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    Yes, that title needs more work than the others (in general) but it is still very doable within the duration of the event.

    No - it´s depending on luck - if your char doesn´t get some of the elements (like the Headless Knight) - he can´t do the missing title - still with 1000 twinks...

    Precisely my problem! XD I do understand that the event has a certain mechanic that must be respected though in the latter half of the event there weren't many people involved (presumably they got the title themselves and stopped participating) and so I was stuck begging for hours on the server chat for people to turn up.

    But as Kako says, if you don't roll a certain required buff, nothing can help you! Hopefully, some kind of exchange happens otherwise next year it is! :D

    The storyline (4 epic quests, Morrock series) and the way little nuggets of information that are given throughout the game.

    For instance, the story about the demon Banegithia/Androth starts to be told in Ystra and is taken all the way to Savage Lands. Kalume and Sismond are mentioned in the Weeping coast even though the main villain then was Sirloth. Frost island (CoO) is again about Banegithia and his sister Deliya. I have always felt like the story is going somewhere and the more I explore this game, the better I would understand it. The Morrock questline ofcourse gives quite a lot of information directly. And did I mention the Elven King who first makes an appearence in SL and then again much later in NJF.

    The game has amazing zones, and as others have mentioned the various things to do in this game make it quite engaging :D

    XD I only wish I could run harmode instances to access the story elements hidden inside!

    So I have been desperately trying to complete the Storyteller event for the magic DPS title "Story ceremony writer" I managed to get 19 of the 20 titles required and am missing "The Honorable Knight and the Noble Maid". Unfortunately, I haven't rolled any of the story elements required for this title for a long time now (i.e. I have been stuck at 19 titles for a long time).

    Now, my question is, given the apparent usefulness of the DPS title, will there be any follow-on events to get the title or will I have to wait an entire year to get it? :|

    Can certain game parameters be readjusted to improve the gameplay, for e.g. readjust levels, gear stats, instance difficulty, quest requirements etc, to make the game less grind intensive, content more accessible for low budget players and also solve the problem with level 100 cap?


    I am a long time player of Runes of Magic but I have never played a magic dps class. I am currently building a W/M which ofcourse is very simple to play so I was intrigued by the idea of making a K/M tank.

    I know K/M is usually a dps with a similar strategy as W/M i.e. white hits that do magic dps but I am more interested in understanding if K/M can be a viable tank that is magic based. So I am assuming the stating will be similar to a regular Knight but all P. Att. gets replaced with M.Att. and any Str. with Int.

    Looking for more advice on this and wanted to know if someone has played an endgame K/M magic tank already.

    Thanks! :)


    I have a few points to discuss and suggestions to make regarding the quality of game content i.e. storylines, zones, models etc.

    1. Linear gameplay: By this I mean the setup of the zones, below level 55 we have fantastically designed zones (whole of Candara!). The storyline weaves across various zones that are not stacked in a line, the zones themselves are expansive enough to get a sense of grandeur. On the other hand all zones that are released now feel like point A to point B. Why can't we have non-linear zones?

    2. Quality of zones: Here I want to point out the richness of features in the zones, If we look at zones like Dragonfang Ridge and Ystra Highlands. These are beautiful zones because they have complex designs e.g. the sea of snow and its contrast with the low lying areas (the road from Aslan to Dust Devil Canyon), or in Dragonfang Ridge (the various routes, elevation levels etc.). This kind of complexity adds first, space to fit more content in the same region and second, it just feels more deep and realistic.

    3. Copy and paste: While this game has been reusing models, themes and music for a long time, the last few zones are blatant copy and paste under the guise of a silly story about inter-dimensional transport. The story line is very, very shallow compared to the richness of the Morrok questline and before that the other epic questlines. There isn't a good underlying story anymore, it's just a bunch of random quests. It appears to me that the developers have simply lost interest in giving us even the tiniest amounts of ...

    4. Underutilized zones: There are many places in the world that could serve some purpose in driving a better story (Iron gate in Rorazan, Temple of Mysteries in Dragonfang Ridge, Gate to the Void in Sarlo) Why design these quite cool looking (and sounding) areas and not have any quests ( or a few random quests). The tower in Ystra for e.g. is well utilized in this respect.

    On this point, I am also very curious, the Temple of Mysteries in Dragonfang Ridge has some really cool design and also unique background music that has not been re-used unlike other stuff. As far as I know there aren't any quests there either and no NPCs. Why does it even exist in the game? And why not do something with it?

    5. Are we ever going to get an answer to the various characters and stories mentioned throughout the game like Banegithia and other demons. Is the void ever going to be accessed?

    As you must have observed by now, for me the story of this game is a huge plus. I don't really care about having the best stats however I do find it annoying when I can't access the story without gearing up (which requires an exhorbitant amount of money) and secondly when the people managing this game can't even bother to create content that is worth experiencing. This is an MMORPG, not a production line for higher gear and higher stats!!

    Most of these issues might pertain to the developer and not the publisher but who better to convey this information than you!

    Finally, please do listen to the many people who are asking you to price things reasonably and adjust the game difficulty to make it accessible to more players. (Ideally I ought to be able to handle instances 5 levels below me with moderately geared characters and crafting should be easier/rewarded better)!! Check out this thread for more on that.

    Thank you! :| Would love to hear opinions from others!

    Hi, really nice guide!

    It is my first time playing a W/M (also first time magic dps). I was wondering which class would you recommend as the third class? I am thinking of going with knight so that I can also try K/M. Opinions?


    Hi all!

    I have been playing RoM on and off since 2009. I very much appreciate the opportunity Idun presents as a fresh server. It is a chance to enjoy the game as it was meant to be played i.e. questing in groups, low level instances and bosses will be challenging and hopefully a vibrant economy will emerge. On that point though,

    1. Let us keep the botters and gold sellers OUT! Report any suspicious activity otherwise the economy will be destroyed!

    My other points are geared towards the publisher,

    2. Can the XP/Gold levels for quests be adjusted to avoid painful leveling by dailys situation, and the gold to prevent too much inflation?

    3. As a fresh server, is it possible to manage the server differently (based on community ideas or your own) in a way that improves the experience of game progression compared to the original servers?

    Looking forward to coming back!