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    Please don't put words in my mouth. I did not say GF has been doing stuff to get new players. I have on the old forum been an advocate for GF spending money to advertise like most of the large MMOs. We have TV commercials in the US for World of Tanks and several others. Every time WoW launches an expansion, they put advertising on TV and the web.

    GF is not promoting this game. I didn't say they are attracting new players. I said the secret [to game longevity] is to do so. They are letting us down. I get it. I do.

    RoM had hundreds of thousands of new accounts in the first week. It happened not just because the game media were talking about it. Frogster, and probably whoever was running it in Europe and other places spent the bucks that GF isn't.

    I am generally supportive of Gameforge on this forum. Generally, whining and complaining tends to be mindless. However, today I am voicing my concern. More and more of the IS items are now rubies that used to be diamonds. I was disappointed when storage chests became rubies only. Now crafting furniture and point buff furniture are also rubies. Wings are rubies. Really? It used to be hard enough to spend enough diamonds to acquire sufficient rubies for equipment drills and the few other things I need from the ruby side of the shop. Now the things I buy to GET rubies are charging me rubies instead. I am not going to quadruple my real world spending to get diamonds that I have to squander on stuff I don't want just to get enough rubies to buy the stuff I was spending diamonds on before. Instead of getting wings with diamonds, I will save up my P-tokens. That means fewer diamonds spent, and fewer rubies available for me to use. It just further exacerbates the problem.

    perhaps it has simply been decided to slow it down to once a year

    And why should GF do that?

    I mean - RW ok ~> they are not fast enough and maybe are dealing with the 427.364 reported bugs.

    But why GF? They´re loosing players every day this sh... goes on. People who would spend money if there was something worth to do this - new content - new equip...

    Because it is common for older games to do so. It now takes significantly longer for a new player to reach cap.

    Losing players is also a normal thing for any MMO, just as viewership drops on TV shows season after season. The secret is getting new players into the game. All the "this game sucks" posting on the forum makes it harder for GF to do that.

    We need new Content !

    Yes, we were getting a new zone about every six months. Now, at level 100, perhaps it has simply been decided to slow it down to once a year. I am just a player and not the developer or the publisher, but I would predict the last island of the archipelago to open before Christmas. How often does WoW do it? Without being a WoW player, I would guess it doesn't release often either at this point.

    Gee, Kratos- let me answer the easy one first. The puries are sold by an NPC in Varanas Central and several other places throughout the game.

    Now- If you hate this game soooo much, why keep playing? Just go away and leave it for the rest of us who still enjoy it. The crashing issue is a memory bleed that is buried so deep int the core programming, it has been determined already that we are stuck with it. That's been discussed over and over in the forum.

    Addons increase the amount of space the game takes up in your RAM. There is nothing wrong with allowing players to load the ones they want. All of the most popular MMOs use this same approach.

    We already have animated emotes. I kick my friends regularly.

    I was just up at Inferno Gardens and there were like a zillion spirit cores everywhere. I can't find any event announcements here (or any festival event explanations either, for that matter- not like the old forum). I managed to register and log into IRC, but I can't fiugre out how to get the stupid thing to give me any means of actually posting in the I could see the names of everyone logged in, and the rest was just a big blue window.

    What's the deal with the spirit cores (Aeterna)?

    I have a level 21r/18champ. the only Yvandris hollows quests remaining all start in Front line Aid Camp. I do not have shield form on my champion side and the Elite NPC in Yvandris and in Heffner will not let me get elite skills without it. What am i missing?:(

    I have a large enough hard drive to have multiple copies of the client set up with different start buttons on the desktop and different add-ons. Some add-ons are unwanted at times, others make the gameplay easier but only now and then.

    There's a red button with green flashing background. When you click on that, you can see which addons cause the most error or if they cause any errors at all. This might help to track down the culprit

    Where is this button? on twitch or somewhere in the game?

    It is an option you click to activate near but not quite at the bottom of the interface screen

    Also, If you have characters on both servers with the same name, it will mess with those action bars big time

    You can log into the old server through Steam. I could be wrong, but I believe you have to load the RoM client through the steam interface first, though, and then use that version of the client. Someone correct me if I am wrong, please.