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    Carefully read your skill descriptions, they should tell you where your damage is coming from whether it is main hand DPS, or Ranged damage. Some skills for hybrid characters may use characteristics from your second class, like Intelligence, for example in your S/M. You may want to try the skills out before committing to a specific direction.

    Not to mention it is all wrongheaded. The last thing you want to do is reward people for skipping content to race to the end. Where they will then sit, bored as usual, with nothing to do.

    Oh, and those buffs better go away before the server merge or there will probably be another mass exodus of old players.

    The first thing you want to do with your pet is get its aptitude to 100. I think there is an IS item for that, but if not you can trade 3 golden eggs for an Awakening potion which converts 1000 training points into one aptitude point. Best way to get training points is from the amulets given during the GF anniversary event (or, you can buy them from the IS). Also, the Anniversary event is a great place to get pet experience charms for levelling up your pet. Anniversary is in a couple months; personally I would wait for that before doing anything with your pet.

    The reason you want your aptitude at 100, is that that determines how many points your pet gains each time it levels. The higher its aptitude the more points it gets.

    Golden eggs you can get from Mirror world vendor, or, you can get one a day from the quest in the pet farm.

    The Black Codex gear is absolutely geared toward hybrid classes. The unfortunate thing is that they just do not work well, or, I should say not as well as the regular instance gear. The lack of set bonuses basically relegates codex gear to last place.

    As for Wd/D, they can hit really hard with Earth Spirit Essence using a staff, but a staff does not lend itself well to the Wardens other skills. For a couple months Nohopes rocked a Wd/D in seige, then he switched back. If you see him you might ask why.

    Yes, you pick one, it will go for a short while then all attributes should open up again as a choice. At one time someone produced a map of all the seige titles paths, that was years ago but might still exist on the web.

    I do not believe GF ever came out and officially said why they removed diamonds from AH.

    The inflated price rationale was player speculation, and when you get right down to it makes no sense. Why would GF care what price players are selling diamonds for. GF, if interested at all, would only be interested in high player prices since that would drive more cash purchases.

    Pretty sure Serenstrum is still a drop somewhere, I know most of my toons have that recipe. But, maybe from long ago, not sure. But i know I do not run the ancient treasure minigame.

    The only person I know with the tart recipe got it from a Forum contest.

    Well, one good thing is that they did not repeat previous PoM events wherein certain people that can one hit certain bosses could farm 1000's of PoMs. I mean, great for those people, sux for the rest of us. I'm looking at you Jennie. Like maybe go back to the Instance boss thing, but stick to once a day instances.

    Read your skills, and beyond that read up on the skills you will get as you advance. The skill description should give you a clue on what to stat.

    IMO you should consider taking Warden as your third class. Druid/Wardens are top healers and Mage/Wardens are pretty good DPS.

    As you are currently starting out as a Druid/Mage I would think about sticking to one set of gear statted for your mage as you will want to be killing things solo as you quest, and a Druid in mage gear is pretty effective killer.

    No, you only have to do the world boss and the seventy elite process once. After that it is just a matter of changing classes and talking to the same people.

    Example: Say you are a K/W/M and do the sixty elite on your W/M. When you turn it in not only your warrior gets the 60 elite, but at the same time your Mage does. Now switch to M/K and talk to the guy again, he will see that your mage has 60 elite and give it to your Knight. Same for your 70's.

    To get your elite skills you just do the bag quests in heffner (most commonly done), after doing the quest and getting the certificate you talk to the Dwarf over by the campfire and the rest of the class skill people for humans and elves.

    Afaik, shield form is not an elite skill, but it is kinda weird as it requires a quest chain be completed to get it.

    The gear set you get from weeping coast is basically the exact same gear you get from doing the mainline quest through Xaviera. It's handy for your second class if needed. The first set of blue armor/weapons that you get that is all OD is level 55 gear you get in Thunderhoof Hills.