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    I do not believe GF ever came out and officially said why they removed diamonds from AH.

    The inflated price rationale was player speculation, and when you get right down to it makes no sense. Why would GF care what price players are selling diamonds for. GF, if interested at all, would only be interested in high player prices since that would drive more cash purchases.

    Pretty sure Serenstrum is still a drop somewhere, I know most of my toons have that recipe. But, maybe from long ago, not sure. But i know I do not run the ancient treasure minigame.

    The only person I know with the tart recipe got it from a Forum contest.

    Well, one good thing is that they did not repeat previous PoM events wherein certain people that can one hit certain bosses could farm 1000's of PoMs. I mean, great for those people, sux for the rest of us. I'm looking at you Jennie. Like maybe go back to the Instance boss thing, but stick to once a day instances.

    Read your skills, and beyond that read up on the skills you will get as you advance. The skill description should give you a clue on what to stat.

    IMO you should consider taking Warden as your third class. Druid/Wardens are top healers and Mage/Wardens are pretty good DPS.

    As you are currently starting out as a Druid/Mage I would think about sticking to one set of gear statted for your mage as you will want to be killing things solo as you quest, and a Druid in mage gear is pretty effective killer.

    No, you only have to do the world boss and the seventy elite process once. After that it is just a matter of changing classes and talking to the same people.

    Example: Say you are a K/W/M and do the sixty elite on your W/M. When you turn it in not only your warrior gets the 60 elite, but at the same time your Mage does. Now switch to M/K and talk to the guy again, he will see that your mage has 60 elite and give it to your Knight. Same for your 70's.

    To get your elite skills you just do the bag quests in heffner (most commonly done), after doing the quest and getting the certificate you talk to the Dwarf over by the campfire and the rest of the class skill people for humans and elves.

    Afaik, shield form is not an elite skill, but it is kinda weird as it requires a quest chain be completed to get it.

    The gear set you get from weeping coast is basically the exact same gear you get from doing the mainline quest through Xaviera. It's handy for your second class if needed. The first set of blue armor/weapons that you get that is all OD is level 55 gear you get in Thunderhoof Hills.

    When you equip a sw title, any buff that is not permanent shows on your skills page (page 1). From there it like any skill can be dragged to your action bar for use. Mad Rush is the skill, not the title, the title is called First Major - magic division. Equip that title and the skill Mad Rush will show up in your skills book.

    or, even a bow equipped. Placing your bow on your action bar will only equip and unequip it. You need to have skills on the action bar. and to have equipped a bow and some arrows on your paper doll (Press C). Or, clicking on the bow in your bag will automatically equip it, same with the arrows.

    They (GF) used to run contests, actually the last one was not that long ago, where the prize could be any recipe that existed at any time in the game. I know a person that got the Laor Forest Tart recipe that way.

    What I found was that the surrounding guards need to attack you. Was killing them all first to make it easier and it would not complete. Left one alive to attack me, removed my weapon so I did not damage the official too much, and it completed.

    Pets talk all the time, mostly to complain about being hungry .... But, that is not the talk you are looking for, if I understand your question. There is a whole other category of pet talk, where they are talking directly to you, that is when the extra message button shows up, and it is very easy to miss, and yes sometimes shows up under or behind some other aspect of your UI. But, in the end, not a big deal to miss these as the results are often disappointing.