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    IF you are more than 10 levels higher than the quests, the yellow ! does not appear over the NPC's head. It will appear on the zone map if you go to the setup in the top right corner of the map and make sure you do NOT have it set to "hide low level quests". You also MUST have done all the main quest line quests starting with Mysterious Torrog at Titan's Hill in Aotulia Volcano, through "Envoy of the Dragons" line and "Restore the Glory" line to the end of Nothern Janost Forest. Then you must complete the new quest line that starts there and goes to Land of Malevolence, Redhill Mountains, and Tergothen Bay to get transported to Ancient Kingdom of Rorazan.

    IF you got portaled to Rorazan by a player, then you haven't finished the quest line.

    Again- 1)Make sure you do the quests, and 2) If you are more than 10 levels higher, make sure you have the map marked to allow low level quests to show.

    The NPC you are looking for is in Chrysalia at (49.8, 28.8) but the quest for the aroma assimilation potion is ONLY available if you have done ALL the main quest line up to that point.

    an instance would have a portal to enter it

    Goblin Mines DOES have a portal. You have to talk to the NPC standing next to the auction house. He IS the portal. IF you are in a party in Gobs and leave the party, you get booted from the mine. Fireboot Fortress in Redhills has a portal, but it is clearly NOT an instance. If you are there in a party and then leave the party, it doesn't boot you out.

    The training ground Peak boost event works great at giving extra peak XP during the current event. It should be easy to do the same with Goblin Mines for a week or two at a time. Certain restrictions would need to apply. The boost should require that the character run the event solo and be on a class combo that qualifies for peak (100/100). Otherwise it gives the same xp as normal, even on peak characters.

    If the game mechanics allow, XP and TP buffs from runes, wings, guild buildings, and potions should be deactivated while in the instance. Furniture buffs, maybe or maybe not.

    I stopped spending diamonds on charges 7 years ago. I get 9,000 phirius tokens per day on my dailies. That's equivalent to 900 charges. 11 days to acquire that many charges. It is also equivalent to 23.6 purified fusion stones. I haven't spent diamonds on puries in 6 years. To be FREE, you have to commit to the time. To get OD hard mode gear, you can either patiently wait for it in the auction house, or actively run instances. The gear is free if you put in the time. You can also use the gear that is available from Phirius shells. 6 days of running dailies and Goblin Mines gets you enough shells for a piece of gear and still have tokens for a purie. On day seven, you can get 10 charges for your dailies. Over time, you can get stats from Phirius gear. The bag drop stats have gotten better over time and you can farm for those FREE as well. Will you be the top dps on the server, or even your guild? No. There will always be people spending thousands of dollars per year on this silly game and all they get for it, technically, is a bunch of properly aligned ones and zeros. You can still have fun.

    To stay F2P, or even close to it, you have to work many, many hours at getting the things you need. As you said, "but if you don't understand that, I won't be able to explain it any other way." Of course it is p2w. Gameforge has to pay the electric utilities if they want to keep the servers running. Their office space, equipment, and staff are not free. As any non-subscription game ages, the publisher of that game has to deal with the fact that the number of players shrinks down to a less than ideal number. They have to find ways to monetize. It can be both free-to-play and pay-to-win. It started in RoM when they added refining gems up to +12.

    I buy diamonds. Not very many, and sometimes I go 6 or 7 months without spending any real world currency. During those 6 months, I STILL HAVE FUN!! Don't sweat the realities that you cannot change. Just sharpen your daggers and go stab something.

    You can play without spending a single euro. Everything that you HAVE to have can be obtained through one or another of the in-game currencies. plussing all the way to 30 is not needed. Tokens and mementos will get you good enough gear if you understand how to use them. Even permanent mounts can be earned during some festivals.

    P.S. diamonds are only 300k on Ayvenas.

    Interesting calculation, Ren. Here's how I do it-

    My first year in the game (we were still using stone tools back then, I ran 8 pairs of toons on the newt food daily for the tokens. After a while I moved to higher dailies. When the Xaviera was launched, I began running that on level 50 toons as fast as I got them to that level. When the new server merged here in North America, I made sure I held on to one toon on each of 10 accounts. When I reached level 92, i started power leveling my daily alts. I also ran butterfiles in groups until 69, then moved them to AKoR for extinguish flames. I kept moving toons through zones and running butterflies on a new group. I keep leveling alts simply by the best group dailies I can find. Over the long holiday boost event, I ran 9 toons through quests to move them from Syrbal pass to level 92. I added them to the 81 I was already running, giving me 90 toons which I work in 9 groups of 10. I get 56.5 mill per day plus 9k tokens for wings, charges ,and puries. It takes an hour from the time I open the GF launch app until I finish. I have a new group of 9 in AKoR and a party of 12 doing butterflies, but not as often as the main.

    I agree, it's an addiction. It keeps me in the game.

    This is my initial suggestion on what to do so that the economy in the game does not increase all the time

    Actually, that's not a suggestion, merely an observation. How do you plan to resolve this? F2P games need people voluntarily spending real world cash on the in-game currency. The more characters you have, the more mounts you buy, along with a lot of other things.

    says hurry up then fungus disappears

    If there is loot,, the dead mob sill have a "gliiter". The only time it says "hurry up" is for the magic cavy that runs off. There is a pet hunter that sells you traps for that. First hunter one is in Varanas East. you put down the trap then coax the cavy toward it.

    and then a small window appears with all the items available. Take one or all. There are a couple auto-loot addons to make it quicker.

    i read this "Between December 22nd (12:00 AM) and January 1st, 2024 (11:59 PM server local time) you will gain +300% Experience" as saying the boost event ends tonight at midnight Pacific time, but it is off already at 1230pm on Ayvenas. Considering that this is the longest winter events boost period I can remember seeing, it's not a big deal. Just curious.

    I am surprised that Gameforge hasn't found a way to take possession of the rights due to Runewaker's negligence and failure to meet it's obligations. They should have gotten someone else to do development by now. I can only assume that the contract(s) contains more protections for RW than GF, but still-.

    Affected Class/Skill/Quest/Festival/Other: Mobs in Sarlo

    Description:When you first enter Sarlo from Syrbal pass there is an Ancient Sarlo She-wolf on the hill to your left. If you are on channel 1, no problem. On channel 2, there are 2 of them. One shows as an "invalid target when you try to hit it. If you kill it on channel 1, then it will also be dead on channel 2. It doesn't create a major problem, but it can be confusing.

    Server:Ayvenas(North America)

    Version: I cannot see a version in the lower right and the macro brought up nothing. It is game build 3402