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    for people end game.. or close. what are we supposed to do? for me... it is closer and closer to leaving game.

    Things like getting something more than 'drop rate' for each level - extra damage etc. would be more interesting than 'forever'/ grinding/ or endless daily resets... for 1% drop rate.

    but yea, I am guessing this is the end of the game in general.

    Why is it advertised as this?

    "Do not miss this opportunity to get shiny new equipment for your adventurer's training!"

    What new equipment do you get?

    Why isn't is advertised as what it is?

    junk equipment from mobs to make tier stones.

    Extra drop for getting monster cards...

    just feedback. i laugh everytime i see it 'sold' as new equipment. If i am wrong would love to be corrected.:)

    i feel we all can be upset.. i had one toon - was into peak level 2 at beginning.. and a different toon that was close to end of peak level 1. and now that peak level1 toon ( since they considered all the xp) is further than the toon that was peak level 2 already lol.. go figure..

    However the change is not retroactive to peak lvl ups before the patch...

    What was the reason for this? not like this is hard math to consider all peak levels already achieved.

    This is another simple example of people 'playing by the rules' of the game, and yet get disappointed, by what I would call , lazy programming.

    I know you don't do the programming, but how hard is it to consider 5 potential levels?

    So, I was one of the people working on peak level. And happened to be half way thru level 3. so the total xp in old system was about 380m. In the new system is 'only' takes 318m to get all the way to peak level 5.

    After the adjustment I was still only level 3. ( close to end of level 3. .but still level 3.

    this was support ticket response which confused me.

    Quote: "We have carefully looked into your query and would like to inform you that no error is involved in this case.

    We don’t mean to upset you with this policy. Instead we hope that you turn to other players to exchange information and experiences on the subject and that you continue to explore the game’s secrets.

    Please have a look in the forum for any posts that may be relevant to your situation. If that doesn’t help, you can also start a new thread and explain your problem there. I am sure that many players have overcome the same problem and will be willing to share their insights and tips with you."

    So here i am - looking for game secrets? i guess? anyone else have this problem - of 'game forge' math and know how to fix it?