Peak level adjustments - issue?

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  • So, I was one of the people working on peak level. And happened to be half way thru level 3. so the total xp in old system was about 380m. In the new system is 'only' takes 318m to get all the way to peak level 5.

    After the adjustment I was still only level 3. ( close to end of level 3. .but still level 3.

    this was support ticket response which confused me.

    Quote: "We have carefully looked into your query and would like to inform you that no error is involved in this case.

    We don’t mean to upset you with this policy. Instead we hope that you turn to other players to exchange information and experiences on the subject and that you continue to explore the game’s secrets.

    Please have a look in the forum for any posts that may be relevant to your situation. If that doesn’t help, you can also start a new thread and explain your problem there. I am sure that many players have overcome the same problem and will be willing to share their insights and tips with you."

    So here i am - looking for game secrets? i guess? anyone else have this problem - of 'game forge' math and know how to fix it?

  • The big tip is do not level it before its fixed properly. So go and enjoy summer maybe autumn hope not winter.


  • Well... if you take in consideration the XP that you already got to get to lvl 3, you should be maybe almost lvl 6 already. Thats how GF works. They only kept the XP of the current lvl (so, if you had enough to 47% from lvl 3 to 4, now you got 94%, but the amount you got to go from 1 to 3, probably using daily quest tickets bought with diamonds is lost). But look at the positive side, you couldn't do anything new with that peak level anyway! :/:thumbdown:

    Crycry R/M/Wd/W/S/D

    Grümpy Wl/Ch/M/P/R/W

    Just an old and humble legend :)

  • well... to be honest.. i can hit mobs in normal as well as hard mode as peak level 3... so there is a little hope.. but certainly had share of misses/dodges on my hits..

  • Yeah, i checked that too, you can go normal mode to farm more XP xd... the same happened to me. But for real useful new content peak lvl is still not enough anyway.

    Crycry R/M/Wd/W/S/D

    Grümpy Wl/Ch/M/P/R/W

    Just an old and humble legend :)

  • So, I was one of the people working on peak level. And happened to be half way thru level 3. so the total xp in old system was about 380m. In the new system is 'only' takes 318m to get all the way to peak level 5.

    After the adjustment I was still only level 3. ( close to end of level 3. .but still level 3.

    this was support ticket response which confused me.

    Sorry for the confusion.

    The last patch reduced the xp needed for each peak lvl by 1/2.

    This results in every player who has already unlocked peak lvls to now have 2x the % to the next lvl they had before the patch went live (for example peak lvl 3 60% -> peak lvl 3 120%).

    However the change is not retroactive to peak lvl ups before the patch.

  • However the change is not retroactive to peak lvl ups before the patch...

    What was the reason for this? not like this is hard math to consider all peak levels already achieved.

    This is another simple example of people 'playing by the rules' of the game, and yet get disappointed, by what I would call , lazy programming.

    I know you don't do the programming, but how hard is it to consider 5 potential levels?

  • i am already peak 5 before fix so you think i will go instant peak 10 when is relaze till i farmed all exp for it wasted lots of exp stuff and time ?

    who a hell care is dead game over and over run outdated instance till nothing news come....daily then afk this is game feel nowday you can join club^^

  • Currently Peak system is horrible specially for people that have 2 or 3 chars not to mention certain classes like heals would never be able to lvl up even peak I. Dont know which retard in GF/Runewaker came up with this idea of peak it simply does not work with ROM. I am sure even nerds or those that have nothing else to do in rl then play games day and night wont bother with this. Their recent patch was basically a slap in the face

    tell ROM community we dont give a fk about what you guys suggest or think.

    In my guild DL almost everyone has lost interest in ROM including me, I log for when we have good sws rest I dont bother with ROM cause of this peak system same applies to many more people in Vidar server. These days people are just talking in ROM discord but they don't bother logging chars anymore cause of this pointles system.

    Either bring back normal way of leveling like how it used to be you can change the xp value to normal questing so people can level up their chars and if GF is so hang up on it they can add other benefits to peak for example like killing 1 billion mobs u get 2% more dmg rather then making level 5 you get 2% more dmg. That way they can still get people to waste their time to get that 2% extra damage while letting others level up their chars.

    Leveling is essential for gameplay and when you condition that with something like peak your basically telling people to quit ROM which i have no issues with if GF can announce they are shutting it down might be more helpfull then this slow torture of shutting down a game.

    If you expect new players to buy loads of dias they won,t cause end game players have nothing to buy from IS when there is no new ini or gear to make so new players cannot get the end game gear they want and when they find out about peak system they will quit ROM as well. you even ruined the part where people could make gear for their other accounts with this peak system. Atleast multi accounting still allowed players to gear up their other chars with gear and dias but that won't happen now that you killed the leveling system.

    If GF is not interested in fixing ROM then why not just Shut the game down it might save people time which they are wasting in ROM. If GF is really

    honest about fixing it then don't come with these useless patches to test your ROM community instead listen to your ROM community rather then slapping them in their face for any suggestion they come up with which you ignore and still go ahead with your useless ideas that have never worked and won't work

  • Here's something also wrong. I took one of my toons out gathering to get a head start for the next level cap. I had 80% of the xp needed for when the next level cap happened. Then we had 2 more expansions with no cap adjustment. Then, to make matter worse, I got my 36 fragments, completed the Mountain Path quest, and BOOM!! All that built up XP just vanished. VANISHED!! Gone. No credit whatsoever.

    I have 7 toons that are at 100/100. Pushing all of them to peak 5 is impractical. Do I just pick one, and give up being an alta-holic?

  • That's exactly what I'm saying- I put forth all that effort and then RW decided it was meaningless time spent in the game. 70 hours of gathering xp just tossed out because RW or GF or SOMEONE decided my efforts should not count. Should I be upset? I think so. I should probably be way more upset than I am.

  • i feel we all can be upset.. i had one toon - was into peak level 2 at beginning.. and a different toon that was close to end of peak level 1. and now that peak level1 toon ( since they considered all the xp) is further than the toon that was peak level 2 already lol.. go figure..

  • I fear that perhaps the folks at RW who are assigned to develop new content for RoM are not actually PLAYING RoM. Sure, they're in Korea, but I have had guildies on the US servers who live Africa, Philippines, Isreal, England, and Turkey. I have even set up two accounts on the EU servers, though I haven't been there in a couple years.

    Assuming GF and RW renew their contract, it should be required that every member of the RoM team at RW spend at least 8 hours per week on the US and/or EU servers. Maybe then they will understand what they put us through. Right now, I don't think they fully understand the full consequences of their actions that they inflict upon the players that buy the diamonds that pay the contract costs to RW that provide the funds for their salaries.

  • Peak is simply a useless and horrible system, heals and tanks suffer the most from this as you would need billions of mob kills to reach peak 5 and what about people that have multiple accounts as they enjoy playing different combinations of classes and have used loads of dias to make those accounts. RW/GF have completely ignored basic things and have come up with a system that is simply not viable for ROM. Imagine when peak 10 comes you would need double the amount of work for reaching level 10 lol. Not to mention when you have multiple accounts you would want to quit right away.

    Rom is not just about levling people do sw and ini runs most of the time to gear up and have fun, if brainless people don't even think and consider those things why not just shut down the game atleast would be much easier on the community rather then this painful torture to shut down a game. Rom had alot of potential but its being ruined by incompetent management even during lockdown period in many countries where other games are increasing their population ROM is kicking people out of the game and are losing revenue lol

    I am sure many other people are looking into other games and ROM private servers and with peak 10 and no fix you will see how many people will stop playing rom atleast now they log cause of friends and go afk for hours then log off lol, even those kind of people are getting their friends out of ROM by suggesting other games to them already. If you call that playing ROM then GF/RW people really need some psychological help.

    My suggestion remains the same as my previous post.

  • I searched Runewaker this evening. They have developed a half-dozen browser based games that I have to sign into either through my phone or through Facebook. Their Second client-based game, Dragon's prophet only lasted 26 months, published through Daybreak games/ Sony. They are doing a great job with Everquest II. Maybe we can convince RW and GF to sell to them, and let them save or beloved ROM. Certainly, most of us agree the effort RW has made the last two years has been less than acceptable.

    Nothing personal, GF, but you don't seem able to get RW to do a good job. Maybe we need to re-open under new management.

  • Tihs really just happened????

    'The max cap for peak levels has been increased to 10'

    really? wow.. really? wow.. i really really have nothing to say.. except really?

  • I just can't get over how it was added...

    -One line posted
    -Posted in maintenance, no news or announcements
    -In the middle of the week, not with a patch or even maintenance
    -Nothing else with it, is this our next 'cap'? lol
    -Doubles the peak goal that was halved negating any fix...

    I can't believe how unprofessional this management has been recently

    Since Beta 2009-03-05