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    whit peak system all 6class on me lvl 110 lvl increased to lvl 92 is got stat and value ....but 90 to 91 nope

    now talk about few stat almost pointless just 1mill pet exp not cheap lvling and throw out by bug...this pet like 11year old or so on whit many 0,05 dex talk if is bug lose all extra on it whats not feel good " dex value 289,17.....1618,91str --1984,69dex --1290,32stam-- 261,23int--295,08wis atm"

    thx jinsoyun ....but what bored player can do ?...only way come forum and try ask for something new and hope more often GM team force to RW/GF to do something...

    when player base stay silence is like all happy and game going good way...but this not right atm and i am sure not need much work by GF/RW raise peak to 15 or 20 after 3year

    +20 you can imagine even f2p mode ....hardcore is plussing 20 to 30 and look new server jewel? full +30 set ppl use this is nonsens.....and do not say is bought crazy amount dia when alone me acces set to +27 eat up to 700 jewel total!!!!!

    about peak exp ....dps class can imagine only lazy ppl do not wanna lvl only have problem whit is never raise peak 15-20 and nobody say is need 1 or 2 month more or something just big silence and nothing happen

    is all ok game dieing but soon 2year nothing happen ingame if i count tos 3year running same instance is not so fun and there still panth hm mod unavilable hard make peak to 15-20 and ppl getting busy lvlit first then is done start farm hm mod instance for new gear weapon spend tons of dia make it good till plussing fcked up ..tiering etc 1-1,5year ppl stay silence by do anything not just wait wait wait.....

    trust me this stardust system better stay dead line like many other stuff before what you can found in database and never avilable...

    there 1 way you can have lvl peak soon or later but you must do it....and hope is increase peak lvl faster for do something new in game or all bored player left

    even new elit skill you can found in database.....

    i am almost or so year ago peak 10 what you think about boring then???? and i am not alone who will do panth hm mod

    in normal mod some hm mod mob running enough hard kill and is far to boss fight!!!!! so question why i need peak 15 omg

    maybe you are fine farm 2year tos and next 1year too but old and endgame player like to do something new instead of farm outdated instance over and over

    about stardust system ....not you think is new sw stuff??? similar buff like uppgraded sw herald buff ...not make dream for pve !!!

    and there new cendril pet too you can found it never come ingame and is 6x older than stardust

    and what you will do whit stardust if is pve ? you cant clear tos? for panth more dmg crit etc not help when you cant even hit boss !!!!

    really nothing going on this hard put peak 15 finaly ingame? or peak 15 cant even hit hard mod boss thats why you dont do it?

    big silence running this game and ppl left day to day or inkative like me.....

    i cant understand what take it to long .....

    i know feel peak 10like year ago or so.....i have no idea how hard put it to 15 or better to 20 at once till first 2 peak part take ages ...or now all can wait when new server hit peak 10 for less fustrate new server player to nonstop exp farm?

    Bakken this game work perfect when every year 2+3 lvl apper whit 2 new instance whit 1full set ...whit some cosmetic like MW zodiac draco pet new rune set better rune set ppl motivated to farm instance .....whats going now??? farm peak for nothing 2year overfarmed tos instance /panth normal posible and? you think useless daily sw worth to ppl waste time this game? personal i like gearing this fun for me but last 2year this game give me zero fun just addict peak farm ...and yes hurry new server who a hell care it?