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    Private servers have the control to manually set the level of a server, is not hard to modify it. Meaning that any update a private server makes is not the same as runewaker(also no private server currently has this patch updated to their server). Most likely runewaker were way too lazy to increase skill levels on all skills, which are currently capped to 100. You'd think they'd have time to do this after 14 months :P Regardless, content is content, hopefully will bring some people back to game for at least a bit before boredom strikes again

    New zone and instance, but runewaker couldn't even be bothered to increase level by even 1 this time? Wow, what a useless developer. The fact gameforge even tolerate this as publisher is a joke. What a waste of 14months.

    CM Post here for the announcement.


    Yes the zone will be open and the content accessible (new instance, quests etc). There is no new level cap with this update (spoiler). I will post the release notes tomorrow with more information about the content:)

    Tp used to have an unofficial cap of 2,147,483,647 as it's the highest positive int value. But seems runewaker in the last few years have found a way to bypass this. Also have been playing for countless years, and don't ever remember a tp event that included quests. The quest booster for servers has been broke for quest tp since the game began, and seems unlikely that runewaker would make a change to the actual server files to boost the quest tp just for a small few days event.

    A simple "server going down" would've been nice.

    I was right in the middle of a fight, when server kicked me off. Will log back in, and be dead. Expense that could've been easily avoided.

    Glad they almost done. Thanks for the update.

    Well servers were never officially up, hence there wasnt a post saying they were. Kinda your own fault.

    Go calculate the cost to make a class to level 80 yourself with daily tickets etc. It's far more then 999 dias. You cannot compare rom to a boxed game, they are two different styles of games. I am in no way defending gameforges pricing. Generally for most things it's exceptionally high. But given the effort required to get to 80, this price of 1k seems very very reasonable.

    Problem is, since gameforge shop is much easier to use then default, gameforge now rely on runewaker to change phirius prices. Also an item to reset tp in one skill does not currently exist, and would also require runewaker to make. So wouldn't hold your breath for it.

    Points mean literally nothing anyway, so why do you care if you lose them? There is so few guilds now at the top of PvP, that almost always someon will match a weak guild. Because there simply is not enough strong guilds. Just looking at the main SW time of 8pm, over 60% of guilds now have less then 1k points, and of the ones above, most are less then 2k. This means that as soon as you reach the high 1000s that you'll be in range to pair to strong guilds