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    15kk + clean stones so its not bad profit.

    You play 2 hours at "good days" so even less in reality but you wana your share?

    At work you also work two or less hours and go to boss and cry for pay for full shift? Probably no, you work cause you need money, its your goal.

    Same at ROM it depends on your goal. You are hobby player. WIth that time you max can do some dailys, chit chat with guildys, maybe some 1-2 ini runs or sw. SO why you need wolrd boses? For gear? You cant be top geared guy with less then 2h per day if you dont put in $.

    In games its either time or money. OR both if wana be realy good geared.

    Still even you have gear you must know how to use it. I have seen geared players, X runes on so. But they cant do dmg or plays some strange class which is not meta.

    If you play for fun then let it be fun and dont get greedy. If you go for top then go, put in money time and fight for it. Thats the most fun when it comes hard way. As i wrote before, this game is so nooby favored. Like every real fun action is stoped by GMs. Like there is no way to make your day diferent then others in game and have some realy good content. SO SAD that we are at kindergarden!!!

    We all have life :d But if you wana share at world boss proofs you must work for it.

    Else as i said before, do your dailys with 30x alts and buy proofs of someone sells. And ask for normal proof event. Where you can farm all your

    proofs you need . But again you will cry cause you cant farm proof event cause you have family.

    And believe me im not who monopoly world bosses. For Vidar there is one guy GM friend. All new boss rules was made for him. So only he can take all and he was warned at right spot to stop alt thing and he can easily ban your for minor thigs. Well who knows maybe he is somekinda of GM even.

    Alright seems its time to make it here.

    So question. Are skill working as intended? And I want especialy GM Sa or COMAs responses here.

    Cause Im sure only those guys knew the most of this game and have tested it in and out especialy in last 24h.

    So lets talk.

    There is rummors if you kill wolrd boss on lvl they are or lower that it drops 15 proofs.

    Lets make world boss area PK. Like lets say 500m around wolrd boss its red area where you can kill and fight for it. Ofc guild war could work, but you must do it for very little hours or you will get banned for harassment. Prob for 30 min guild war you will be banned.

    Hell you cant even pulll boss from the one who buffs for killing cause you will get banned.

    You cant use alts cause you will get banned.

    You cant use game features cause you will get banned.

    What it lead to. That there could be so much fun moments to how to play game and tactics to get bosses or dominate other areas like tempest event. But all those are stoped by GMS.

    This game is kinda not for kids. Cause kids cant aford +20 jewel rng. Yet all those protections is bs. Also this rng thing should be reported somewhere as gambling is not alowed in some contrys. Yet plusing rng is poor gambling and should be stoped.

    I often try to promote ROM with some fun video. But even recent video made problems :D.

    SO this game runs some hardcore mamas. Whic are so protecting that it ruins all chanse for fun content. And believe me SW videos is so boring thees day that none whatch them.

    LET players play the game. We are not at primary school. Let players change game like they want. Then there would be so much more fun and crying :D

    Like what game could offer to be more fun that some top streamer or content creators would come and up our nummbers of players? Or how they protect thier curent contet creators?

    Besides all day grind, boring inis, 1 sw there is nothing. There is no moves allowed to make your day diferent then others. Now at some stat even events are so boring or ussles that im sure 50% of players dont do them.

    So you cant realy show anything that other didnot seen and not get punished. And now we wonder why games are closing. Probably cause it runned by not very smart people. Which are not interested in game rather then some laugh at irc or discord.

    Seems this peak level pantheon will be like some other 87-98 lvl inis where none go cause either some are broken or not worth.

    Yes like many here said 100(5) is nowhere near boss 115 lvl at hm. So point of this peak system?

    So either there will be peak 100(10-15) or remove this peak sytem at all and make boss lvls 100. Or just rais lvl cap without peak till 110 atleast so all can level up normaly. But then you need change lot of tings. Like skills or so.

    This peak level was cheap trick to make players busy?

    Where is problem? Want proofs camp bosses all day get thier timing and kill before all can.

    You can team up if needed, solo it, its up to your ability.

    All this bs about fairnes is bs. Point to cry when you can go and start camp now. But who wants to spent all day waiting at bosses. And then when its up you need to react fast. Good teams can do it fast. Wana piece of proofs, work for it.

    Dont ask limit, ask admins to finaly give us proof event. Its been year or more since normal proof even where all could farm as much they want.

    There you could make all your gear you need.

    Also lets asume there would be 4 teams farming wolrd bosses. Two players per team. There is not much bosses out there so even if one team kill 2 bosses its still not even near enough to pull stat. Cause you must split proofs to be fair for your team. So it would take some time till you can pull stat. Unless your team are faster then other and get almoust all boses per day.

    ITS easier to make tiers and sell and buy proofs then camp all day, fights vs other teams, use lot of buffs and foods to get boss down. Maybe even golden hammers or tp runes, protal runes. Well there is lot of things needed to be compatetive.

    When you can just make gold and buy. Other problem that guys will not sell proofs. Like some are hoarding them so hard.

    What other player you are mentioning Aklt :D? Same group you have every day :D? Wonder how many runs you will need to provide 350 members with peak quest items :D Or you help out only your ini group and also will all 12 will get quest done?

    You as carryr of your guild are responsible for those other guys to get peak quest + alts chars. Its realy interesting how aktls guild will manage to farm so many quest drops with 20% drop rate :d.

    Its abit funnny. Some guilds and player came back to play new content. But its kinda locked and needs tons of hours of grinding. And not only xp grind but also lower lvl ini grind where quest drop item drops rarerer then hd legs.

    So will they stay and grind or say bb and wil go back to where they was in this last year?

    Make last bosses on hard mode give lots of experience, like 1,000,000 peak point (it probably should vary or most will concentrate on ToS runs only). This would be a perfect motivation for people to improve their gear, buy transformation pots ets. And easier for not-endgame-yet players to get involved.

    This is interesting, xp from boss would be cool. But why it should be last boss? So only 10% of player could get that xp? What about guys who are not taken to runs are they left to do dailys or st easy farm? It feels like now all this new update locks out so many players. Like if you dont do runs and farm peak quest. There nopoint to even look at new content rather then port there and farm some mobs or do quests for fun. All this peak thing is only for few chosen ones like Utu?

    What I suggest! Is make peak quest available for more player then the ones who can burn ibp or st. Also peak quest for ordinary players are not to farming new ini. But cause its fun to lvl and farm available goal and be like rest, rather then check chars with 100(1) and think whats that, and why he cant get it.
    Lets dream , GF will update peak lvls for future and it will be like 100 (30) or so. New content and new zone, new levels. So the ones who cant grind hm inis for rare quest item are again locked out of all this leveling fun? All game fun will stop at dailys and minigames till you geared enough to almoust solo dps any of those hm inis? OR must deal with cocky gamers like Utu guild and beg them to lets you join for some runs?

    You can read it even at DE forum, its same thing. Some think that they are something better then other cause they are at place created by other players. They call themself endgmers, but when i chek thier gear its looks so bad that I wana puke from it. And wonder how come thees players can do even goh. Half of them are carryd by 1-2 normal ones but all spams chanels and forums about how this peak lvl is for endgame only. And other players are not meant to be there. Well here is reality half them not worthy to be at dps groups more then supports or sw title users, also half of those guys are not even worthy supports. Like i remmber most of them was so ussless that when was trained at runs and was asked why you didnot do as told they got offended and even didnot spoke or rage quit. And all what was asked is just to do thier job or comunicate if anything is not clear. Im sure ot taked quit a time and nerwes to get thees guys, now "endamers" there. :D So to read some bs about who deservs what is realy funny.

    Make quest item tradable, sellable!!!! So if you cant farm it atleast you can get it other way and proceed with other for new cap.

    Is it guaranteed that peak level will let you hit boss? Also seems there would be dps or skill who could hit boses but problems are with supports.

    Any guild tryd and survuived b1 hm till enrage? Im sure there should be way to get some boses even without this peak lvl bs.

    Dont you all wana be server first who kills some boses there? Realy gona wait till you lvl 10 imposible levels to level up?

    It must be Dorak :D.

    Im having fun as well when im defending even. Last time I got 34 kills alone vs entire Vena :D.

    And Vena almost lost :D Imagine if we train abit and 2k guild win 260k one :D.

    What you would cry then :D?

    So you scared to go 1v1 :D. ""team game"" :D Ofc you should be. All top guys was killed by me. Even your Tafur died at 1v1.

    But im just looking for Gm ansvers not yours.

    Imagine if they say its forbiden? Then what? What Vena would do?

    How many siege wep was burnt :D. Also game ended cause it was full 1h not cause you win by crystal.

    I just want GMS to state clear rules.