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    Now that you mentioned would love to see quest boards moved inside the main building, and replaced by statues/totems/new buildings which can provide the same elite skill buffs of many alts (like k/p, w/p, r/p, patt and co) that crowds the guild courtyard in every sw. Would not be so hard to implement.

    Simpler SW, less clients, less lag and something new to focus for our castles.

    But why should smaller guilds beat higher guilds? It's pvp. If they want to beat the higher guilds.. Simply get better at pvp? Fcapping is not really a solution to that.

    I'm all for giving these smaller guilds a chance by making it to 20s though, if they can time 3 towers at once with a 1s of margin, they can have the draw.

    It seems to me SW is not a pure PvP. If we want pure PvP we can go arena. SW is not won by the guild with more dmg done or kills. I can argue with: why a 20 player guild should loose to a 6 player one if they can cover more effectively the battlefield, due SW is only a matter of who control towers.

    This is a game in which right classes and good gear are very important, but still you can also outsmarter or outnumber your enemy.

    Fcap at the end can be lame but is not the problem itself: the problem is the castle is hard to breach even for high point guilds. SW is a game of field dominance. There is a huge gap between to be able to conquer the towers and to be able to take down gates. I still think best way to go should be to link gates HP to towers, once they are all caught gates start to loose hp or max hp. So players sieged are forced to fight for ground control.

    Not sure about increasing cap time or in general nerfing fcap, looks like would lead only to a pure pvp battle. Ppl will start to skip most of the fights and very few classes will be worth to be played. Like i said i dont think fcap is the main problem.

    After a bit of brainstorming on IRC it's still not entirely clear how it works but there IS a possibility that the droprate buffs simply can not (practically) apply in this case. We just don't know for sure.

    After chatting with you last night, i tested it this morning which varying levels, buffs etc. Can preety confidently say that drop buffs, including server side bonuses, does not effect the global loot table. After killing hundreds of mobs, the amount of rolls on the table, guild runes & event items seems very consistent with or without buffs. Seems to be pure RNG how many you can farm in an hour.

    Farmed 1k+ mobs in Vortis both tonight and yesterday with 440 drop rate buff, got 17 scarlet seed yesterday and 18 today with 100% server buff.

    I think Cenre can be right,

    What is puzzling me is with a plain 3% drop rate i should get around 30ish every 1000 mobs, with 100% active around 60,

    I agree, and i really appreciate the effort to put something new in the game.

    Pity for the boss bugged, but if you are gonna to fix it, pls.. pls... Increase also Watermelon Seed drop rate.

    Its a copy past from a Japan event, and we all know eastern grind is completly on another lv.

    If drop rate remain the same NONE will be able to join this new event.

    Affected Boss: Second boss in Bedim Castle

    Description: During boss tactic if a player kill a pillar to clear boss from immunity he get a debuff that reduce any heals to 1. But debuff is working oddly since it is applied to every player in party, not only the ones who kill pillars. Even tank is affected by it; basically it's impossibile to heal anyone, leading to certain wipe.

    Server: Vidar


    Ty Divinity for tonight SW!

    I know we got draw with lame tactic, but i hope you understand we are many and not so well geared for pvp, shatching a draw against a strong guild like yours... let's say we are happy and was fun =) TY

    None here is against fear cap, it's part of the sw. Utui referred to guilds who just hide till last few minutes and try to cap majority of towers.

    In a fight between balanced guilds you can see fcap every 3 min, with actual fights. The cases utui presented involve cases in which there is 1 hour stall, purposefull or not, resolved in the last 30 secs.

    Rogue Item set skill from zs/ds lv 55 and from tos lv 100 let rogues walk in hide and ignore any kind of trap, eyes included. Scout can detect them ofc but usually rogues run at full speed when they fcap and got immunity pretty fast so the only way would be to have a pretty fast scout to react in 1 sec.

    In case of r/p they can use early immunity so its pretty impossible to stop them on their way. The only safeway is to have a p/r close and use skill purge on them to remove the herald immunity while they are capping.

    Btw any rogue who use invi pots has no rogue pride =)

    Either you like it or not its still what the skill is supposed to do

    The purple sentence is not from the game, it's just a comment of the state of things from wiki author.

    Nowhere in game is stated this stun has to last the same duration agaist mobs and players.

    2. This should be possible. Heal over time effects do not work on any buildings. I haven't tried with any protection buffs though. I don't know how bad the ch/m buff is, but my guess is that they made walls resistant to buffs and never updated it when the new race came.

    Problem is gate are subscettible of buff like any other player. Ch/m buff absorb dmg in % of HP, and since gates got tons of hp they are virtually immune to any dmg.

    1) Immunity cap, for how much is despicable tactic, is the only way to balance a sw agaist high spending money ppl with 30+ gear. Changing it can lead to other problems.

    Instead, to solve both problem 1-2, i would suggest to link gates to the 6 towers: if one team capture all of them, gates start to loose hp or cant be buffed.

    2) Better and more effective siege weapons would be nice too, against a good guild those last 30 sec at gates, against weak one can still be useless cause of alts buff on gates. We still unlocked only lv 3 of them while the arsenal can reach lv 10. RN can surprice us there.

    4) RN could also be so nice to actually fix the buff visual effect