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    Not sure about slowly anymore. Glad to see that new currencies are entering the currency list but ptokens are still not on there. Since the shop change ptokens are just the same as every other currency and now a days there is literally 0 reason to not have them in there except developer laziness/stupidity(they even were just in the code to add them for the others lmao)

    But hey, at least stardust is in there, hopefully the game frame for the Stellar system becomes available cause the strings are hilarious xD

    1.  Required \n<CY>[DOR_STELLAR_STONE_YELLOW|Yellow Crystal Stones]: 6</CY>\nThe target is weakened. The damage taken by the target is increased by 25% for 40 seconds.
    1. Requires: \n<CR>1 [DOR_STELLAR_STONE_RED|Red Astral Crystal]</CR> \n<CB>5 [DOR_STELLAR_STONE_BLUE|Blue Astral Crystals]</CB> \nYou're granted the "Last Combat" status for 40 seconds. If your HP falls below 25% of its maximum value during this time, the damage you deal will increase by 300%.

    I just leave the best 2 here for ppl to laugh at :D

    So you're going to want to make two addon folders, one will be for siege addons called "Interface-sw" and one will be just the regular "Interface" then create the 2 batch files and make the adjustments for it to work on your PC. You'll need to add your path to game folder & adjust the name of your PC for the documents folder.

    After that you're good to go, just run the bat file before & after siege, you'll need to setup your addon settings again unless you want to copy the hidden my documents folder & rename it to Runes of Magic-sw.

    PS: Not the best at .bat scripts so its possible that someone is able to make it 100x more efficient, this is just what i used when i played.

    I talk about meaningful content, new zones/quests are useless without a level increase to go with them. I mean things that long term are engaging to keep the player entertained and logging in daily, a new zone or instance is only short term, and considering that the instances/zones are dragged out for 15-16 months in last years this is well beyond the expectation that a player is continuously logging in daily for. Recently there has been some new cosmetics added to the game, but like most things in the last years, its locked behind the paywall of the cash shop & gambling.

    Last new zone was anyway not even useful new content since everything is literally unplayable outside of doing the quests & farming the cards xD New wb and instance still unplayable after 8 months. GG.

    They already added 5 more levels to help us cleaning Pantheon. Also, some 300% exp bonus is coming (with free diamonds exp foods at varanas), that is the patch you were waiting for.

    I mean, all these things aren't even from a patch xD All are server side variables that are simply adjusted during maint. The instance is still unclerable now after 9 months. Players haven't had any new content for years now, its completely natural that people are bored. Siege sucks, old instances suck, not sure what else players are meant to do at this point.

    Not to mention of course how entirely dumb the entire system of peak level is, it's literally only viable to level because of a bug in xp rates from easy mode instances. Level 1/10/20 it doesn't change that.

    500 badges for 1 day of reward is just stupid anyway. 3500 badges assuming you complete it every day. That's over 50% of the way to the most desired siege skill.. just for grinding some level 3 runes. Seems excessive.


    500 Abzeichen für 1 Tag Belohnung ist sowieso nur dumm. 3500 Abzeichen unter der Annahme, dass Sie sie jeden Tag ausfüllen. Das sind über 50% des Weges zur begehrtesten Belagerungsfertigkeit... nur um ein paar Runen der Stufe 3 zu schleifen. Scheint übertrieben.

    Server side bonus is the only boost that is required to be in a party. But player level vs mob is a big factor in the droprates of items. So in most cases you want to farm with honor party anyway, which will ensure you get the extra 100% droprate from the party as well as being able to farm any lower mob/get the server side bonus.

    Regular buffs are not required to be inside a party to get them, but droprate does work preety weirdly when multiple people in a party are buffed up together. If 2 players in the party have 100% & 250% drop, the values are not added, but the higher one of 250% is chosen. So multiple people buffing drop is waste of time.

    Also unlike xp/tp droprate buffs are not capped to 500% and can be stacked endlessly.

    Since Wl/m is a supporter class not a dps(in most cases) you preety much only need to max warp charge and get the 70 elite and you'll have everything you need. If you want to go for extra support you can max saces cracking spell which will reduce crit resist which can be quite nice also. Any other skills left after will depend a lot on the 3rd class you pick.

    More then capable of reading your post, Yea you got some items that maybe arent displayed on the npc, big deal, It's runewaker. Not sure why you're surprised or Q_Qing that much over it.

    1. 230757
    2. 220929
    3. 230758
    4. 230756
    5. 212446
    6. 211677
    7. 211676
    8. 211678

    Full list of items from the female package.

    So... you're unhappy over RNG not going your way? In an mmo? I hear Tetris is looking for players.

    Gown seems to have 5% chance to drop btw.

    Throat attack probably had same issue as s/k. They overwrote the skill for the extra effect for the elite skill, and changed the itemID but didn't update the server side luascript calling it. So it called a boss skill that did a % hit. Gg.(Gonna assume same thing happened with the d/wd bread shit too)

    Very true though, the amount of crazy bugs this game has seen is huge. Still some preety big ones in the game for years xD

    Pink guild chat still one of the best, guild chat randomly picking a class for your character to appear as when you write in guild.

    Doesn't change the fact that GM's can't do shit and can only forward the players feedback to the people who don't care enough to do anything.

    Chances are this change was accidental and caused by runewaker adapting the source some other way and this was a side effect, so naturally they have to fix it.

    Changes are coming soon().

    Question is, does this crap reach 1 year before the instance is actually clearable or not(No pets, how runewaker intend it to be ran). Honestly about time gameforge put pressure onto runewaker as a publisher to make the changes required to ensure the life of this game. Honestly cannot understand how players even login anymore, game was stale even in the past. Let alone now that PvP is completely fucked and pve is worthless & impossible to clear.

    Addiction be real i guess.

    Yes, 3% chance for one of the annelia oranges. But every boss in an instance will at least contain a 200% chance for a purple item. Anything that isn't 200% will be boosted, but most of the extra loot is useless.

    Arcane operator is based on your points at end of the game, the second title you can just start game and let it explode and you'll receive it. Can't use the itemIDs for reference as runewaker just throw them in wherever there is space.