[About RoM] Try to say something positive...

  • The pimping system is still the thing that imho makes RoM special and different than any other game of its genre. You have lots of ways to improve your equipment - grading, statting, plussing, to mention only the most obvious - and often you can decide between budget and optimal variations of these. The complexity in this system is unmatched in other games and frequently made me come back to RoM.

    I am aware that this complexity is somewhat exploited by GFs itemshop policies (downgrading stones...), but this is both natural for this kind of system and probably the reason RoM is still profitable after almost 10 years.

    And this goes without mentioning all the other possibilities you have to improve your character. Unless you are playing for a really long time, you almost always have ways to improve your character.

  • If I had to choose one word describing the reason I love Runes of Magic it would be "complexity". There are so many things you can do, so many activities you can engage in.

    Not only quests, instances, crafting, wars or card collecting. There are some domains of which players (in greater part) seem not to be aware of. Spirit Points system for example, strictly connected with Honor Party. Or Legendary Moa Weapons crafting - this one is connected with achieving Elite Skills by making Arcana. Well, there are more of such things, but unfortunately most of them was abandoned long time ago in the early phase of the game development or they are bugged. But this is not the thread to complain.

    What I enjoy at the moment is Moa crafting. "Gotta catch'em all, Pokemon!" :D It gives me a lot of pleasure to visit low level places again and again to farm the items needed...

    Oh, did I mention the game is beautiful? If you are not of the same opinion, try to enter Hall of Demon Lord on full details. Or Kalina Shrine. Or have a closer look on Varanas. Not to mention the Origin... Oh well, every "old" place is breathtaking :)

  • The game itself has a really well planned structure, with the way you make gear and grind for things. Unfortunately with the games current state you don't get to see many of them anymore. The games graphics are also quite nice, it's a shame that you can't ever utilise them because the game crashes after 5 minutes.

  • The storyline (4 epic quests, Morrock series) and the way little nuggets of information that are given throughout the game.

    For instance, the story about the demon Banegithia/Androth starts to be told in Ystra and is taken all the way to Savage Lands. Kalume and Sismond are mentioned in the Weeping coast even though the main villain then was Sirloth. Frost island (CoO) is again about Banegithia and his sister Deliya. I have always felt like the story is going somewhere and the more I explore this game, the better I would understand it. The Morrock questline ofcourse gives quite a lot of information directly. And did I mention the Elven King who first makes an appearence in SL and then again much later in NJF.

    The game has amazing zones, and as others have mentioned the various things to do in this game make it quite engaging :D

    XD I only wish I could run harmode instances to access the story elements hidden inside!

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  • Having played this game for nine years, it might seem to have become boring, but that's not the case. As mentioned by others there is always something to do, siege is probably my favorite way to spend time on ROM, then of course I love so many of the zones they are beautiful and make questing more pleasant. More recent I truly enjoy all the Mirror world mini runs to earn great growth for my character's skills. The endless ways to make fashions is awesome and I wish we had even more after all for me this game is like "Barbie" on steroids;) I enjoy all the variety of making stylish armor for my character in order to be unique during play and the creative way we can make weapons, homes and our mounts different. Then there is the crafting and different events that make it all the more interesting, the title achievements and POM events! So many things keep me here after nine years, but most of all the dear friends I have made are what keep it fun. You wouldn't think that meeting people in an on-line game would give you real friends, but it has and I hold them all dearly;)

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  • Character styling is the best. The Magic Wardrobe was one of my favorite updates.

    I also like the crafting system, but it took a little while to grow on me.

    The players here are hilarious. There's also a lot of kind people in the community. I had very few instances of encountering toxic people in-game, even on a PVP server. Most people are friendly and helpful.

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  • I dont understand how we have to "try" to say something positive, there is so much, otherwise we wouldnt be here anymore

    well, i like that my old bat of a computer can run it, you cant play with high settings without a crash but for screenshots its great enough; the details and the puns especially put in the old quests (newer ones it became just kill red dots gather orange dots on minimap so i didn#t really pay attention); the scenery and actually I also liked the idea of "spatial magic" even though it looks like recycled maps (it is yes i know doesn't matter blah); the diversity in different looks and playstyles, classcombos etc; costumes and wardrobe; already on the character creation it becomes almost unique because there are so many different settings without exaggeration so choosing your character doesn't end in a disaster of "are the cheekbones okay and do they match the foot nails?"; addons to have your very own unique interface and settings

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