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    So many memories could be spoken about, because not many shared the passion that Kinesis had for this game. Always trying to unlock new things from this game, whether it was hidden tactics of bosses or unexplored classes. You will be missed by a lot of people.

    Rest in peace Kinesis.

    To increase it they must be magic skills that just get calculated physicallly the same as Holy Strike and many others. But yep, useful information that magic sigils aren't completely useless for some physical classes.

    Holy strike hits magic damage but scales physically. So int/matt wouldn't be worth to stack since it's not going to increase the damage of it. Magic sigils increase it because it increases magic power.

    Because the first part is the skillname and then you have the conditions that come after it. Bleed & Grievous Wound are not skills but buffs.

    Your diyce will work if you take the version i posted above with the IDs.

    Simply swap the name of the buff and remove the "" and you can use the IDs anywhere.

    You should use BuffIDs where you can when using diyce(Or really any combat engine), especially where the "Bleed" is concerned, because there is multiple Bleeds in the game, Currently you will end up using Low Blow/Wound attack with any bleed, not specifically the rogue one and be losing damage.

    620313 is the Bleed you're looking for.

    620314 is Grievous Wound bleed ID.

    Your diyce is basic but should however get the job done.

    Very aware what constitutes as a weapon thanks, just simply forgot about Experience/Loot runes. They should be the two exceptions.

    Just updated game and logged in to try. Put Raid/Curse/Burst/Miracle all inside a talisman. So very curious which "couple others" you tried?

    All weapon runes can be placed in a talisman, and all will work except Raid rune since you never actually "attack" with the talisman and this rune only benefits the weapon its used in.

    Negative aggro caps at -90%, so 1 -aggro rune is plenty, w/wd should be played with a 2h axe in pve, never 1h. Above post sums it up quite well.

    Searing Light is magical damage, So as such calculates from the magic damage formula rather then the physical. Each element type (Light, Earth, Dark, Fire, Water, Wind) has their own auto attack damage skill. (Flame attack, Frost attack, Thunder Attack, Conglomerate Attack, Full attack & Dark Ability attack) They all scale from magic no matter the class used. R/k draws the short straw here since it's a physical damage dealer. Runewaker could remake the skill to work similar to Enchanted Throw and scale it physically, but this could then have unintended consequences.

    It's not a resolution problem, RoM was not designed for such large monitors and has a Max Width/Height in the UI Scaling setting formula. Which is why it cuts off the right side of the screen when adjusting it if your monitor is greater then the max width variable. Increasing this variable would make the UI scaling no longer clip on the side.

    The stones are generally an upgrade in most areas

    Main area you see it being more costly is 20-24 due to the increased cost vs similar success rate. Outside of that it should be considerably cheaper based on average RNG.

    3rd & Fourth Column is what you want to look at. Success/Drop chance for the universal stones.

    Even if the work has been done for them, they're never going to use code off the internet, even if its more secure then their own code xD. They can't be sure of any backdoors added by previous developers on it that aren't there own, not to mention all new content they've added will not be in there and would need to be added. The dream of crash free rom is just never gonna happen under gameforge & runewaker.

    Not true, 64bit doesn't solve the problems with crashes at all. The memory leaks still exist. In theory you can fix the memory leaks and heavily reduce the crashes already. Doesn't need to be ported over to 64bit. 64bit is just an extra step you can take if you want to truly enhance the game performance. A lot can be done without it, and is still required even with a 64bit port.

    Anyway, anyone who thinks runewaker will ever invest so much time into the game again needs a reality check and stop dreaming, it's not gonna happen.

    I have to agree with the original poster. the lack of PoM's is very noticable on the server these days

    He's not talking about PoMs, he's talking about the item for the 60 elite quest.

    Elite skills being tied to the world bosses imo is fine, they already adjusted it in the past that normal mode bosses work for them as well. Many wb zones are being restarted daily however which is allowing the bosses to be camped as soon as they spawn giving no chance for players to do the quests or get elites. But generally if you know who is farming the wb they should be happy to let you hold a boss sometime. At least that's how it worked when i was soloing wb in the past. Also worth looking into tergothen bay bosses as they are usually up the most.

    They fixed peak system relatively fast and as people have discussed about that they keep polishing it for the future so fixing this should be possible as well.

    They never fixed it, still broken as shit xD

    The world boss situation is stupid, no denying that. The whole proof currency itself is also stupid from the start and i wish they'd just let it die out. Proof events arent the solution to the problem regarding proofs, despite everyone thinking so. World bosses should've always just dropped stats directly rather then a currency to go buy extra items imo. The currency itself just lets people horde and control them which doesn't help the stat market grow. Players on proof events are better off selling the proofs to rich desperate people then try and pull for themself, This shouldn't be the case imo.

    I actually like the idea of using items on them to make it furious similiar to Krolin, but seems unlikely after 6 years that these bosses would be changed.

    PoM wise though what were you guys doing during that last event? Haunted house gave out more poms than any event ever has before on top of free hardmode gear, I got so many killing a worldboss right now seems like a waste of time haha

    Events aren't really the solution though. Killing the world bosses are not hard as you said, even without alts. *removed by Jinsoyun* But it's force of habit, not much to do ingame, When i quit the other wb farmer had over 30k proofs at least, and im sure since then he's gone on to keep farming to almost 40k+.

    Don't think gameforge want to abandon this game, they still make a decent amount of money off of the playerbase here. But they've always been awful at communication. I'm personally still clueless how gameforge can not pressure runewaker to fix this shit after 1 year and be fine with them developing crappy new festival content that almost no one cares about.

    Not sure about slowly anymore. Glad to see that new currencies are entering the currency list but ptokens are still not on there. Since the shop change ptokens are just the same as every other currency and now a days there is literally 0 reason to not have them in there except developer laziness/stupidity(they even were just in the code to add them for the others lmao)

    But hey, at least stardust is in there, hopefully the game frame for the Stellar system becomes available cause the strings are hilarious xD

    1.  Required \n<CY>[DOR_STELLAR_STONE_YELLOW|Yellow Crystal Stones]: 6</CY>\nThe target is weakened. The damage taken by the target is increased by 25% for 40 seconds.
    1. Requires: \n<CR>1 [DOR_STELLAR_STONE_RED|Red Astral Crystal]</CR> \n<CB>5 [DOR_STELLAR_STONE_BLUE|Blue Astral Crystals]</CB> \nYou're granted the "Last Combat" status for 40 seconds. If your HP falls below 25% of its maximum value during this time, the damage you deal will increase by 300%.

    I just leave the best 2 here for ppl to laugh at :D

    So you're going to want to make two addon folders, one will be for siege addons called "Interface-sw" and one will be just the regular "Interface" then create the 2 batch files and make the adjustments for it to work on your PC. You'll need to add your path to game folder & adjust the name of your PC for the documents folder.

    After that you're good to go, just run the bat file before & after siege, you'll need to setup your addon settings again unless you want to copy the hidden my documents folder & rename it to Runes of Magic-sw.

    PS: Not the best at .bat scripts so its possible that someone is able to make it 100x more efficient, this is just what i used when i played.