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    Ofc its planned from start this is the last content they will put before its over so better milk it for 2-3 years longer :)

    so..... now its over 1 year since you raised peak cap to level 10, should it really take this long to either raise cap to 15/20 or make it possible to hit the bosses in Pantheon HM? like wtf 1 YEAR and not a single progress can be seen or heard about.

    So when will this server tranfer be possible we got promised when the new server opened?

    Its same time frame as fix for peak or new patch for the sw you rolled back?

    Gonna be honest here it takes you way to long to try to fix things dont think you take this things serious at all.

    he says it could be for both pvp and pve but wouldnt change a thing for pve becouse not more dmg or crit or etc helps to when you still do 100% misses on bosses in pantheon HM. and about startdust there is already info about the system in database about what it will do. here is one example

    "Description: Charging and astral energy skill\n\nEach time a monster is killed, the <CY>astral crystal</CY> receives <CY>astral energy</CY> (as long as there are no more than 10 levels between the equipment on the astral disk and the defeated monster). The stronger the enemy, the more astral energy you receive. Once the astral crystal is fully charged with astral energy, it can be consumed to use a powerful <CY>astral energy skill</CY>. The astral energy on the astral disk will be completely consumed when the skill is used, and will need to be recharged.\n\nEach astral energy skill requires different astral crystals, depending on its type: red for attack skills, yellow for control skills, blue for defensive skills, and green for healing skills.\n\n<CY>Astral energy damage</CY> caused by the astral energy skill ignores the target's defense. Additionally, the strength of the astral energy skill is influenced by the <CY>Astral Energy Power</CY>. The Astral Energy Power is directly proportional to the buff level of the player's equipment, for which a minimum level of 100 is required, in addition to the skills and inserted runes. The final value is shown on the astral disk.\n\nIf astral energy damage is dealt to a player, it is reduced by 95%. On the Stomping Grounds, the damage is influenced by [626536|Embolden]."

    Well and now it looks like our 1 guy is focused on new server stuff...

    Still no acknowledgement of the peak system from RW or even raising it to 15 after all this time.
    I'm done for now, there's new awesome sandbox pc games to play we don't have to deal with this.

    this is what i said for long, and alot of people said "just wait for xmas when peak 15 comes" so now 2 month after xmas and still no peak 15 or any change to peak system.

    half feb gone and not a word from gameforge about what will happend with the game, you handle this worst way possible just kick the product team and take someone who can make some pressure on runewaker cant be idle for over 1 year when things dont work.

    And since they very likely show no more genuine interest in developing new content for the official version of the game, staff responsible for this communication at Gameforge should be honest and finally call it a day. Say that the game does not get new content anymore and that it's just receiving regular maintenance updates. Doing this would likely mean a loss of players but let's be realistic here: Those who haven't left yet will not leave after such a message either. That message would just be about honesty and admitting to the game's current state on the official side.

    well its really bad handle by gameforge, that they cant even inform about anything, i had hope for xmas that something would be fixed or some news atleast but after 1 year still nothing.

    secret zodiacs is just upgraded versions, so secret zodiac legendary dont stack with regular legendary, same goes for adult, so that means secret zodiac adult with exp buff is same as regular legendary with exp buff so wont stack

    Yes, the problem is that using secret zodiac adult with attributes buff i can't use normal zodiac legendary with dmg reduction buff for PvP, or any other for that matter. As far as I remember that didn't happen with secret zodiac adult with HP buff at least.

    yes its a problem but its gameforge so.