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    I got to lvl 16 and now im keeping the rest. With the 400x 50kk orbs i have + daily tickets from last anniversary + some more peak xp orbs from this event should be more than enough to get to 20. And after that well, lets see if there is ever more than 20 cap.

    Exactly how many times you killed Yuri to say he does not drop card? You should kill him at least 1,000 times to start thinking that something might be wrong, and few thousands more to put a ticket on support. Try 15 hours per day for 1 week and you should get your card. Or use buffs and probably you will get it in 1 hour, is a really easy card to get with any class.

    Totally off topic i know, bye.

    Personally, i played the game then and I wouldn't do it again, the same way i don't go most instances that ppl still run. The first thing this game need is that they raise the peak lvl cap to 20. It would really piss me off if I see GF making yet another recycled crap with the game before doing the most easy and lazy thing they need to do.

    But you haven't answered the question. How do you get gear from an instance that is closed? Are you certain it is the hard mode and not normal mode dagger?

    Those weapons are from a couple years ago when Asgard cleared the instance in hard mode killing the bosses with Chiron, before GF finally fixed it, so you can imagine the price that they would ask IF any is willing to sell, that i don't think so.

    Doesn't honor party stop working at level 31? I'm not saying it's true, but I always thought so.

    Make honor party with a lvl 1 char and go with your main. You'll get the loot that a lvl 1 would get, wich gives you the % bonus for difference of lvl. Or something like that as far as i remember, if someone knows better correct me.

    No, i haven't, at least since the big fix of crashes few months ago, not with the game anyway. What they fixed now is the server crashes. If they fix something else, i haven't notice.

    There are 2 Boca: 207091 (the one now in IS that cost 100 dias like all other useless pets and it says that is permanent) and 204826, wich usually is more expensive, gives the buffs and dont say (permanent) in the name.

    About the turtles, the blue one give -60% speed, the green one (now in IS) gives +65% speed.

    Fossilo I don't know who is giving you that "feedback", but pls stop listening, they have no idea what they are talking about. Better pay some attention to the other 99% of the players.

    Gloves have the ISS, is the only part of the set that you can buy with mementos.

    Although I farmed sardo castle 20 times (test subject no 374), the last 1 piece of gloves did not fall from the boss.

    Will the drop rate be effective or what else can I do? (gloves of assembled parts )

    You could buy the gloves for 560 mementos in that same zone.

    Well, I tried to plus my dagger that was +28. After 15k dias (and going down all the way to +21) is now +27. Oh, and in the middle I also used around 50 +30 weapon jewels that i had from before to plus it again to +24. Idk if they changed the success rate with the last patch or i just had an incredible bad luck, but the combination of a sh**** succes rate and the extense range made me rethink the money I waste in this game, so now on only buy dias with gold and better save the money for vacation or idk maybe light a smoke, it would be a better use, literally. I could just burn it and still would be getting better results.

    I would say both.

    One of the many problems of the +30 stones (agree, price is the biggest), is the range. With +12 stones your range is +7 to +12, with +16 is +13 to +16, with +20 stones is +17 to +20. But with +30 stones you could have the bad luck to drop from +29 to +20, is crazy.

    Yes, sure, divided by 100 for peak, as usual.