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    ROM is alive because people are making multiple accounts and chars and they spend money to build them giving failforge some income, Peak

    puts a complete stop to that since levelling up peak is ridiculous the way it is you cant event level 1 char to peak II even with useless XP/TP

    events so forget about your other accounts. Also no new dungeon means AH will be flooded with old TOS items ruining the economy at

    least whatever is left of it.

    If GF is so hang up on peak like a little child that wont let go of their candy, they can change it back to normal xp with quests so people can also

    level up their other accounts. I am sure there are many others things they could do to squeeze that extra money out of brainless people that

    are still willing to pay for this game after all that has been done especially this new peak BS and no new dungeon.

    I imagine they might answer your post IF you actually asked any questions. All you did was exposition.

    Better you start imagining how to farm for 1 year when your lovely GF brings peak 10, I suppose you have forgotten all the questions/fixes

    people have asked GF with 0 replies and you still want to ask them more? really

    I won't bother asking unless I deem it beneficiary and forum isn't there just to ask questions. If its a comment they don't like I am sure they

    will reply themselves i doubt they would need your help for that ;)

    As for peak system it seems they are still having discussions even after 5 months but no solution their decision will probably come in 2 years

    the way they are discussing things lol.

    Tbh nobody gives a fuk about ini being closed so stop complaining about why its closed thats not even the point lol.

    People are still farming TOS for alts after which with peak 10 they will probably quit game including me because I will not spend a penny

    on some BS peak system and I won't bother leveling it up more then peak 1 like 90% of ROM community.

    GF came up with BS peak system instead of making it similar to how u earned xp for normal leveling they made it 1/100 xp from combat.

    instead of releasing content as per their empty promises they bring instance thats simply not doable due to level gap just to make players more

    annoyed. You cannot level your alts with current system tanks and healers suffer the most from this idiocy brought by GF. Soon they will

    put some 10k peak XP orbs for 1k dias trying to get advantage of addicted players that will waste money equivalent to buying a car on it "dumbest

    thing to do" instead of weighing their options to not even bother with ROM anymore.

    From what I can see it seems this is a way for GF to tell players to quit ROM instead of shutting it down and giving themselves a bad reputation.

    I suggest people don't bother leveling up the peak levels given how bullshit of a system it is (not that anyone is leveling it anyway). If people do it of

    course GF will stick to it trying to feed of people's addiction.

    Let them bring Peak 10 in 1 year lets see how many more players will leave this game and if ROM shuts down or not.

    As I have said the most dumb management team is behind ROM they are pushing people away from ROM during lockdown when more people are

    playing games. Already many are leaving it and going to other games and they even promise to never play GF games so as a company they lose

    costumers by making them angry and giving up on their other games.

    Instead of fixing ini and peak system which is so easy that even 1 person can do it to keep people from leaving they are doing the opposite hoping

    addicted people with no life outside of ROM will farm this peak system.

    it seems feedback from community is falling upon deaf ears guess it's to be expected of GF.

    wtf you removed my previous post which actually was meant to help people :)

    Well what can you expect from the dumbest company ever, at the time where more and more people are playing more games due to Covid 19

    lockdown in various countries this company still manages to push people out of their games instead of attracting them. I am simple baffled by

    their management team i wonder if they even know basic statistics or are they still looking at 100 year old data lol.

    Ps dont remove my post instead just answer it even if you have to repeat yourself, its what you signed up for else quit your GM/CM or

    whatever job you do ty.

    ye they don't really care is what I am getting from this. It is so easy to fix these things 1 person could do this easily you don't need the whole

    company to fix a simple ini even if they have IQ 10.

    Anyway i suggest people find other games to play and you could link them to discord group and more people could join, cause pointless to wait for

    this game to be fixed which won't happen so don't waste your time here.

    Pass this on as well, tell them that during these quarantine times there are more and more people playing games, and if they do not fix this soon

    people will go and start playing other games and ROM will lose a lot of its money and players as people have nothing to do. You do not enjoy

    game where you have nothing to do except watching the screen.

    I will stop here before i comment on Gameforge IQ :)

    Dumbest idea ever. It seems they are trying to win some kind of award for bringing worst patches and ideas.

    And gzz on useless dia promos, I for once won't buy and I know many more who did not as well all because of the new peak system and undoable

    INI. And now you even put all events at the same time as well, really I have no words for this level of intelligence . And thanks for ruining the usual

    XP/TP event which many were waiting for due to holidays. (I am talking about those people that need those XP/TP events, not someone that has

    farmed / invested his whole life in rom and has no real life since they can farm 12 hours a day).

    Many people I know are already considering to stop playing this game now, atleast FAILFORGE achieved that goal so GZZ on that.

    I Just wonder as many others, do GF have people with even a little bit IQ or some braincells. Do you guys seriously think we have the time to farm

    billions of xp "forget the xp events that wont even help this" If you really think then I will quit this game soon as well. plus what about people who

    have 0 quests?. Oh wait u will eventually sell something again in Item shop for it, another way to make newbies quit game when they see this.

    Aditionally Some people have no time so they buy things (like me) to catch up to grinders, which is paying for most of ROM. Now you come up with

    some stupid idea of making them stop playing rom.

    Now you see why i wonder if GF people have even few braincells left or not. "I dont need to go into more details as someone with a bit of

    intelligence can think of all the possible downsides of this.

    I sure don't need to explain the most irresponsible way of putting events all together at once then 0 for months. Do you really think a day has 50

    hours and people can do all events, even if they dont have a life outside rom? IF so do explain.

    Hm weird only XP boost part of the event effects the new features of the chapter but not the drop and tp boosts, yet they can split them and turn off the xp, or did i understand it wrong :P

    plus you would avoid all these comments if you had announced it before saying only drop and tp event. But this now makes me believe its another one of GF surprises we all know how those turned out to be "making things worse then they are already"

    when it comes to world bosses just make them harder give it tactics more hp more defense or whatever so not one person can solo farm it and ruin the whole so called ROM economy which i hope i don't have to explain how that works. when its as easy as today people are using macros or

    scripts which is not easily distinguishable from each other the only thing people have to go on is what they say which cannot be counted as "evidence".

    Making world bosses harder would remove the advantage one player could get with macros/scripts which i get the feeling most of the topic is about.

    yes i do agree that rules need to be clarified a bit more about what is and isn't allowed, i do know there isnt a yes and no anwer there are some grey areas that need more explanation when it comes to sw or pve.

    My question was mainly to GMs, ofc anyone else can also express their opinion, however yours is pretty biased because if you think proofs are

    stupid so you can sell your 20k stocked proofs at a high price that applies maybe to you or other few people not the whole community. However i

    do agree with new boss stuff which you mentioned.

    I can see that they say in German forums that this is a substitute for Proof Event.

    I would like a confirmation on that.

    If it is then please change the team responsible for this event and for being so irresponsible with zero knowledge of what ROM community wants

    after so many threads and posts, and nobody asked you to substitute proof event,.

    Community asked for new caps and zones even if they are shit copies of older zones and instances..

    If you say like too many events then please stop with your excuses of too many events, ROM community did not ask for those crappy events, and

    you remove the most useful event people wait and look forward too. Do not say is delayed remove this shit event and put the proof one we do

    not want crap event as a substitute to a great event.