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    Streams for ROM players will watch moustly if you are endgame streamer. SW, real time inis, guild banter maybe arenas or some farming.

    Of if you talk intresting. If you could survuive till endgame then there you could prob get some views.

    Hi, was wondering about model folder. Is it legal to use any modifications to game folders to reduce lags or other advantages?

    Like in old days when champs juts came up, aoe lags were disconecting entire raids. So i heard that there was model folder that can disable that kinda of animations.

    Or i just saw in sw video where player dont see champ shield form skin. I im sure when i played sw I saw big robots fighting with each other but on other player vids is small guys. So what kinda effects can be changed or reskined? Can it be with right modification you can see rogues in invisible. Just with this model folder like take hide effect of same like champ shield animation.

    Also its quit an advantage when someone using it. Often im using transform pot to reduce champ gigantic shield animation. So it takes 1 buff spot and it can lead to overbuff while other guy use folder and all good.

    Also i think there should be like somekinda legality chek or cheat check when you enter for example SW. Like only certain things, addons alowed in there and that it. To make all more equal. Or addons made by gameforge and not by some random guy. Who now can be big step ahead of others which are not addons makers or dont have a clue about any kind of coding.

    Also when item set skill staking will be fixed? Like knight iss staks, im sure some other clases can stak iss too even its not mean to be by game developers. That makes players to go for bugged clases to get advantage and so you can see top sw is 5x vs 5x hiting each other by 3k or even for 0 for half sw.

    But mainly is model folders legal to use?

    Also are buff alt folder or what ever is called is legal? Again is so funny that its all aloved and its not widely available?

    Like for some who dont know. In SW players use alts to make them stronger. Often highend guilds use autobuff staff macros or dunno how it call. Which buff player when its close in certain range or anyother kinda. If its only macro would be np. But some includes serious game folder changes. Again is it legal?

    If its not why its alowed to use for so long time? Like literaly years of game. If its legal why its not available for more guys so other can auto buff too or disable animations or anyother staff that makes some things fast, easier, powerfull.

    Any insight?

    Ty for Sw Divinity. I didnot know that now Divini so low that started to use fearcaps.

    And ofc other staff of which was used was not nice but oky.

    No more sportmanship in Divinity :(.

    BOOm Boom powaa :D

    Ch/p good supourt, tank. Can be playd as tank if skilled, some play even as healer at sw.

    But moustly as dmg buffer and oftank.

    Ch/wl almoust none plays it. Newer saw anyone in runs. Its alright can heal himself and have some fun machingun type rage skill and that sucks. Cause then you must choose either you keep aoe running or use that 2x dmg skill.

    So ch/r still comes at top on anything. Can be dps with aoe running none stop and fast rune pulse, also best aggro as tank. If ch/r tanks you can be sure that you can go full dps and that adds will be taken care off.

    All depends of ini and your gear and what spot you want to play.


    ch/w- high def unit tank oftank at best.

    ch/wl - hybrid or dps kinda usless combo.

    Ch/m - best ingame dmg burst if all supourt. Pro sw combo. Solo guilds.

    ch/r- best sustain dps, high paatk, spam skill, infinite aoe. Also best aggro tank.

    Ch/r goes with 1h hammer + fastest dager you can find. Curently lvl 50 kilber dager have 1.4 attack speed. With that dagger your aoe at boss will newer stop. Even in dps form aoe will be running and rune pulse acticates very often. Also extra stats on offhand helps.

    2 hand wep ofc do abit more dmg but in curent endgame is all about sustain.


    Just wanted to ask about plusing as we all.

    I just spent between 10-15k dias to try pluss my 100 lvl wep.

    And max i got was +24. Actualy on first trys was +26 then it droped to +21 and then 10k was max +24.

    I realy wonder how much guys spending to get +30? Anyone pls pm me with amount so i know, maybe need work overtimes to get +30.

    I was f2p play till this year and kinda wanted to supourt Rom and bought some dias with real money.

    I even made video :D Its just sad.

    So question is there bad jewels and good ones and can we get like real guide how to pluss proper. Cause it shouldnot be like this were all your efforts is just waste. Ofc i understand is random and i dont need to go higer.

    Actualy this made me want quit.

    Any insights and your exp welcome :)

    just saw in german forum wd/s pet dps wow.

    Even its sigili summoned bu 150kk from chiron is opy. If i had wep i could trasnfer gear and try my wd/s.

    Torskilsd arnt u pro champ? What wd/w?

    Well i kinda wana roll to warden too even my ch/r is top dps in new ini easily.

    Also what ini they outdps you?

    Its prob they are better geared or better buffed. Also for ch.r go 1h+fastest dagger.

    Aoe will be there none stop and rest just fill in.

    About dmg. So ch/m and ch/r.

    As we know moust bosses are burn based.

    With all K/W and wl/m other sup you want to land your best skills on Ad thats 3 s.

    On Ch/m its easy buff wait for AD and boom your best skill lands on AD and if crit you did good.

    While on Ch/r your best skill is rune pulse ofc it can hit good. You can land some in those 3s.

    So dunno how much pro ch/r can hit. Lets say 60kk rune pulse? Still Rampage can hit way more. Also you get agro from rune pulse. You can use macro to cancel shield from, buts its not the same. You can dps in dps form but then its Shadow stab spam and 1-2 rune pulses and aoe. I feel ch/r is like r/m fast hits nice sustain and aoes only more def. Yes there is places like Vor were sustain dps shines and none can take it away.

    But we are in scout meta. Why there is so many scouts. Cause bosses dies on those Ad+ss with snipes and cc. And is always easier to dps ranged then to be close and try not die from aoes. So ranged hard hiting skills are good.

    I still geting there and prob will try my best and see which combo works better for me.

    But god its nice feeling when you land 100kk+ rampages :D.

    Yeas but try tank sw guard. On ch/m no problem you can tank for ever. On other combos is hard. Even when you give ch/m shield to other and tank guard it hits hard. Else its just absorb absorb.

    Hi! Nice to see more champs.

    I stat all str/ph. Same like warrior, champs benefit from str alot. If you go ch/m then i sugest go with unleveled shield form. Rampage can 1 shot lot of things like boses, hm mobs and so.

    If you need some more tankish gear thast make 1-2 items with all str/sta and you good to go.

    With ch/m you can do things which other classes can only dream off.

    Rota, High energy barier should be on all the time, helps you to be alive, i like rapid spread for insta skill. Then ofc rune pulse like all champs is your main dmg and aoes must be maxed.


    Also i use heavy bash, its champs skill no cd but need rage. If farming u could add that skill to bars.

    Rest is your skill or knowlegde when to use serens, potions and your personal rota will come to you as you play. Experiment with skill.

    Simple, buff up go in rampage, gg all dead.

    If not aoes and rune pulse.

    Comon guys!

    You all are just old and your time is over.

    Ofc games is not like it was on your prime day. And its only time when your endgame will be swaped with other players.

    You can say dont buy that or that cause its 5 dias more then it was. But meantime many other is buying bunch. Be it real money or game money. So who will end losers? When your pots will run out or when you will need restat totaly new gear. You will invest like mad or you will be left in dust were you can cry as much as you want. How its not fair.

    Maybe for someone its best time of their game.

    This edngame is carried only by few realy opy players. Rest are just shadows and will fall off.

    You can boicot none cares you only hurt yourself.

    So your money is lost? Cant be.??

    All this so messy why it cant be as simple as I i said.

    Press link to steam, go to steam buy pack and its in your linked char. That it.

    No go there open that first download that after and still not sure if it will be there.

    Im f2p player but that bundle i would realy like to get. But all this hassle kinda stops me from even trying.