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    Started playing after a year break about a month ago. Granted I only play for a few hours a week.

    Peak levels are the only new thing worth noting in that time frame. They aren't real normal levels. They go up to 20 (supposedly?). It appears as level 100 (1) in game in some places if you have 1 peak level. It costs about the same experience as another level for take but you only get experience at 1/10 the rate so it takes 10x as long as it normally does. Even at level 100 (normal levels) and level 20 peak levels, people are theorizing that you won't be able to do the new instance at all. No one can really test this theory because no one is at level 20 peak levels (personally the highest I saw is 9). They gave us a new zone with quests that will help you get about 1/10 of a peak level at normal experience rate so you have to grind out levels in an instance... or you can buy the peak experience orbs in the item shop. These levels make no difference in siege war.

    There are several familiar people still playing on the US server that you might recognize.

    rate is 1/100 so its 100 times slower

    New week same questions, is this the week someone explains to the players what will be done with peak system?

    As much as is known Pantheon is the final raid to get released for the game, there doesn't seem to be any further major content in development. The peak system is supposed to keep players busy for the next years while the game eventually winds down.

    This is the big problem noone is busy with leveling peak, its to hard for 99% of the players to even reach half of whats needed. Grinding exp for 3-4h each day to get nothing for it makes the players less motivated. if the ration for exp would be like 1/5 1/10 ratio it would be possible for most.

    ye but thats not our point, we will all quit sooner or later anyway, and not most gave up already, if this total silence keeps going on for awhile more its time for me and some others also.

    So when are we getting some answers about peak level changes? Tested with some level 10 chars in HM mobs can be hit decent, bosses still have 100% dodge basicly only the skills that allwys hitted hits, why we even bother with this peak if its not gives anything of value? i think i am next i line to stop playing now, there is no news no info total silence from gameforge about this. Maybe you can you can say something Polog

    No reason to change that, they already gave us free leveling with the orbs and x3 events.

    Are you kidding? I can't believe i’m reading this. Do you have any clue what you just wrote? Have you ever farmed xp for 1 hour even? xp triple works for dps yes but is only on first levels and still need tons of hours at pc farming. And orbs you mean those that we need to buy for 250 diamonds? Most of players are f2p. Ah those orbs you trade when xp event is over? How far can you go using orbs? In the next 2 or 3 years you are still below lvl V! This makes no sense. Is already a pain for a dps to lvl up to lvl 5 or 6 so imagine non dps classes. Besides that did you counted all those experience buffs you need? XP pot 100% requires ruby. Those you get on loyal bonus logins are not enough at all. So you need a lot of diamonds to buy all those buffs and prepare for countless hours farming. They released this brilliant idea on December and look now how many players are lvl 3 or 4 even? Seriously

    dont put energy on this guy its a troll.

    The big problem with peak system is that you need to be level 15 or 20 to even hit bosses in pantheon hardmode, not even if people put in the effort to farm 100-200h to reach level 10 its still not enough, and for level 15 and 20 you will need 3 times that amount. 1-10 is 1165kk exp 10-20 is 3775kk

    if you farm 15kk in 3-4h its 250 days of farming and thats from releasing it you cant prefarm. Its just a insane amount of time.

    No reason to change that, they already gave us free leveling with the orbs and x3 events.

    Free leveling with the orbs, what orbs? you mean the ones for peak fragments or the one in the trade event? wanna see you level up to peak 15 or 20 with those orbs, tell me when you are done with that.

    They already added 5 more levels to help us cleaning Pantheon. Also, some 300% exp bonus is coming (with free diamonds exp foods at varanas), that is the patch you were waiting for.

    The problem is you cant clear pantheon with level 10 even, the accuracy is to low to hit even normal bosses good.

    They can add 10 more levels wont be enough still to hit bosses in HM.