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    Something's gone wrong with the Gameforge client. I logged in right after maintenance okay. Now, the client is compelling me to log in again. After completing that, the client is just a big blue screen with header and footer. On my third try, I got it to show the play button, but as soon as I hit settings, it asked me to log in again. After that, just blue screen again. Is it only me, or is there a post-maintenance issue?

    Ditto Arc. No new "Endgame gear". Those of us who have been in this for 10 years or more have built endgame gear and then more endgame gear, over and over again. Games like this should be should offer some kind of "infinite improvement", but when you are building t14 weapons simply for the sake of getting better than t13, it seems a waste of time.

    Actually, both Guardians of Ember and Dragons Prophet have lost their publishers, and were shut down in early 2020. That means Runewaker has no more than 10 games left. I would think they would work hard at keeping alive the single most popular game they have left, but apparently not.

    The game has a huge number of files, some of them sizeable. That can be what it takes to download the game, depending a number of factors, including the speed and RAM of your PC and the speed of your internet service. On my first download in 2010, it took even longer because those factors.

    The game is still alive, but not well. We have enough players that 2 new servers just opened in Europe. There hasn't been any new content in a long while. The new leveling system beyond level 100 is called "Peak levels" and has most end-gamers frustrated.

    To become a better player, you need to master the 2-class system, and learn how to improve gear by adding stats and tiers. There are youtube videos about statting. Other information you will need can be attained from helpful guild members. Not my guild, though. I'm in the US.

    Phirius tokens are actually quite useful. I have built entire statted sets of Tier 10 gear statting and tiering with Purified Fusion stones I obtained with tokens. I do, however have to run crazy amounts of toons through their dailies.

    Black- you are OUT OF LINE. All of this is good advice. Did you ask "How do i stat gear?" No. Ypu asked "Now what do I do?"

    IF you need to know how to stat gear, there are dozens of Youtube videos. search Runes of magic statting gear. If you want to make some gold, search Runes of Magic gold. If you just want to be rude to peole who are treying to be helpful, go play some other game.

    You should join a guild and ask your guildies for help. And DON"T BE RUDE!!!! Blud spends uncountable hours updating and maintaining the RomWiki so people like you have a resource to learn how to stat gear. No, actually, not for people like you. For people who appreciate his effort.

    First- make sure you are level 100 on two classes.

    Goblin mines in Silverfall and both of the Malatina's games in Varanas central offer Phirius shells. The phirius shell vendors are outside the bank in Varanas and in front of the house maid in Delanis. The gear is good for most of the stats you need, although you get several less desirable for every good one. The gear is acceptable if it is Overdura. You can build a viable set of 8 pieces.

    The accessories that you get from the quests are good and 110 durability. Keep questing until you have the accessories from Chassizz

    You need to run mirror worlds and build cenedrils with the mats you collect. You should get a pet and start leveling it.

    There is a quest with Lara Peak in Varanas. Do that quest by completing shorter quests with the mysterious hermit outside Logar. Then work on reaching Peak level 10.

    Find a good guild with helpful players.

    I disagree. The "rapid advancement" in CoO and Xav allows people to skip the real main quest lines up until level 54. It also destroyed the value of daily quest items in the AH.

    At one time, each level got harder to reach, and progress through the zones gave a player a sense of accomplishment. Not so much anymore.

    he says it could be for both pvp and pve but wouldnt change a thing for pve becouse not more dmg or crit or etc helps to when you still do 100% misses on bosses in pantheon HM. and about startdust there is already info about the system in database about what it will do. here is one example

    "Description: Charging and astral energy skill\n\nEach time a monster is killed, the <CY>astral crystal</CY> receives <CY>astral energy</CY> (as long as there are no more than 10 levels between the equipment on the astral disk and the defeated monster). The stronger the enemy, the more astral energy you receive. Once the astral crystal is fully charged with astral energy, it can be consumed to use a powerful <CY>astral energy skill</CY>. The astral energy on the astral disk will be completely consumed when the skill is used, and will need to be recharged.\n\nEach astral energy skill requires different astral crystals, depending on its type: red for attack skills, yellow for control skills, blue for defensive skills, and green for healing skills.\n\n<CY>Astral energy damage</CY> caused by the astral energy skill ignores the target's defense. Additionally, the strength of the astral energy skill is influenced by the <CY>Astral Energy Power</CY>. The Astral Energy Power is directly proportional to the buff level of the player's equipment, for which a minimum level of 100 is required, in addition to the skills and inserted runes. The final value is shown on the astral disk.\n\nIf astral energy damage is dealt to a player, it is reduced by 95%. On the Stomping Grounds, the damage is influenced by [626536|Embolden]."

    Now I am more confused than ever about stardust. The only reference I can find to it is that it is a CURRENCY that can be used with the mysterious hermit. You seem to be talking about an attack skill, so I don't think we are on the same subject. I also don't know what 'database" you are accessing. Not meaning to argue with you, I just am more confused than i was before your answer.

    Ok, Ark. So explain to me how he knows stardust is a siege war thing. Then he mentions something on the same subject that implies it is PVE. Then he implies it is to increase critical hit rate. I don't know. Nothing personal, Csen, but you seem to be all over the map.

    When you scroll over it in your currency list, it tells you it is to be used on the mysterious hermit. Someone clue me here what it is.

    I assume that peak is the single most frustrating thing for most long-term players. Just because it is for me, doesn't mean it is for everyone else.

    Tell us what has you irked. Even if it is the same as what someone else has already posted, let's find out to what extent the various things(lack of expansion, pay-2-win item shop, etc) are negatively impacting players in the game. I've tried to remain positive over the last few years, but now I am running out of patience, waiting for something to get excited about. Maybe if forum posters really jump in here, GF will try to convince RW to do something about some of it. This is still the best mmo I have found, but it is quickly becoming the best MMO no one is playing.

    Why lift the peak to 15 when the vast majority of us are still struggling to reach 10? Give us some new stuff to make peak 10 a little easier to get to. RW added stardust to our currency tab months and months ago. 5 months? 6 months? I don't even remember. Tell us how we can use it with the mystery hermit and how we can gain access to some of it. Come on!! Peak is the most frustrating thing for endgamers. If I'm wrong, someone tell me what's worse.