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    For most of the run I agree with Ainz but I've had a couple parties really struggle with dps on the last boss before enrage, hopefully recent changes help?
    Not very common on US server for ppl to have very decent weapons/accessories in comparison to EU

    I SHOULD have something +30 I'm well well over 100 jewels but 25 is highest I've seen. Not joking none of my gear has even touched 26 once. There really needs to be a pity system with upgrading lol

    Absolutely worth trying and pushing as a guild or even as a rando in groups(Like me) as you'll pretty much only get stopped at last if gear is bad and that'll probably be good incentive to then work on it if that happens

    Why make new titles? This is like the argument to not release old cosmetics/mounts
    "But I had it first and I want to be special!"
    It's just silly. You aren't special for being the first to buy something, those titles weren't so much of a skill challenge but a strait up p2w race.

    Take pride in your accomplishments in game- rare weapon/armor drops, cards, quests not over something you payed for years ago

    Some players are above all workers who work every day to earn a living for their family and play barely an hour a day and a few hours on weekends. No need to be dismissive... When it's possible to check the quest ten times a week that's already a lot. Not everyone live his nose glued to the game screen... If you count, doing 5 hermit's quest a week you'll need years to full fill the peak.

    I doubt most players will have patience... We already see several giving up in our guild...

    I GRINDED those levels(1-10) if not server first was top 3 for first 5 and 10 while working full time construction so I do actually know what I'm talking about. People are legit just lazy these days when it comes to any sort of effort online.

    And yeah just checking in on it getting the odd quest in every day or so with a little extra effort on the odd weekend will add up and you'll be peak 10 in no time with very little effort.
    P20 isn't even necessary now or for current coming content

    I still hate that without the level the accuracy prevents dps from participating but healers don't need anything. Very bad system but my whole point was that I feel the exp per level with quests/bunker is totally fine currently

    Very nice to see decent communication like the Frogster days, anyone else remember the actual dev update and gm talk videos?

    When it comes to peak levels from 1 to 10 is already very very easy now with the hermit quest change and with bunker pexp. Really doesn't take that much effort to just check in on him every now and then and see what quest is up.
    Some of us just strait grinded all those levels before orbs or those quests it's hilarious how easy it is now, players are just whiney and lazy these days.
    But if they make it even more trivial or even mail out an automatic peak10 orb I wouldn't care, like how many years ago are we talking about at this point lol

    My general opinion on how peak levels work currently is very bad. Accuracy is a HORRIBLE thing to gate group content with. Peak levels should increase our stats a lot not be a dungeon gatekeeper. We want the peak1-2 whales to play with others right?

    I'll forward the suggestion again, but can't promise anything

    Thank you! I will legit buy dias for the first time in forever if I can't find a seller. Really not much else I'm after in the game at this point :saint:

    Watch any of may recent videos at all, pretty much all of them show my backpack at one point and you'll see 0 diamonds in all of them.

    It is 100% possible to be F2P and endgame. The goal for us is t8/9 gear and +24 rings/wep no higher.
    It is a lot of dias but if you are smart watching the auction house and know how to farm cards etc you might be surprised what you can get in a very short amount of time.

    I'm not talking at all about alt abusing dailies but being smart and farming rare items/cards is the meta for gold per hour

    Great explanation above

    If they allowed this kind of function it would easily allow afk botting using only ingame macros

    There also needs to be some MAJOR context in that what Patrick has done and is talking about. This is from Gameforge not Runewaker.

    Runewaker are the ppl who develop the maps/quests/models basically 99% of content... until now. This recent stuff has been mostly made from our GM staff absolutely and completely putting the developer to shame.

    Found a couple OG clips and put this together for the forum contest
    (Also the CGI Scene I used AI programs to upscale/interpolate)

    But I also came across an absolute gold mine of really old content that I'll 100% be making more 'RoM Memories' videos in this kind of style.
    I've love to see if anyone else has really old videos and share them in some way, having a blast personally going through the old videos

    There is a few obvious tells of bots such as waypointing where they run back and forth to exact spots EXACTLY at the same times in rhythm. You can record this and report them.

    On top of that my favorite thing to do is if they are in a guild just war them and kill them haha
    *bonus points for being a Champion and using Rune Draw to glitch them into the map

    **bonus bonus you can also rogue aggro the entire area and vanish on the bot

    Did you ever think that the average player looking at the auction house has a brain and doesn't just spend millions on worthless garbage they don't need?

    Some ppl spend 300m+ on rare cards but because they are rare. Like no newbie whatsoever is spending what little gold they have in the AH on junk stuff just because it's expensive lol.

    You are 100% just playing yourself sorry my dude

    edit- honestly by buying the stuff and keeping a record in the history that it sells for so much imo you are causing more harm than good

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    today i got this title for both my chars... 1,2 million splinters on my dwarf and 3 million on my elve >.>

    I'm still changing the splitters...

    Grats! Imagine farming each of those frags 1 at a time! lol

    Time of some of this -