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    My very last try to explain what several of us tried to say :

    We understand what you are saying. You aren't understanding the rest of us. Strong guild vs. weak guild=strong guild wins. Isn't that how it should be? In a real world conflict, strong country defeats weak country. This is called siege WAR for a reason. There are 3 things weak guilds can do short term to get it balanced out.

    1) Recruit

    2) Recruit

    3) Recruit

    Oh yeah- and quest together, run dungeons together, and help each other with gear.

    And after all these lengthy posts, all we really have is opinions and conjectures. Let's all take a deep breath and after a month or so, post your experiences.

    It seems that every time GF and RW do a little tweaking, the forum fills with doomsday prophesies. If it's a problem the way it is now, we can bitch about it knowledgeably and GF can switch it around some more.

    So, the main problem with these changes is that they don't balance the game but they make the rift between small and large guilds worse. However, there are not enough of us who play siege war to hope to come across a guild of your level on a regular basis... Unbalanced wars are painful or uninteresting for both teams.

    The game is set up to match high-score guilds together and low-score guilds together as much as possible. This thread reminds me of the recent thread where the OP insisted that Macros should be banned from siege because he didn't want to learn how to use them. Endgame players switch guilds. Recruit a couple. Anyone can build good gear. It's about more than diamonds, and if you get enough gold you can buy the refining gems and other things using other peoples' diamonds.

    I find it unlikely that killing Hillarzu 10 times would be an expectation. I don't know the last time I heard him spawn. Killing enough fungi near Pioneers Village will spawn fungus captains. I don't know how many captains it would take to bring Hillarzu out.

    There are fungi in Qilana Forest, but that's at the opposite end of the zone for NoM.

    No leveling as a group...get tot 20/20 fast so you can level in heffner even faster. (in the old days Heffner did not exist)

    This is what I said at the beginning. If you are limiting to level 55, then limit it to only the zones that existed when 55 was the cap. That means nothing Thunderhoof Hills or above and no COO or XAV. Also then no third class. They didn't have even a "class expansion ticket" or refining gems above T12 (or was it still T6 in those days?).

    I'm on the North American server, but you might have enticed me to start an accout on the EU side.

    I'm okay with having that many if you want. It's also true that some folks enjoy changing skins regularly. I would rather GF find profit in that kind of stuff than whale items like +30 refining gems. It was sort of okay when they introduced +12, but the game went downhill pretty quick after the +16 gems.

    My suggestion to remove the PVP gear was meant to be sarcastic. The OP is upset because other people uses macros in PVP and he is too lazy to figure out macros for himself. Since he doesn't want to be bothered, no one else should be allowed. This thread should have died a long time ago.

    But using macros during pvp obviously doesn't seem right and fair to me,

    It is fair because you have access to the same macro commands as everyone else. If you choose not to use them, it's on you. I don't use macros because I don't want to spend the time to figure them out. That's on me. Eventually, I will have to use them to improve my overall efficiency in various aspects of the game.

    Let's all make the game easier for the one percent of players that don't understand what macros are.

    By forcing those who have taken the time to learn and build them to do without? Then let's ban PVP gear from siege to keep the game even for those players who haven't made the effort to build gear specifically for siege. NOT!!


    You've made clear your frustration with macros. If Gameforge decided to hold a vote on whether to ban macros during siege, you would be resoundingly defeated.

    I have an addon that tracks macros. I don't even know which one it is, or maybe it's part of the actual game. Every time I call up certain festival mounts, I get a warning in red letter letters in the chat box that identifies it as an "unknown macro". The whole game runs on macros. I'm borrowing this explanation from Wkipedia -"In computer programming, a macro (short for "macro instruction"; from Greek μακρο- 'long, large'[1]) is a rule or pattern that specifies how a certain input should be mapped to a replacement output." Runewaker and most other game programmers copy and paste groups of code together for a large oart of the game. It's just easier than rewriting the same lines of code over and over a zillion times.

    The best suggestion I have for you, and I made this same suggestion earlier in this thread, is to learn how to write macros and use them. Whether you do that or not, macros are NOT why you get gacked during siege. I don't use them at all, yet on the rare occasion that I do siege, I manage to kll more than I get killed. If you get upset about being sent back to the roof, stop going to siege. You have dragged this thread through 2 pages, and yet you have not converted a single player to your cause. Let's talk about something else for a while, okay?

    I am looking at the Easter events posting. Some interesting exchanges and some not so much. I think it's going to be fun. My question though, is what is this Progression event? Is that the training ground outside Goblin Mines?

    I want to understand the OP's position on macros. The problem is this-If the rotation is done through the Kitty Combo or DIY Combat Engine ADD_ON, then you are saying it's okay. But if the same rotation is achieved using a macro, that's bad. Can you define the difference so it makes sense? I don't use macros because I am too lazy to build them, and I tried DIYCE, but again, too much work for something that should be fun. I am not defending macros in PVP because I am guilty of that sin, but because I don't feel you really understand the "big picture".

    The use of macros should be restricted for Siege Stomping Ground and any kind of pvp.

    Macros aren't hard to write. There are websites that will explain it to you. If you choose not to learn it, then don't limit someone else. No one is stopping you from using them and they are free. If you can't beat the macro crowd, become a part of the macro crowd.

    So- while I am waiting for the game to come back on I searched your post history. You're in Europe I'm in the US. Aveynas is the North American server. Problems can develop on only one server, so you probably have the targets on whatever server you play on. I don't here in the states. I didn't post on the BUG REPORTS board so we can argue server differences. In fact, you shouldn't bother to respond to bug reports at all unless you are a community manager, game manager, etc.

    I am going to save myself further irritation. I have learned the best way to do that is to block other peoples' future posts. Have a great life.