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    As a long time player and someone who has spoken to a lot of people about the state of the game and forum recently, we all came to the same conclusion. The forum is trash and is rarely worth investing time into, and the game requires big changes that need addressing.

    Let me start with the forum. Compared to the old forum, this one is dead. Only one section is remotely active and its is the German one and often its just the same trolls trading the usual crappy arguments back and forth, there is no real discussion. Simple threads where players discuss things are closed down, yes they may break some rules but discussion in this game is healthy, especially when it's about controversial topics like game rules. Yes the gms hold the power in the game, that much is evidently clear to the players (usually all enforced by one gm). English sw thread has now been closed for almost a year(atleast) and players have had to resort to other means just to be able to discuss their sieges, yes insults were thrown but I see no reason to block a thread that is one of the main ways to bring the community together.

    I think I speak for a lot of players that would love an active forum that is alive and where discussions can be had about all form of topics, I'm sure this thread is closed and/or deleted preety quickly but I hope for the longevity of the game that it remains open so we can discuss the way forward for this game, as currently the spiral it's heading is not great. The gm team is looking quite small now a days with fewer and fewer each day, I wonder why when so many see the way that gms are forced to run this forum where again, discussions are clearly not allowed to be had if slightly controversial.

    According to a reliable source, siege rules were enforced for one year before even being published to players, if this is true, this is an absolute outrage when players were asking for clarification for months about what is and is not allowed. Players should be informed what and why they were banned, not left guessing. The tos is very obscure and often the player has no clue the reason for their bans, you can disagree otherwise, but someone was recently banned for cheating and then found out today soloing wb is clearly against the rules, which leads me onto my next point.

    What determines unfair advantage? To me using alts in Inis or to solo things is not unfair, if a player is skilled enough to play multiple chars at once that seems like other players issues who need to learn to play. Ofc if they're using scripts or bots it is against the rules but macros? No.

    If you want to go against alts fine, but to me the alts that are damaging the game the most are the thousands of daily alts generating billions of gp into the game per day, this in itself ruins the economy far more then ppl soloing wb. Alts are needed to play this game, as f2p or due to lack of players or just for fun, blocking players on an unclear rule is just ridiculous as players don't even receive a warning for it, they can't even guess what unfair advantage is, as you only seem to ban for advantages that don't seem to profit you! I'm sure gms playing have alts they're doing dailies on which as I already explained is hurting the game far more then any other alts, and yet clearly people aren't being banned for this.

    So please, for the longevity of the game, let the players discuss controversial topics. Be more open with players who may or may not break rules, let them actually put an appeal in, don't just write them the rule they broke or you think they broke as it does not offer clarity to anyone.

    As I said above, I'm sure this thread Is closed or deleted but I hope otherwise as I'm sure a lot of players have their own opinions on it.

    Well, automatic alts that are using macros i dont see an issue with. If someone is using a macro for a ch/m for example, chances are they're barely paying attention, especially if you;re using 3, makes it easier for people to get inside then if people use real chars. The issue comes when people are using scripts which are checking for gate to drop under 100% and then apply ch/m buff etc. Sw without alts would make a lot of problems for it unless balance comes first. Buffs in sw stop it being a 1 shot fest, as wel as having no alts for gates, everyone loses stable and forge within 15mins. Wl becomes even more king of sw.

    Removing alts from the game will strongly ruin this game. It allows players with smaller parties to clear content, make events actually possible, mage title event without alts would take years to complete. Daily alts actually make the game less costly, just remove gold from dailies, the amount of gold coming into the game is far more of an issue then the tokens.

    Arena doesn't truly represent pvp in any shape or form. Would need heavy changes too. Spawn immune, class imbalance and gear are all huge factors that make arena suck. Providing buffs on entry like sw defence buff might make it a bit more bearable. Maybe include kp and wp buffs on entry too, though only after knight is fixed.

    Runewaker already tried to fix the pairing in the past, all it did was make 40k guilds fight 500 points as they based it on levels.

    No solution will be perfect as high end pvp in this game is preety dead. But yes let's hope gameforge take notice of this thread and give some feedback to runewaker to make some changes. As it's a lot of good feedback here.

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    And yet, who is to blame for this. If the small guilds don't want to be 5v1 just g let the big guild go and win the war. Small guilds who complain here are half the problem. They said they don't want to be 5v1 but then login 6 chm 2 pwl alts to try delay the big guild.

    Also some of these "small" guilds only ever seem to be small vs bigger guilds. See my example higher up in the thread. Big guilds don't want to beat up small guilds, but it's a waste of their time and everyone else's to just delay their victory, and then afterwards complain its 5vs1!

    Changing pairing system is quite complex to do as it requires finding a balance. Currently the top ~20 guilds are in range to fight. The problem here being that now a days with only 4 big guilds at 7pm sw you're left with 16 others that probably don't want to fight vs the big guilds.

    Equally the big guilds don't want to fight the same people every single day, since smaller guilds may still put up a decent fight and it gets boring fighting the same enemies all thr time. I'd suggest just changing it to top 10 guilds paired together rather then the top 20 to make it bit more even and likely that higher point guilds are matched together.

    As for rk and wwd, both preety dead classes, rk is hit more popular but still only a handful that are in sw over all the points(and can't name any particulary good ones that stand out)

    Yes YouTube is saturated with wlch pvp content, because watching an hour video of a wd getting shut down 25 times by a wlch just isn't very exciting to watch.

    You argue that 3to4 geared players, and yet, let me use your guild as an example. You have a lot of geared players, who simply don't want to fight against higher guilds, or just play hide classes like r/d! If they actually made an effort against them they would have a decent chance, especially if you fuse your fearless caps. Vs astral you had 44 ppl online according to terrags video with b a lot of ppl fighting, put that amount vs other stronger guilds and you have decent chance. Don't be scared of higher guilds, they are often just as inconsistent as others and one day you may only fight 6or7 of them!

    But why should smaller guilds beat higher guilds? It's pvp. If they want to beat the higher guilds.. Simply get better at pvp? Fcapping is not really a solution to that.

    I'm all for giving these smaller guilds a chance by making it to 20s though, if they can time 3 towers at once with a 1s of margin, they can have the draw.

    You're right, better give up. You clearly arent understanding the huge difference 15 to 20 second cap change would make. Since not once did i say i agree with capping currently.


    If you use a level 50 p/r seems like your problem not anyone elses. Half the reason people cant purge invis caps is because of this. Not to mention you play a PRIEST, you have Holy Aura, even if the guy invis caps.

    Let them cap for 14 secs > move alt towards tower > holy aura > purge. Simple.

    And again, fearless being 15s, aura 6, then add on lag and other variables. Chances are you dont even need to purge a r/p anymore. Certainly getting an invis cap on a trapped tower would be almost impossible without full immune, maybe scouts would actually be viable to stopping the caps.

    Alts of magic sucks yes, but p/r is very viable in many ways. not just for purging K/m is only a decent counter to wl because of a bug, should that change at any point it just becomes another class for a wl to take down. Also no one is forcing anyone to play classes to counter warlocks in any shape or form, just dont expect to kill a warlock playing a warrior/priest. . You shouldn't need 1 class to balance another out, but even with a 20second cap time, you limit capping to one class, from literally tons of others that it was before, One class vs one class seems preety reasonable to me, not to mention how few k/p there already is in siege that are actually playing, not just peoples buff alts. Finally dont forget that with 20s cap time you also limit the buffs that a player can use to run to the tower, adding more ways to interupt a fearcap in general.

    Midgame siege is totally broken already anyway, it needs way more then class nerfs to change anything. The way the point structure works now and with how few "big" guilds there are, means that small guilds are often paired up to big guilds with no chance of winning, hence why a lot of them are using ch/m alts. Big guilds dont want to fight gates, and small guilds probably dont want to fight big guilds with no chance of winning. This is 1 of the bigger issues in siege that should be addressed before even class balancing.

    Fighting is not truly represented in the arena due to spawn immune and the indifference of class and gear. Also i think 6v6 is broken and doesnt actually work properly anymore since they changed the matching requirements a few years back. Double cap times is probably a bit too much, with all speed buffs you can already keep interupting people at mid quite easily with a few players, Changing it to 20secs should be fine i think. K/p might still be able to cap, but would need at least 5minutes between each cap, and could easily be purged anyway.