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    Not sure if is what you mean, but if you use right click in something in your backpack with the bank open, it will go to the bank; if is something that can stack, a few situations are possible:

    1) If you dont have any in the bank, it will go to an empty slot.

    2) If you have an incomplete stack in the bank it will go to that stack; in case you are trying to put more than the max amount to stack, it will complete that stack and the rest will go to an empty slot.

    If you use right click in something that is in your bank with the backpack open, it may or may not go to your backpack; there are a few possible situations:

    1) If you dont have any in your backpack, or is something that don't stack, or you have only stacks already complete, it will go to an empty slot.

    2) If you have an incomplete stack in your backpack, instead of going to the backpack, it will take that incomplete stack and stack it in the bank with the one you clicked.

    3) If you have an incomplete stack in your backpack but it has more than what the incomplete stack in the bank can get, if will complete the stack in the bank and leave the rest in the backpack.

    4) A corollary of 3) is that if the stack in the bank is complete and the stack in the backpack is incomplete, when you use right click in the stack in the bank nothing happens, since is already complete and can't take anything more from the backpack.

    Why? Because of RoM.

    You are in case 4)

    So they finally remembered to make some event, this would be a nice moment to announce a raise on peak level cap, or your fix is just the option to transmute 10 orbs of 1kk into 1 orb of 10kk to save us space in our chests? Just raise the cap dude...

    i am crafting but i buy thousands of materials for craft is there a macro for my quick buy ??

    Not sure if there is any more simple, but you could use /run StoreBuyItem(xx,100), something like:

    1. /run StoreBuyItem(12,100);StoreBuyItem(12,100)StoreBuyItem(12,100);StoreBuyItem(12,100);StoreBuyItem(14,100);StoreBuyItem(14,100);StoreBuyItem(10,100);StoreBuyItem(10,100);
    2. /wait 8
    3. /run StoreBuyItem(12,100);StoreBuyItem(12,100)StoreBuyItem(12,100);StoreBuyItem(12,100);StoreBuyItem(14,100);StoreBuyItem(14,100);StoreBuyItem(10,100);StoreBuyItem(10,100);

    With the merchant window open that buy 100 of the number 12 item in the merchant four times, then 100 of the 14 two times, then 100 of the item 10 two times, then wait 8 seconds to all go to your backpack and repeat (you hace enough space to repeat four times i think).

    You can change the number of the items acording what you want to buy and add or remove some if you need more or less (every page of the merchant have 10 items, so in first page are items 1 to 10, in page 2 the items 11 to 20 and so on).

    Viendo que llevan años sin siquiera activar contenido que esta ahí esperando, un balanceo de clases suena a algo totalmente imposible que se planteen hacer con el estado actual del juego. De cualquier forma, históricamente los "balanceos" solamente cambian cuál es la clase OP del momento para un dado rol y hace que todo el mundo se pase a esa, dejando obsoletas las anteriores, nada más.

    i've heard rumors: peak15 may be activated, as soon as all new servers have cleared pantheon(normal)

    I have heard that you can only clear easy mode at peak10. Normal requires 15 just to hit the bosses. What I heard, not what I know.

    You can clear normal mode with peak 6+, and at peak 10 even with only three players (after they told me here that was possible we checked it and is pretty easy), but not hard mode, and probably peak 15 wont be enough for hard mode either, but we'll see... or not, at this point who knows what to expect with GF.

    Hi all,

    Anyone with good knowledge about Bolinthya Rift? When you enter using the ISS you just wait in the main camp to the mobs and boss to attack and defeat them there. After finish you get 1155 points. Having all the map I guess thats not how it suppose to work, but if I leave the main camp they destroy it. Anyone knows if there is a better way to do it, and if you can get more than 1155 points by doing it that way?

    Also any info about getting more points in Osalon Valley (if that's even possible) would be great.


    is there a macro for andor training range to shoot turtles with ?

    There is one to shoot whatever the mouse is targeting:

    1. /script UseExtraAction(1)
    2. /run SpellTargetUnit("mouseover")

    There is also an addon called AndorShot that allows you to choose what you want to shoot with a combination of keys.

    Yo contacté a soporte y me dijeron que en ciertas regiones como Argentina ya no aceptarán más moneda local, y evidentemente tampoco les importa que el precio haya aumentado como 5 veces. Me dijeron "que pena que te afecte negativamente, bye". Por lo que leí en el foro inglés lo mismo pasa con Turquía por ejemplo.

    Así que básicamente en un país donde el sueldo mínimo ronda los 220 USD y el uso de moneda extranjer tiene un recargo de impuestos de más de un 50% nos ponen un precio igual o mayor que en Alemania. Como tantas otras movidas que vienen haciendo da la impresión que buscan que los jugadores se vayan para acomodar a los que queden en uno o dos servidores y olvidarse de mantener este juego.

    Why did steam switch to euro in diamond sale?

    Will Gameforgede sell diamonds with euro?

    I used to have them in my local currency through Steam client (I'm from Argentina), but since 10 days ago or so, the prices are in USD and 5x more expensives. They told me they decided to stop taking local currency and too bad that affect in a negative way. So they pretty much told me "too bad, f*** u".

    I guess something like that happened to you too.

    10 days ago:

    Today we have them again instead of a decent dias sale :thumbdown:

    Hi Guys,

    Apologies for jumping into the discussion, but what's the best instance to farm gold for fresh 100s?

    In the past when the max level was 62 it was Kalins shrine, or Dalanis, but what's now the best /easiest place to farm (by best I mean time to gold conversion)? :)

    The amount of gold that you can get farming like in the Kalin and Cyclops times is just useless now, but you can try to get stats from bags in the last 2 zones like they told you. Also you can sell items for tiers from sun temple or tomb of sould easy mode (like you use to do in Kalin, but instead of selling to the merchant, sell them in AH). Ofc you need to have some gear to do that, but the items you get in open zone also are good for T6 so you can sell in AH too.

    If you want to go for heal D/Wd, if you want dps then W/M. If you aim for endgame, you should just get all, you can have 6 class if you buy class expantion tickets, and compared to all what you have to expend to make endgame gears, the cost of few tickets is not much at all.