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    I hate to be that guy but I have several characters max points on andor without marcos/cheating and can easily hit 1m+ patk/pdef anytime I want on the rankings completely legit outside of minigames.

    I don't know if it's possible but it would be a loooot better if it was only base stats as buffs/sigils ruin it.

    Personal feedback:

    +Barrel run and matching game seem decently balanced for difficulty/time even though I hear a few complaining (Excluding bugs)
    -All the mobs are waaaay too easy even on later levels, if this is a high score thing make it really hard
    -Nothing besides the temp mount is of any use for both currencies

    I remember when I cared about that board. That was many years ago...

    for real though anyone can grab a sigil and buff their brains out the stat one is pretty useless.

    Well it's already nerfed, so much for upcoming maintenance... That's super duper lame after reading that and getting my hopes up.

    no r/m uses wands only daggers, what skill were you being hit by? Only long range thing on r/m I can think of is Enlivened Blade and that will only work at the gate/LoS.

    Warlock and Warden have troublesome distance skills still

    Always 1 step forward 2 steps back with this game

    I agree it was too much but changing it without warning on Sunday is lame

    -still 100 now though, is this happening tomorrow?

    Why does gf turn off the wand's long range while the game has login issues , It was a great devastation for those who built the ranged wand. I don't understand what the game is trying to do

    Is anyone seriously gonna argue that a wand or staff should melee hit 200 range? wtf lol

    I've dealt with every single thing listed and have to agree with you. It's usually the same person over and over for each issue too.

    Some people will always be Aholes though and just not care about anyone else. There's not much any of us can do, it is what it is.

    You're right, doing the math I'll pretty much be 20 by the end of the event off only orbs because I had a lot saved already.
    Just gonna use em now but for anyone low peak I'd be really tempted to hold.

    I know an ETA is probably unrealistic but curious what other players are doing and even what GMs think we should do.
    All the peak orb transmuter recipes are disabled now even though I thought there was only 1 that actually had a problem. Even the 1m to 5m to 10m ones.

    As pointed out in the German forums if transmuted into regular orbs and used on exp events you get more out of your orbs. This was possible for a while and I assume these recipes will be coming back at some point?

    Holding on to most of my orbs because of this and I'm in no rush, anyone else?

    I wonder if there's some way to slow down weapon speed since magic damage scales based on cast time; that's why k/m and them do soo much damage with their slow-azz weapons. :))

    Use a strong stim and watch your damage, it doesn't effect mdmg just makes you hit more often(It effects pdmg though). Also use clear thought for cast speed to see it also doesn't effect these magic hits. It's all just base mdmg/atk and how strong the skill is

    The K/m and w/m skills just do like 50x more base damage than r/k because reasons

    One of the only skills in the game that actually makes your character worse.
    With the CD you can't stack it quickly and it hardly adds any damage. Wish you could just unlearn that 1 elite somehow

    +1 to your idea, even just removing current CD would make me happy

    If possible, I think it would help if everyone avoids explaining why they're for or against an idea. That will just cause people to debate and troll those opinions and that's not the goal. If someone can't limit their reply to a simple for or against one or more ideas then they just don't get it or they are trolling. So please just ignore them. Thanks.

    What if it's a really bad idea though like removing teleports for 'immersion'? That deserves push back.
    Also I just want to point out you have like 6 comments here that are exactly what your complaining about not adding to the topic more than anyone else lol
    Not trying to troll I genuinely want the best for the game and everyone's enjoyment of it even that crazy guy that only wants to play with white gear. Inquiry or opposition isn't trolling.

    To add to main topic: I want weapons in the magic wardrobe really really really badly please.

    probably this would either

    a) kill a lot of their the game's income if the dias are uncapped, or

    b) people will just write macros to insta buyout the stock at reset and there is only a handful tryhards that will profit from it, which would be the direct opposite of why you would implement npc diamonds in the first place.

    People are bound to 'exploit' a diamond npc 100 out of a 100 times.

    It used to be capped at just 10dias per day per account. I agree an uncapped NPC even at 500k per would be a bad idea.

    I still have the odd account with just a few dias from this lol

    Also, regarding the diamonds in auctionhouse topic - GameForge removed those due to the overwhelming ammount of fraud this caused. So most likely won't return.

    I've heard that before but what's the reasoning for not returning the 10 daily diamond NPC? Could sell at 500k each and make a killer gold sink