Patch notes - Flower Festival

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    Flower Festival

    A long time ago, there lived a poor painter named Aiglo. He met a girl by chance named Naro while he was painting in the wild, with whom he fell instantly in love. But Naro was from a rich family, and Aiglo knew he would not have a chance. During his moments of sadness, a friend came and advised him to seek help from the Flower God. Flica Orly, a preacher of the Flower God, told Aiglo that he should plant a blue rose in Naro's garden to show his love for her. Aiglo tried many times but finally succeeded. That blue rose symbolized the miracle that would bring Aiglo and Naro together.

    Naro was moved by what Aiglo did and their story spend around town. Soon everyone was asking for blessings from the Flower God and lived happily ever after. Over the years, everyone celebrated the Flower Festival at this time of the year.

    Festival Overview

    • (New) Adjustment: The Flower Festival Happiness Package now also has a chance to drop temporary versions of the new Phoenix Chick Pet.

    (New) Defending the Blue Roses

    • Location: Thunderhoof Hills, outside Dalanis City; Miller's Ranch
    • NPC: Ranch Kid, Jessica Miller
    • Event Target: Help Jessica Miller to defend blue rose flower beds and fight off 10 waves of zombies.
      • Teleport to Miller's Ranch and take part in tower defense style mini-game.
      • Plant the Demon Blooms to defend against zombies. Player's normal skills don't dealing the damage to the zombies, please use the Demon Flowers.
      • Killed zombies will leave Flower God Energy on the ground, which can be collected and used for strengthening the plants or planting new ones.
      • If Manure Truck is destroyed, the mission fails. Talk to Jessica Miller to restart the challenge.


    Stairs of the blue roses

    • Event starts at: Ayfur, Varanas Square
    • Event area: Varanas Square
    • Event goal: Find and collect blue roses.

    Flowers from Evana

    • Event starts at: Evana Javelin at Varanas Square
    • Event area(s): Varanas Square, House, Silverspring
    • Event goal: Catch 5 Pollinating Butterflies.

    Flames of Love

    • Event starts at: Gary Burton, Varanas Bridge
    • Event area(s): Silberquell, Tagena
    • Event goal: Fight with special skills against other players in a small arena.

    Four parts of the wedding flower

    • Event starts at: Captain Ali
    • Event area(s): In front of Varanas bridge
    • Event goal: Find the stolen pieces of the wedding flower and bring them back.

    Heralds of the Flower God

    • Event starts at: Allen Romero, Varanas bridge
    • Event area(s): Taborea
    • Event goal: Find the heralds of the flower God.

    Mr. Swallowtail's Toss of Elegance

    • Event starts at: Nikljars Wulfft
    • Event area(s): Varanas bridge
    • Event goal: Get as many points as possible by hitting enemies with a throw.

    Lilies of Love

    • Event starts at: Karlindola
    • Event area(s): Dalanis
    • Event goal: The player will receive 5 Lilies of Love to use on other players.

    Food Hunt

    • Event starts at:: Sisaylin the Perplexed Event area(s): Thunderhoof Hills,
    • Event goal: Get multiple items within a quest line to receive a reward.
    • Hint: A minimum level of 50 is required to complete this event quest line!

    True Love

    • Event starts at:: Auermo
    • Event area(s): Thunderhoof Hills
    • Event goal: Complete multiple tasks within a quest line.
    • Hint: A minimum level of 50 is required to complete this event quest line!

    Flower God's Blessing

    • Event starts at: Adam, Varanas
    • Event goal: Receive the blessing from the Flower God for a small fee!

    Create Love Chocolate

    • Event starts at: Adam
    • Event area(s): Varanas Square, Logar, Taborea
    • Event goal: Collect ingredients to create Love Chocolate.

    Cultivate a magical rose:

    • Event starts at: Eva
    • Event area(s): Varanas Square
    • Event goal: Plant and cultivate magical rose seeds.

    Adjustments and bug fixes

    • [Peak Levels] Bonus buffs have been adjusted and from now on gold drop buff is replaced by buff to damage done to monsters.
      • Known issue: the text in-game still state gold drop buff, but the new buff is working correctly.
    • [Peak Levels] The attribute stats added by each Peak Level have been increased and from now on they will apply correctly.
    • Note: Adjustments for the unlocking of the Peak Levels are unfortunately not part of this patch. These should be live within the upcoming weeks.


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