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    The start of my wl/m alt macro

    /cast Surge of Awareness

    /wait .1

    /Script SpellTargetUnit()

    works fine but I have the character zoomed in on their feet. If you do that also make sure they aren't standing on top of someone else as they will click the pet/character instead of cast spell.

    Only 18k diamonds average per piece or 600$ x 15 pieces of gear. 270k dias total or 81 billion gold @300k.

    9 grand, want a new car or some +30 gear? lol

    (Thats also just plussing then you gotta tier and rune everything haha)

    This is so insane now.

    I would also like to add I have a couple of these sets and used them on several different classes but pretty much never use them anymore at all.

    These were OP back like lv70 cap even lv80 but now you lose SOOOO much raw damage/crit/patk.... The only thing I use this set for anymore is Elemental Rampage on bosses under lv90.

    They said earlier only lv55 cap.

    It takes maybe 15 days not years to level a new character on a new account with no diamonds to 100 just going through the questline equipping what they give you... Closer to like 15 hours if you actually know what you are doing.
    They also said no wearing the blue gear from bags though which imo is the only thing going to cause real struggle.

    I'm glad I'm in North America. It gives me a solid justification for not playing with such extreme restrictions.

    You lost me on that one. What does location have anything to do with challenges or ironman modes?

    It's just how some people play games. Megaman pea shooter only, Contra no deaths, Zelda no sword, speedruns in general

    Been planning a similar thing for a while but solo only so I wont join you guys unfortunately.

    Love to see it, who gives a Sismond about end game Pantheon when it's just copy pasted ZS/DL anyway?
    The best of the game is the earlier content without a doubt.

    Skill #1 - Last Line of Defense
    Triggers automatically IF you are in shield form and under 30% 'When used' is bad wording.

    Skill #2 - Energy Influx Strike
    Similar bad wording, it's just a normal attack. I think the 'charge rune' is some poorly translated reference to the crit effect

    I read it the same as Grump the first time lol
    I think he might mean trying to vendor part of a stack which I don't think is possible. Pretty sure you have to break it up then vendor it

    Exactly what everyone is saying above. Everyone complains about gatcha games and loot boxes yet people keep buying them.

    It's a terrible excuse though it's like saying what if they put an NPC in that gave out 50m per day. Everyone would use it but it's still a horrible idea.

    No new festival events or a single bug fix of any kind again this patch? :(

    At this point I hope I have enough time to make the video content I want to do before the server goes. #Soon®
    (See my current works here and here)
    5% of me still hopes that the lack of updates is because of diverting work to actual important peak systems etc.

    Tested once more to + my new weapon, was +23 now +21 (never went over +23) 30x Infinite Jewels later :|

    Wow 60$ to make something worse...

    Gameforge here is sales, I wonder if they have the power to permanently swap the universals with First rate universals. Pretty much everyone agrees the only really unacceptable thing here is the gear degrading.
    When jewels are only 5-50 diamonds degrading is one thing but throwing away hundreds of dollars and ending up with worse items...
    How is this ok Gameforge?

    Even in Lost Ark/diablo 100,000$ games they don't degrade your stuff.

    Have not tried it myself but if you do the NoCheckVersion thing and place your own client.exe shortcut on the desktop each time then this may work.
    (But only with accounts that can log in like this)