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    in time maybe is worth but if you not have dia left on it is worth nothing in game current endgame stated 1piece set has more stat than your old whole set....i am so sry say this but is true

    there many new event whit peak orb mix whit pet exp charm X rune etc etc.....

    new minigame in silverfall lots of free item whats normal game play take few year gather and you can get it now like in 1month farm "10mob kill wait event over and get reward"

    i lvl first 5peak whit total amount not reduced exp !!!! second 5lvl to 10 farmed in ST daily 2-3-4h on exp event ......all event orb saved till cant use up to 10...i am "almost" f2p so no idea what you talk about little more farm not big deal who not slak before .....and able to save all exp orb daily ticket from anniversity event etc etc

    if you do not ennjoy run panth hm you can daily tos /st is your option not mine "but i am so bored run same instance 2-3 year or even more "

    disagree weapon not for current content is for next ini whats you think never come "this posible yes" but new armor set not make big difference just tons of money/diamond to make it even for 1% player base ingame who wanna restat high tiered gear whit ini stat "just for fun not for worth it"

    so will nothing change if panth can be farm just ppl not get bored more and more by waiting

    agree whit arca......if RW start bobing on new server again NEVER will be raise peak after some some year can farm boss in hm mod OR even new map set

    forget classic useless mod current stuff need fix first ! "wasted 12 year make me char good ..spend alot time resurce on it you think i will start useless lvl 1 char to 50lvl and run hos tt ks etc what can be done in 5min and hundred time already run every one???? NEVER"

    Bakken i am there when dupped item in AH...GM say do not buy or you get sad i do not buy any not all stuff removed correct you are right! /i saw many loot reco exp X after too/...this situacio take to long and game owner out by hands solve it quick and when do is not remove all even all stat stay ingame what ppl recalled from dupped stated high tiered item but is another story you can agree me is not simple black and white solve dupped problem when ppl used another itemshop stuff on it....

    about high tier t15 is easy not need more than 30alt if you count 3year do this game absolute nothing t16 avilable too whit this way...ahh t17 is bigger challenge but x3 alts and you know answer...just do not forget how many work behind daily make it

    can be same dmg but not as fast like dagger and magic dmg useless on dagger if you play any r/ combo .....for phys dds class after hit speed cap dmg increase ../are you remember RT /KT time without GCD? whole server scout and nothing stop it burn anything this is why come balance path GC time where many of me freind left this game by GCD even me half guild or more/

    magic hit alot diferent ....extra speed not generate more dmg ..till is caster class example m/ during burn lots of fireball is a few sec but is cast

    high priest ...if i read good you play almost from start i have no idea why you woundering on this when bk to 10year is same nothing changed mage vs dds stuff or you want bk old hos time where mage clear whole tras mob in run?

    if is bost mage/magic hit what you will see...sw will more unbalanced than at the moment is will never happen trust me

    healer or mage is never a valuable dds class not as burn and not as long fight....try join run where 2dds duo whole ini and is smot run after you will understand what is dps thx

    2nd youre wrong me rogue tanked tos st is not only dds ^^

    and 3rd when healer will dps in run who will keep alive yous? there system tank dbuffer/support healer and dds when some class able to do multiple way will be far weak than who do 1way good............ try understand it