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    Yes, 3% chance for one of the annelia oranges. But every boss in an instance will at least contain a 200% chance for a purple item. Anything that isn't 200% will be boosted, but most of the extra loot is useless.

    Arcane operator is based on your points at end of the game, the second title you can just start game and let it explode and you'll receive it. Can't use the itemIDs for reference as runewaker just throw them in wherever there is space.

    What tam said is only solution playerwise.

    The other solution is that Runewaker could actually make the event SaveVariables triggered on a crash as well as a normal logout. For such a crashy game you think it would've already been implemented xD

    1) i think a crafting expansion would be cool, epic questline sounds like a nice way to do it. We didn't really see one in a while now.

    2) I think if they just fix the many issues with peak system we dont really need a new level cap.

    3) n/a

    4) i think this is way too unrealistic unfortunately. Long ago caps were much shorter but now since its clear runewaker don't give a crap content takes way longer(13-14months and released bugged) and this was when the content was already premade, bosses, textures and map files were in the game for years. Now none of that exists anymore for anything else so i can't expect content to be quicker at all.

    5) proofs are not even close to being endgame restricted, due to how gameforge fucked up on their proof events and offered thousands preety much for free. Not to mention world bosses aren't even close to challenging anymore. There is no reason anyone should be restricted from these stats at this point.

    6) not really a fan of the solo mode, its an mmo and should be played together. But i'd love to see them rework normal modes to actually be useful to run.

    Die Instanz wird mit Warden Pet Fix wieder geöffnet. Wenn Sie Glück haben, passen sie möglicherweise die Spitzen-XP an. Immer noch keine Möglichkeit, die Instanz auszuführen.

    Instance will be reopened with warden pet fix, then they'll maybe adjust peak XP if you're lucky. Still no way to run the instance though.

    Hope google translates good : P

    Many months have passed since the last update and discord is doubled in size. If anyone wants a place to hangout now IRC is down in the interim whilst gameforge are making theres, Feel free to head over to the Tavern. Make sure you read the initial post before joining though. 8)

    or use the link in my signature.

    Problem is not entirely the XP required(which is ridiculous, especially if you play a tank & healer who have no option to solo farm BROKEN easy mode instances for Hardmode xp/tp rates)

    Should runewaker decide to fix these then there is no real "viable" way to level the peak system for any class. The real problem here is that they managed to release an instance that is NOT scaled to the current level cap, for the first time in roms history. The level cap is entirely redundant if you cannot even do the instance. Not to mention that if level 5 isnt even enough for the new instance(let alone the level 118 wb) what level is it designed for? considering peak system caps to level 20, are you really scaling instances to require 50% of the current levels coded for 1 increase? Seems rather silly to me.

    Players found a way to farm the new instance - not using bugs or exploits, using game mechanics. The fact it took you 6 months to close the new instance is honestly a joke considering it was known for months that warden pets can hit the bosses, and if you plan to fix warden pets(which they'll probably end up 10x more broken then before) then you may as well ask runewaker to remove the entire "ignore hit chance" factor from every single skill, since it effects far more things then just new instance.

    Is a level 50 champ suiciding off a cliff in siege and using rune draw on a level 100 player an exploit? Simply because this skill ignores hit chance, or shadow prison or all these other skills.

    The old forum information was useful for it.

    It has 4 spawn points, and when it does spawn it can sometimes bug.

    Bug 1) either the mobs requried are not spawned alongside the dragon

    Bug 2) If you one shot the mobs required you won't get the item and the dragon will just despawn.

    As for timer, not 100% sure how it works, have heard many different theories over the years but never bothered to look.

    Title ID should be 531031 but it appears to have no image object on it or stats - which is why it cant be found.


    1. / Run SetTitleRequest (531031)

    will probably make it appear visually on the char at least.

    Same issue seems to exist for 531032 "Keeper of Secrets"