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    What if GF/RW made the whole peak thing worthwhile. Right now, it is my understanding that you only get like 3% increase in attributes at P5.

    I am going to throw some numbers out here. I think they should be higher that I am going to suggest, but I am confident TPTB (the powers that be) will want lower than what that much work should be worth. Remember, again 65,000,000 Peak points is actually equivalent to 6,500,000,000 regular points. My toons that are level 100 but not doing peak show that to get to level 101, it would require 110,389,000. from peak 1 to peak2 requires more than 58 times that number of regular points on that 1:100 point ratio.

    To make it worth doing, how about each peak level gives primary class +2% physical or magical damage )as class appropriate), +1% attack and +2% physical and magical defense. Peak10 would mean about the same as over-dura gear.

    Okay, gang. I think we've beaten this horse to death. Let's hold on as long as our patience permits and see what happens in the next however many months. None of us want the game to go away. I've been checking out other games, but I keep coming back because ROM has a great foundation in the user interface and basic/advanced features.

    That said, I personally fear RW is finished doing serious stuff here. They have browser games they are operating, and GF hopes we will try one of their other games. I've checked them all out and the reality is, this is the only one I enjoy.

    We have stated our case. Let's see if anyone at GF or RW can solve this.

    I searched Runewaker this evening. They have developed a half-dozen browser based games that I have to sign into either through my phone or through Facebook. Their Second client-based game, Dragon's prophet only lasted 26 months, published through Daybreak games/ Sony. They are doing a great job with Everquest II. Maybe we can convince RW and GF to sell to them, and let them save or beloved ROM. Certainly, most of us agree the effort RW has made the last two years has been less than acceptable.

    Nothing personal, GF, but you don't seem able to get RW to do a good job. Maybe we need to re-open under new management.

    And also- 2% more damage at level 5 is illogical since you can get a greater damage increase simply by teiring your weapon higher. As an example- The Hammer of the phantom Anubis drops at tier 5 and does 7554 physical damage. At t6 it delivers 10% more damage, so 8309.4- t7 is 9064.8- all the way to t12 which gives 12841.8. I have seen a few players with t14 weapons, that would make the hammer give 14,352.6 damage. Push it one more level to t15 and it is 15108. That's double the original t5 level and 5% more than t14.Add in refining gem effects and OD bonus of 20%, I think that's easier than going to peak5

    The same thing happens with defense on your armor. One tier higher is better than peak5. Alts can give you p-tokens to get transmuter charges, puries, and the first level of gems, as well as gold.

    I'm not saying getting to t15 is easy, only that it is easier than the current mess and yields better results.

    I think that of the "extra stuff" that drops, 4 out of 5 items are shiny tier II runes, shiny arrows and throwing knives, and shiny mp and hp potions. Most of the increase gets "loot-and-drop" in my Lootomatic filter settings.

    I fear that perhaps the folks at RW who are assigned to develop new content for RoM are not actually PLAYING RoM. Sure, they're in Korea, but I have had guildies on the US servers who live Africa, Philippines, Isreal, England, and Turkey. I have even set up two accounts on the EU servers, though I haven't been there in a couple years.

    Assuming GF and RW renew their contract, it should be required that every member of the RoM team at RW spend at least 8 hours per week on the US and/or EU servers. Maybe then they will understand what they put us through. Right now, I don't think they fully understand the full consequences of their actions that they inflict upon the players that buy the diamonds that pay the contract costs to RW that provide the funds for their salaries.

    That's exactly what I'm saying- I put forth all that effort and then RW decided it was meaningless time spent in the game. 70 hours of gathering xp just tossed out because RW or GF or SOMEONE decided my efforts should not count. Should I be upset? I think so. I should probably be way more upset than I am.

    Here's something also wrong. I took one of my toons out gathering to get a head start for the next level cap. I had 80% of the xp needed for when the next level cap happened. Then we had 2 more expansions with no cap adjustment. Then, to make matter worse, I got my 36 fragments, completed the Mountain Path quest, and BOOM!! All that built up XP just vanished. VANISHED!! Gone. No credit whatsoever.

    I have 7 toons that are at 100/100. Pushing all of them to peak 5 is impractical. Do I just pick one, and give up being an alta-holic?

    I agree, Tom. There should be no concerns, yet here we are. I can only guess at the reasons. So far, I'm not impressed with the peak level thing. Folks like myself who play in spurts, and those who only play a few hours a week will take years to reach peak 5, and then there apparently is only a couple % boost from it.

    Here's a thought. There are potions, or foods, or something that allow you to convert one type of "pet points" into a different kind of "pet points". How about a charm that will make TP transferable. It could be set up so it is available either item shop, or, for the F2P players, purchased with that currency we get from mirror world runs. One can only use so many Angel sighs and golden eggs.

    Here's where your original post led me down the path I took-

    "It would be nice if there is some tool so tp can be used for other char combo and not only for primary one who farmed it. The way would have been to make one pool of tp for each char combo within the same char. After-all it was this char who farmed it so why not let him use it for his other combos as well?"

    You were asking, as I understood it, how to get more TP on the secondary side.

    As for TP on primary, you are correct. With level cap seemingly at now permanently set at 100, all the TP we accumulate getting to Peak 5, and eventually Peak 20, as mentioned in some GM announcement about it, there isn't anything you can do with it. Hopefully our conversation here will get sent to RW so they can find a way for us to put it to use.

    Not holding my breath on this one.

    With the revamp of the Peak System, I can now see what they are trying to do. It does restore the idea of infinite progress, as does running cenedryl mirror ini's over and over and over and. . .

    I don't know how much a 1% boost to my attributes will help, but let's see where I am with this peak thing after I work it up to 5. I still think level cap bumps would be better, but I'm not the boss.

    I have several toons who got to the end, but there always seemed to be a need to wait for something to happen that never did. If you accidentally delete or throw away a quest item on any quest, just click [L], abandon the quest, and accept it again. The item will reappear.

    Since my characters aren't strong enough to handle normal level ini bosses beyond RT or on a good day, KT, it would take a long time to get 145 frags. On the other hand, with patience, you can get to level 5 or higher just by doing quests and running the mobs in the high level ini's on normal or easy mode.

    Yes. There should be something to do with the TP. Since we are doing the Peak thing now, it looks like our skills won't move beyond level 100.

    I think part of Pardiac's problem might also be that he treats his secondary classes like secondary classes. The only way to get enough TP on them is to gear the secondary classes and go work them. I wasn't suggesting to him that he play his primary class more, but that seemed to be the message he got out of it.

    Completed the quests and spent some fragments. Then I ran a regular daily. It looks like the Peak XP is calculated at 1% of regular XP value but TP is unchanged. Does that apply for all questing and all combat XP? Also, it looks like Peak XP applies to both primary and secondary, with TP applying to whichever class you are on. Can someone confirm or correct that, please?