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  • 5k Ancient Mementos for 5 PoMs a day max for the next 7 days.

    I'll turn in my current mementos but who is going to farm 5 thousand mems a day when it takes 5 seconds to kill a world boss...?
    There's been events where PoMs drop directly off farmable instance bosses but this time it's kill 20 hardmode bosses for 1 PoM? Really?

    I'm not going to participate in this event as even if you were to get the 35k mems for every turn in its only 35 Proofs max anyway haha

    Curious how many others are going to do this at all or not and how many they get out of it, post below.

    Since Beta 2009-03-05

  • i'm not doing this pom event either. i was so excited about it, couldnt wait, and then... big dissapointment. even if i could somehow farm that many mems, i wouldn't spend them on this

  • its incredible actually. even a 5yo child wouldnt come up with stu.pid event like this . and they dare to call this event lol. im speachless .

    And yea 99% of player base wont do this event coz its ridiculously stupid and we demand some response, and for this fail we DEMAND A REAL PROOF EVENT , not this bullshit you call event lol :D

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  • I would have done it a bit differently. I would have chosen to do it with Pyro Draconis.

    This is gettable from doing the fairy tale event, would have prevented flooding of the market since you can only get 10 a day unless you want to burn through Guild transport runes and would have given all players a shot at it. just my humble opninion

  • A reasonable proportion would have been enough. 5000 mementos for 5kk peak XP and 5 binded PoM just dont worth the effort.

    But yes, i would have done it different too. Isn't this a game? Shouldn't be at least a bit funny? Even the XP event, that was ok, got us doing the same bored thing 1 million times to lvl up. And before that, again the reward was nice, but the event was farming lvl III runes, so same thing, 1 million times of some bored and easy to farm ini to get the runes.

    Crycry R/M/Wd/W/S/D

    Grümpy Wl/Ch/M/P/R/W

    Just an old and humble legend :)

  • Well, one good thing is that they did not repeat previous PoM events wherein certain people that can one hit certain bosses could farm 1000's of PoMs. I mean, great for those people, sux for the rest of us. I'm looking at you Jennie. Like maybe go back to the Instance boss thing, but stick to once a day instances.