Runes of Magic

Something fresh comes this summer

The time has come to give you an update about our upcoming plans. Today we want to share a sneak peek of what you can expect in the close future on Runes of Magic and what we have been working on lately.

Performance improvements

Yes, this is true, you are awake, the long-awaited performance improvement patch that is severely reducing the crashes of the client is coming very soon… with the Colorweave festival! With that patch we expect that the performances will be greatly improved, especially in big cities! We can’t say for sure that all crashes will be gone, but it should be a big step in reaching more stability in-game for most of you. Of course, we will monitor the feedback and results closely once it goes live.

Server Merges

We promised merges, and we are delivering them this summer. We are currently finishing our merge plans, so far we can only confirm that the new servers will not be merged.

We also have other plans for future content in the works. As soon as it gets a bit more concrete, we will inform you about that too.
Thank you for reading and we wish you all a great summer.

The RoM Team