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    Well, your link is that guys opinion, could use as a guideline, but there are some obvious mistakes in it. In general, he gets it mostly correct. It also depends on how the party is set up, with buffs and debuffs moving classes around on that list.

    Most raids are set up for Physical DPS, so Magical DPS generally suffers.

    For straight out healing the Druid/Warden is still tops. Though Druid/Scout has some good stuff to offer.

    You didn't say why you liked casters, but you might consider a Scout if it is because you like ranged attacks, or, and this is going to seem odd, a Champion, slower than your typical caster, but tougher, and it's skills are very similar to those you would expect from a "caster".

    The actual subject is much more complex, I normally advise people to try various classes before spending any money on one.

    Unfortunately, Govinda is long gone. There have been two server merges since Govinda was a stand alone server and we are all now one server, Aeterna. Supposedly, all active accounts were sent an email prior to the merges, and you were supposed to heave logged in at some time in order to avoid account deletion. You could try contacting support about your old account, you will need all the relevant information, but prospects are probably not good. Also, support is a separate entity from the game and you will need to open an account with support.

    The xp ratio is a complete joke, 1/100th xp rate makes getting to peak 5 take 70 billion normal xp. Lets say you used daily resets to get there, the most common repeatable daily is bottles daily in balu village. Balu village gives 63516 peak xp. The highest you can buff that outside of event if you got wishing well buff, hall of earth buff, zodiac, and two quest potions is 170% which would give you 171493 peak xp. The amount of peak xp needed to get to peak 5 is 700207338. 700207338/171493 is 4084 daily resets to reach peak 5 or 142940 diamonds. that many diamonds is 3400 USD.

    Does the game expect us to literally NO life the game grinding xp or spend 3400 dollars to continue to be end game? please tell me there is a mistake in my math because LITERALLY no one will do

    Since I'm lazy, how many just regular days of dailies is that, if you do the dailys in the new zone? I'm gonna use new math and say that is roughly 3 yrs of dailies?

    IIRC, the skill anti-magic arrow ignores walls etc. and the Warden can kill you from outside castle if he can target you. Super Cheezy, but it's not the only class or skill that does that

    I find that Character detail and view distance are the two settings that affect crashing the most. You can put Character detail on lowest setting and still play, game is just uglier. But View distance.. well you can't really play with it set on lowest so move it around to see what works best for you. I have mine just above halfway. All the other settings can be on lowest with no noticeable affect on play.

    Also, pause for a while after every transport. Consider re-logging before anything important.

    Also, get a memory manager program, preferably one that automatically cleans every few seconds.

    I'd say try out the different classes to see what fits your playstyle best. Don't spend any money until you figure that out.

    ok, something similar happened to me. What I found out was that somehow a new account was created that I logged into, but being new, of course no toons showed up. I could create new toons and play the game so I knew that wasn't the issue. About this time I thought to look to other accounts, and there were none, so in a mad experiment I added one of my old accounts under "add account" and boom, there it was. I then proceeded to add all of the rest of my accounts. They are all back now, and I got one additional account I did not have before.

    Not saying that this is your particular problem, but it rang a bell for me.

    Yet if you change to alt acct in drop down then go back to original acct you can log in. I too was closing out completely before finding this to work.

    Well glad it working for you but for me not

    There are so many new and different crash types we need to learn about now. I get the "in game" one on one particular computer, closing the GF client worked a couple of times, but not when it happened again today. Need to try the wpb. process next time it happens to see if that gets it. Other than that, yeah, had to re-start the computer to get the "In Game" to go away. I even opened that account on another computer and closed it, still the "in game'' would not go away, fascinating.

    Suggestion: Remove Vanquishers Loot from loot tables of minigames.

    Since it is only usable for making guild furniture, put it as a guild daily reward.

    Just like Guild Stones nobody needs that many Vanquishers loots.