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    Pardon if I am missing your question, but, don't choose the magical path, choose the all attributes path. That is; every time you are given the choice, choose all attributes. The only way you get locked into the magical or physical path is if you chose that path over the others. Thankfully the paths merge three times so you can get on the right path if you haven't already gone down the wrong one. Unfortunately, there is no going back once you have made that choice.

    The "Puss in Boots" pet has the abilities:

    1) Impale

    2) Fading Grudge

    3) Angels Wing

    4)Huntsman Assist


    1) Inflicts 80% Physical Damage on a target (I have no idea what this means, but pets do little damage)

    2) Masters Aggro is reduced to its lowest level for 10 seconds

    3) If masters health is <50% will heal 1% every second

    4) for 30 seconds Physical attack power will increase by 1%

    Buriz, the wolf king, doesn't appear anywhere in Ravenfell even though the map locator has him in near Sailor's Graveyard. Quest is Deciphering Witchcraft.

    Information about the Black Mary doesn't appear in game after killing every boss in Treasure Trove. Quest is Seaman's Yarn.

    I play on Idun server. Bug report was sent in about Buriz, but Idk who to talk to about quest item.

    I could be wrong, but I think the wolf king is not always present, like maybe you have to kill some wolves to get him to show up. And, yes he is not in one spot but does stay relatively close to where he is supposed to be.

    Information about the Black Mary is found in a book I believe, not on a boss, perhaps the log book on Snow Blakes' table...

    Devourer Gloves of the Dawn, possible Stats

    So, what you are asking is for a GM to check the probabilities by making multiple pulls to see if the table matches reality. I guess they could do that if they wanted, but why should they? Do you think RuneWaker programmed some extra actions on top of the loot table? Nothing stopping them I suppose... but why would they?
    100% [drop ID: 727264]
    25% [Ability of Dawn]
    25% [Power of Dawn]
    25% [Fire of Dawn]
    25% [Attack of Dawn]

    I think that is why he wants you to list the item you are pulling. Without that named item, looking up in the database random items is effort intensive. Also, hey, you can do it yourself.

    RoM Welten used to have the stat tables posted for the various groupings, idk if they still do or if they are updated. But one thing I do remember is that the tables are different and the tables for EoJ and Mementoes pulls were much different than those for shells or honor. Your chances of getting a usuable stat on EOJ or Memento pulls are miserable, not anywhere close to 1 in 4, If you got 5 usable stats in 28 pulls I'm thinking you did pretty well.

    The best way, is of course, to do the mainline quest through Tergothan Bay. But, if you are not questing, just ask in world for someone to port you (it helps if you offer to pay for the portal rune). Another way, is to purchase the Black Codex transport book in Land of Malevolence, and use that to port to the instance in AKoR (I forget the name at the moment). This only works if you are level appropriate for the instance.

    And then there is me. Leveled my character to 85, chose to transfer to Aeterna, and poof character disappeared. Been a week and no sign of it. Submitted a ticket, but, like I said, been a week and no sign of it. Great big waste of time...

    That's not the hardest battle you will face though. That one comes in Tergothan Bay, the next zone. It's part of the mainline also. I forget the name, but it involves going in to the castle to look for Will. You have to fight a series of guard parties, and they hit very hard. Personally, I would try to reach level 85 before you get this quest and just transfer over. But, if you are stuck, you need to make it past the first group, and part way into the second, when the NPC shows up, even if in battle, talk to him to transport out and complete the quest.

    You raise an interesting point gaymer. In essence, why do they limit the transfer to only those that reached 85? What would be the issue with allowing everyone to transfer before the end date regardless of what level you may have reached? It's not like they are going to be overwhelmed.

    First thing to do is to get to 20/20 so you get the port to heffner in Coast of Opportunity. Then just do quests on one class (pick one, I recommend you level your intended secondary class*). Quests and dailys in Coast of Opportunity give way better EXP than those in the other beginning zones. Doing the full quest line from Coast of Opportunity through Xaviera will get your chosen class to about level 60. Then ride through Weeping Coast, Savage Lands, to that Volcano zone who's name escapes me at the moment. Near the Snoop in volcano land is an NPC with a quest that starts the mainline quest for Thunderhoof Hills and beyond (you have to be level 54 to take that quest). Follow the questline to Thunderhoof hills and pick up your free bag of equipment for level 55. Then just continue with mainline quests, by the time you get to tergothan bay you will probably be level 82 or so. (Also , free bag of gear for level 60 in Northern janost Forest, level 65 bags o gear comes from quest taking you from Land of malevolence to Redhill)

    *Recommend levlling intended secondary class because by the time it gets to 85 it will be severely deficient in Talent points, whilst the power up pills given to you at level 85 will raise your other class to 80 with normal amount of TP.

    Hmm, it's been 3 days since I reached 85 and started the transfer process. Is it some kind of Holiday over there? Character has not transferred over, and is no longer available on ketchup server or the one I chose to go to.

    That's an interesting question Teo, let us know if you try and find out that yes, once you get one character to 85 you have access to 2 level up pills and if your second character is on the same account does he have access to the level up pills since same account, same item shop. I would guess that maybe they have put in something such that your second character would not have access until it reaches 85, but IDK.

    And, AFAIK, all indications are that your second character needs to get to 85 by end of month or it will be deleted, regardless that it is on same account, you need to get to 85 in order to get option to transfer character, (not account).