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  • wow its cerb dude lol. or misguided knight. cmon man im sad now lol.

    one of very very few that rly didn't stop playing haha

    Cerburus or Misguided are in game names nowadays for my mains. hit me up man been a long time hope all is well.

    • holy fuck! cerburus! miss EDH. ive been good. how have you been?

      are you still on reni? who else still plays? who are the best guilds in the american servers? so many questions lol.

    • there is no more reni sir haha been long gone for years they merged every single server into one big server... then they released one new server smh….lol

      serenity and OBG would be a good guild for you probably sir as you love to siege war.... they still have some pretty OP fun 36 vs 36 fights from what I hear...

      I don't pvp much at all anymore just run pve on weekends as I get older haha

      I run two businesses now so not much time during the week xd

      hows things been with you dude? very glad to hear from ya

      legit almost no one plays from our days....

      maybe just me at times... hah

      be all new players for you to beat up on now and make videos of lol

      I am in a guild Easy company, just a few endgame players

      prime is an endgame guild too that runs a lot

      so much has changed now dude

      ghostwhisper is in Easy company he came back recently...

      Holyslayer just came back recently too as Aioria in serenity...

      borella pops in here or there... or crisflow….

      but that's about it haha

    • i remember holyslayer and borella lmao, and crisflow! hows the population? is it dead or have new players been coming in? i dont have any plans of coming back to the game haha, too busy with working full time and finishing up my masters. i just felt nostalgic and wanted to pop by to see who is still playing. glad to hear youre doing well.

  • are you zenx by any chance??

  • hey did you play on reni server?

    • kuro!? like the actual kuroyukihime?? man i never thought i'd hear the name again. its keen from TSF and such.

      I still play, so if you have any questions regarding anything i can happily answer them.