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    still does not work , this part of the code " then UseAction(20) " but does work if i use a skill icon for the UseAction does not see a macro icon?

    what is there is a icon of a macro so it should repeat the same macro it will not do it ....... Ihave tryed different location i even place the macro icon in slot 10 and tryed it that way still does not see the icon to use a new Macro script or repeat the same one....

    If this was allowed you could easily build botting scripts within the game

    The addon ExtendedMacroIcons also lets you write longer macros if you need to squeeze a few more lines of code in

    The random issue on this game are crazy. As far as glitches go, even across console games, it kind of takes the cake here.

    From Dr/Wd suddenly dropping a loaf of bread actually world spawned to throat attack dealing %based damage even to bosses when these skills weren't even touched in the patches.

    If you collect all 12 draco of the same stage (newborn/adult/legendary) you can trade them for a mount at Arthomon (draco keeper NPC at varanas gates).

    Like the zodiac dragons you get to keep all the dracos you don't trade them in. Also it doesn't cost more draconaris. Did it use to? And did it used to take all your pets? lol

    There is still several ruby items that are ungiftable now that previously were for a solid decade.
    Such as-

    Potent luck potion
    high-quality experience potion
    master skill potion
    convenient mail/bank/auctionhouse (these are new to be fair)
    the 1000/1500 ruby mounts
    All the house contracts... really?

    If the intent is to keep these items ruby/character exclusive how about changing the old dia npc to give a few rubies so people could actually get this stuff.

    House buffs, gear rune buffs and most experience potion buffs only help in combat, not quest turn-ins. Only the dual-function potions help with quest xp.

    There's also fountain buff, HoE buff(have to lucky AF to have these align), Zodiac pet, exp events, humanitarian buff and I'm pretty sure I'm still forgetting something.
    You would be really dumb to use lots of tickets and not get most of these buffs or not on an exp event.

    Some people actually have literally daily spammed most of this garbage, not everyone is/has a champion.
    Obviously I don't think anyone should do this as I wrote a whole exp guide on here

    Players on Aeterna have reached Peak5. Not me, because I don't run instances very often. If you are a raid group addict, the points add up pretty fast.

    Definitely not from raiding with other people. More then just losing mass exp for having multiple people in party(if people aren't buffed over 500% exp there's actually a net loss of exp in the party), if your actually raiding and using damage buffs you don't have room to buff exp at the same time. Hell when I'm buffed I can't even use all the regular food or a single burn, Panth norm exp farming will be interesting picking what buffs to use.

    most the high peak people currently have bought that level with daily tickets unfortunately.

    I used all 12 first rate tempered weapon jewels I got from Christmas event across all alts on a +19 hammer and every single one failed.... The first 12-20 master jewel I used after that +20d it...

    I also have used somewhere from 10-20 first rate enhanced(+16) jewels and I haven't had a single one work.
    These 'first-rate' jewels are more of a scam then the originals...

    After hitting peak level 3 it looks like Pantheon Norm runs have viable 1min runs by going ch/r and having a healer. There's a lot of stuns in there that prevent you from healing/potion yourself, with heals and enough gear you can run in with rune overload every minute and just let it do it's thing.

    idk if any other classes can realistically do this unfortunately

    assuming you've done xaviera suggested above one of the easiest ways it to complete lots of quests on your main class but switch class and turn them in on your secondary. You can turn in quests 10 levels higher then your current level

    I've been invested in 5 different MMOs that shut down and only 1 of them had the balls to announce it's closure well in advance and host events.

    New Dawn was the worst/weirdest with sub fees just stopped charging and 0 communication for a solid year but the server was still online... for free? Then it just went offline randomly one day. No message, no forum post, nothing. The die hard players dug up business records and found they didn't pay their taxes and had the business liquidated from underneath them... There was people willing to donate to keep the server going but they weren't even accepting sub fee's it was the craziest thing.

    If/when this server goes down I hope we get a heads up to use all our stocked up eggrice and junk

    There's portable services with unlimited uses you can rent for some dias. Give you portable mail, auction house and bank you can use wherever whenever.

    Accessed with this script
    /run ToggleTimeFlagPopupMenu()

    You can't vendor wherever you are but unless your on a new server that's a garbage way of making gold anyway. (could always mail vendor trash if you really wanted too)

    I still don't understand why I get less than 360 even without making any mistakes. Is it time based? Is there some trick to it I haven't discovered? Is it just plain luck? I know that Musical Festival had an event where you needed to get 25 or more points, but even without any mistakes I would get 23 or 24 points sometimes.

    you want to wait for each orb to grow so it gives 6 points each if your not doing that

    k/p is weird it has no name at all, unique icon and the description says 'Amplified Blind Stab 3(Requires 2-h Stance)'

    k/w also has no names but 2 unique icons called Holy Light 1 and 2(deals light damage to the target for 2 seconds)

    I've always liked poking around the database and speculating lol

    can you share the names of those skills?

    Most of them are Sysnames but there's a few with names and descriptions, they all seem to have unique icons already -
    r/ch has Fire Bathing Phoenix, w/s shows Focus Aggressiveness which says aggressiveness will now also increase focuse(lol), w/r is Energy Aggressiveness including energy... lol
    w/m Defensive Instinct lets you use sense of danger without reqs, w/k Song of the Fire Spirit

    Some of these look like they could be new elites in progress but then there's also skills called Speed Up and Sound of Thunder which have the 1/2/3 versions

    No new items in database yet but there's a few curious skills with '+1/2/3' modifiers that look like they could be peak skills. You can see them with Charplan going different combos.