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    As Cenre said above I'll just add the 20% 'Magic Power' the sigil adds also applies to most strait up physical AoEs as well such as Champions Imprisonment Pulse and Rune Overload.(also rampage <3) Though physical is obviously better for these skills +20% is still awesome.

    This is why the game breaks so often.
    Every skill has it's own ID for the skill itself, any elites/modifications of the skill has its own separate ID, any buffs the skill gives will have it's own separate ID, any debuffs the skill does will have it's own ID(bleeds included) and any variation of these will have their own ID as well. AND THEN if it also spawns anything like a trap that will also have a separate ID lol.

    I stopped investing in the game when they did a few years ago. +24 is fine with me and I didn't pay for a single one of my jewels.
    Honestly since they did that pulsing event I don't trust the rates ever anymore, they can just change them one maintenance and not say anything...

    though recently seems like one of the coders is starting to give a dam again, fingers crossed. I'd love to make a bunch of the content I backlogged but got completely demotivated by the game being basically abandoned by it's developers. Was probably all the WoW refugees that got their attention.

    It's likely an elite skill or specific class combo breaking it for you.
    Find your Customfunctions.lua in your addon folder and open it with notepad. Scroll down and look for any of the Rogue/whatever sections and see if your missing the combo your doing. If so just copy&paste a similar combo and just change the secondary class(also delete elites you dont have of course). At the top of the file they list what the classes are called in the code, rogues are 'THEIF' and priests are 'AUGUR'.

    I don't diyce on rogue at all so this is all that my rogue section is, idk if it even works at all. Only r/s and r/p

    Do you have more than 3 slots? There's a bug when you get 3+ that they start just swapping randomly and aren't saved to the correct number. You have to keep swapping around randomly until you get what you want. I bet many people are glad they paid for that LOL

    Yes there are magic hammers, get it from dreamland I believe. Been using those on Dr/r for a long time as they should have the highest offhand mdmg.

    Still why not just go mage main when you want to mostly dps? Switching class is free.

    This thread is strange.
    I want my Champ/priest to heal better.
    Also give R/K Shield.
    Champ/Mage also has garbage mdmg needs a buff.

    Its not the same thing lol, Champ, as a only Champ can't heal cuz not a healer same for Rogue its only dd but Druid is healer and dd, but Champ/Mage need buff thats right so you can open a thread and share this??

    You say Champ/priest can't heal good because champ is not a healer? And Rogue shouldn't tank because it's a DD? Well by that same logic druid is a healer not a damage dealer...

    There's ways you can make c/p heal very good with specific gear, light pulse and chaindriving heals just like you can gear your druid in all matk/crit gear/stats you would do decent damage just not equivalent to a main mage.

    Also saying Ch/M needs a buff shows how much of this game you know. That's probably that most OP class in the whole game that needs some serious nerfing, I said the mdmg thing as a joke lol.
    I have also played endgame Dr/r for years

    Actual advice for you- Go Dr/r. It has enough heals to fully heal an endgame raid and supplies an extremely useful crit debuff. Dual wielding a wand and 1h magic hammer also gives you crazy high mdmg for exactly what your wanting.
    As for wanting dr/m or dr/r to be as good as mage/anything, that's never going to happen here just switch to mage then.

    I don't believe you can use wand or staff as Knight.
    K/m usually uses a magical 2h sword or hammer(mementos or dreamland), you can go magic 1h sword with shield to tank but macros can also be used to swap shield for skills

    Just for fun here's a list and brief description of the 'useless trinkets' I carry around in my bag at all times, starting with the most useful. A lot of this stuff is why I still play RoM, I love sandbox stuff and options.

    -7 Piece blue Tempest set (For those big pp moments)
    -lv50 Siege Gloves (If you know you know)
    -Atollops Fang (Dreamland trinkets for atk)
    -Rage/Damage/Dmg reduction Aoth capes
    -Invisibility Cloak Experiment (Is literally vanish for any class)
    -World Shutter (Blinds players for a few seconds)
    -Powerful Anti-Knight Lasso (Demounts players AND NPCS lol)
    -Egg of bad intentions (60s root on other players)
    -Nicole's Teddy Bear (Puts a small DoT on yourself to break various roots like k/s)
    -Ancient Book (Spawns a mob anywhere even in house)
    -Wind element pressure spray belt (Dashes to friendly target)
    -Slippery Soap Trap (Places a friendly targeting rooting trap anywhere)
    -Juice Sample (Force friendly target to you(you can test people anywhere for 'seeing rogues in hide'))
    -Breathable Fabric (Overrides some transformations like in Goblin mini game)
    -Dancing Perfume (Makes everyone around you dance)
    -Golden Ostrich Disguise (Speed Buff Item)
    -Rita Mushrooms (Apply poison)
    -Lemon Vodka (Knocks character down)
    -Disguise (Immediate transformation that works for dwarves too)
    -Annelias' Toy (Transformation)
    -Zurhidon Costume (Transformation)
    -Nobodies Rum (Shrinks Player and actually adds hidden 10% cast speed if you didn't know)
    -Life Feast (Full HP regen if not in combat)
    -Magic Feast (Full MP regen if not in combat)
    -Prison Cube (Heals an enemy target, next to nothing in the game will do this)
    -Mana Rose (Small DoT for low level questing)
    -Captains Brandy (Immediate transformation for even shield form)
    -Ring of Potential (Big wave particle effect)
    -Monarch Experience (Summons NPCs to worship you)
    -Lazy Mans Quest Bell (Puts a quest marker on your character)
    -Glockenspiel (Summons a lizard on the spot anywhere)
    -Fake Trap (Spawns a green mound of dirt anywhere)
    -Fireworks Juice (Set friendly target on fire)
    -Freezing Juice (Freeze friendly target)
    -Therapeutic Toy (Summons a circle of cats but only works during event)
    -Book With Rune Markings (Makes a huge flash of light)
    -And of course my Newbie Pet!

    Well that was fun, what a lot of junk lol
    And that's not listing any wedding foods/potions/ammo

    Uh, no.

    Six backpacks are expensive enough to open them all. If you need more storage space, expand your house and fill it with chests!

    Surely there's no way you can fill all 6 backpacks with stuff that you absolutely must carry around all the time...

    But I need all my little trinkets that do useless overworld effects on me at all times!
    And what about my newbie pet? Surely you don't want me to bank it that would just be mean!

    Grey citadel should connect to varanas both ways, its the new teleport hub. It's such a pain to get to any of the new zones.

    I advise most people set their recall there

    I dropped ink at Grey Citadel, so I keep my recall at Varanas always.

    but reifort, heffner and logar are just 1 port away, seems like a waste.

    For some reason our guilds siege meetup spot was Southern Janoast Forest so all of use had our recall there for years lol

    As I recall, previous server merges allowed the oldest player (i.e. the player that created the character the earliest) to retain their names, not the player with the highest playtime.

    I cannot help wondering why it is so different this time?

    ah shoot this is probably what they meant by 'play time' was just creation date. They probably don't have those numbers :(

    probably for the best anyways it might make some of us have a heart attack.

    So I just read in the server merge FAQ and I believe was the case with previous merges that "the character who has spent the most time playing" would retain name upon merge if levels were the same. Honestly idc about the names, what got my attention was that this time played stat is actually available.

    Lots of games have a /played command but I've never seen it here. I'm scared but I want to know.
    Anyone know anyway of pulling that up or is it server side only here?