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    why should GMs make a guild for you? you can make guilds on your own.

    I agree you did a good job of helping the OP out. The above quote was not necessary and in fact, kind of mean. You did get to the nice part. This thing was just not very tactful. If you had said something like "I'm assuming you mean guide and not guild", it would have been better.

    Just my opinion.

    Be nice, Wichtl. English may not be his first language. Everyone got the gist of his question. I did an internet search and got nothing on this bunker.

    "If you can't something nice about someone, don't say anything at all."

    Thumper- 1942

    Characters that have not logged in since 2014 have been deleted, not the accounts though. If you can remember your account details, we will be able to assist to recover your account. Remaining not spent diamonds will be still available after recovery.

    Woot!! Of course that means you need a lot of details. Things like when you opened the account, character names, account name. Stuff like that. Gameforge is willing though, to make the effort if you have that stuff.

    That's a fail by gamedesign which no addon can fix (as far as I'm aware of). The workaround for this is to always not only swap the secondary class.

    So, I am giving a suggestion/feedback. I know GF can't fix it, but can you put it on the wishlist with Runewaker? That's really all I'm asking for is to make them aware of the problem and fix the "fail by gamedesign".

    ..this problem started after more then 3 classes introduced and later after more then 1 account merged to 1 main client.

    Nope. It started the day I accepted a 3rd class. It is the main reason I didn't add a third class to any additional toons until the Peak thing made it reasonable.

    What about if you load an actionbar for a diffrent class combo and then re-load the one you'd like to use? Doesnt help at all?

    No. In fact, I even have action bar arrangements for a level 100 CHARACTER actually show up on a different alt with the same class combo when I reach level 10 and accept the new secondary class. Then, if I remove the elite skills from the new character's action bar and log in the level 100 character, Those skills stop working until I remive them and re-add them.

    You need to be sure you are running Goblin Mines below level 50. When I am farming nails, I run a party of 6 with one party member actually below 45. I put the low level in and jump the fence to set the level, then I bring the rest of the party in and run it. Sometimes I get 2 or 3 per run, sometimes I come up dry. Usually I get at least 1.

    Sorry. I speak only English and a limited amount of French. I tried to figure it out based on the limited amount of English in the post, but I'm not able to.

    Let me try to give an example of unintended problems.- R/M has a passive elite called Live Rope Throw. It modifies combo throw. When I switch to R/W, I cannot use combo throw without first removing it from the action bar and reloading it. Illusion Blade dnace remains on the action bar even though it is not useable. The skill I had placed in that action bar slot as R/W is now gone. EVERY TIME I change secondary class, I have to rebuild my action bars to to match the new elites. It discourages the heck out of me.

    It's not "maybe you will get stuck with whatever secondary class you had before". It's Guaranteed I have to screw with my action bars every time I swap.

    The game's action bars give a character a unique set of action bars for each class. With class expansion tickets, each class has FIVE possible secondary classes. When switching secondaries, there are elite skills that can impact certain skills so they no longer work unless you delete them from the action bar and reset them. Other skills are even possible on the new class combination.

    The extended bar add-on gives the character a unique set of extended bars for each class COMBO. I tried today to move hotkeys in the top keyboard row (1 though =) to the EAB so I could permanently reorganize the action bars to be correct with every class combo. I don't know whether it was the game or the add-on that stopped me from doing that.

    If an add-on can give me unique bars for every class combo, then why can't Runewaker? Also, if whoever is the author of Extended Action Bars, maybe you can change the add-on.

    Either solution would be acceptable.:(


    I've never been to this spirit warrior thing. Don't even know where to find it.


    I have also noticed that my place on the board will go up if I log off with guild buffs and a couple potions. My original post was about the fact that my stats were suddenly 2 years old. Now they are working correctly. I don't know what happened.

    All these posters telling me it's because of this minigame or that buff aren't really reading my posts.