... should now be twice as far in peak lvls as they were before they cut it by 50%... which essentially i knew would happen, and no compensation for anyone that did the work...

    And i'm going to say it again, don't farm, don't do a damn thing until a REAL solution is implemented....

    What if they cut the requirement by 25% again? or more?

    Then again all that work anyone did, would be for naught again.

    Remember the weekly comic books they used to do?

    Remember the weekly podcasts they used to do?

    Remember frogster america when they ran things? ( yea, everyone has issues, but not like today's!)

    Remember events with gms every month?

    Remember asking for a GM in world? And actually getting a response?

    Remember when the GMS and Coma's didnt shut down every single thread that actually was interesting?

    Remember when weekend item shop specials... were actually different every week... and sometimes they were great, and sometimes they sucked, but it still made you sign in every single friday.... JUST to see what the weekend specials were....

    AND, if it was a good sale, youd spend the majority of the weekend, either making new gear...stats, farming, buying diamonds, whatever, it motivated you to get things done.

    (I also remember when diamonds were 8k per too lol.)

    Remember when you could farm mems for good stats... or accessory/capes. (healers still can ofc)

    Remember EOJ farming in Tergothen bay fighting the entire server at times?

    Remember when honor points weren't capped at 25k and had no cap?

    Remember clearing endgame instance... when they first came out?

    Remember when the Toni/Morrok storyline used to be interesting and engaging enough to keep you questing, as you actually enjoyed the story?

    All things that made thousands upon thousands of people fall in love with this game that are lost nowadays.

    Sadly, maybe half of y'all might remember half of these.

    anyone else tired of hearing about plussing fails when its 2020?

    not knocking anyone here, yall have legit gripes. 100%

    problem is the fact they fail in general, at all, ever.

    I'm sure we all play many, many games over the years, or currently.

    Is there any other game that takes gamer's money this bad.. on a system that can fail... AND make your gear worse.....??

    as gms like to boast they read all, then READ THIS>

    REMOVE PLUSSING FAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The amount of money to plus any one piece of gear to 30... outweighs a monthly subscription of any game out there.


    probably would make more money tbh.. as people might have initiative to spend money to get to +30 rather than staying at 16 or 20, if there was no chance of failure.

    but hey... running it the way you guys have been since Froggy America...thats working right?


    cant expect any more of a response than this from them friend.. they don't know...

    They are not in the "need to know" brackets of ranks.

    which begs the question.. whats the point of being a gm?

    they do not dare even comment on these types of posts... because they know.. the moment they do... they will get flamed on anything they say lol

    tbh, they don't have any answers anyway, they are in the dark as much as we are I fear.

    sweet... they cut the xp in half for peak lvls.. but now release peak 10.. so now the xp requirement is exactly the same just to be able to run the instance...?? as it was before adjustments? is this correct? lol

    if so, hand you guys the 2020 most epic troll award...

    "hey, the requirements for peak5 are too much!"

    " ok, we cut them in half"

    " well, we still cant hit mobs, they too high.."

    " fine, here's peak 10"

    Insert memes of giant corporations laughing maniacally.

    1 step forward, two steps back

    I actually had hope when I saw 50% cut... figured maybe … just maybe... but if mobs are still 115+ or w.e, then I guess we will all plan on coming back in 2021 when they introduce peak 10? lmao.. smh

    is this what it really boils down to?

    That we are forced to wait until they release peak 10? Just to do an instance that was released over a year prior?

    Are we going to have to level to peak 20 to do next instance?


    why is making the launcher different... then adding two step authentication... more important than actual gameplay....

    forget it. like I said earlier.. just beating a dead horse... no gms will respond... nothing gonna get fixed... just nerfs ( like I absolutely said would happen to wardens)

    but yet we still cant say cave in game.. Bravo.

    In re 4)

    There is a contract between RW and GF that runs out in a year or two. I suspect, though, that part of the motivation to not raise the cap is that they are concerned about reaching too high a level. For the first several years, there was a new release every six months. Level cap would go up by two and then three, then two again, so five levels per year.

    whats ESO cap now? 1000 yet? or is it higher?

    we just topped 100....