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    When you equip a sw title, any buff that is not permanent shows on your skills page (page 1). From there it like any skill can be dragged to your action bar for use. Mad Rush is the skill, not the title, the title is called First Major - magic division. Equip that title and the skill Mad Rush will show up in your skills book.

    or, even a bow equipped. Placing your bow on your action bar will only equip and unequip it. You need to have skills on the action bar. and to have equipped a bow and some arrows on your paper doll (Press C). Or, clicking on the bow in your bag will automatically equip it, same with the arrows.

    They (GF) used to run contests, actually the last one was not that long ago, where the prize could be any recipe that existed at any time in the game. I know a person that got the Laor Forest Tart recipe that way.

    What I found was that the surrounding guards need to attack you. Was killing them all first to make it easier and it would not complete. Left one alive to attack me, removed my weapon so I did not damage the official too much, and it completed.

    Pets talk all the time, mostly to complain about being hungry .... But, that is not the talk you are looking for, if I understand your question. There is a whole other category of pet talk, where they are talking directly to you, that is when the extra message button shows up, and it is very easy to miss, and yes sometimes shows up under or behind some other aspect of your UI. But, in the end, not a big deal to miss these as the results are often disappointing.

    I am not a Scout, nor do i play one on TV, but I have stayed at a Holiday Inn Express. Aren't there like two crit buffs you cast, and two damage buffs? I'd think you'd want those on for the AD.

    AFAIK, multiple accounts are not only allowed, they are encouraged. That being said, playing multiple accounts at the same time can be a problem depending on how you do it. I'm not sure how far we are allowed to go in discussing what is and isn't allowed. For sure you are not allowed to control multiple accounts simultaneously.

    You can easily take a level 1 character to level 30+ in one run of Goblin games with a level 100 character in party. 30 to 40 in maybe the next run, might take two more. After 40 the gains are small and will take many runs.

    On the other hand, that same party, if going to, say, Tomb of Souls easy mode can take your level 1 character to level 50 in maybe 10 minutes, kinda depends on how fast the level 100 kills. Also, make sure your level 1 character has all the advantageous buffs, guild castle, zodiac pets, IS pets, exp pots and TP pots, plussed wings, etc...

    So, with this diamond sale, I kept track. It took 9 attempts to finally make it through. I did note one other clue though. The times it did not work, not only was there no autofill, but the site itself was slightly out of focus (if that makes any sense). The one time I was successful the site was very clear (like graphics on high).

    yeah, that's probably true. That being said, they obviously need to do some work on their payment system. If your problem is the same as mine ...then keep trying? I know that is not much help.

    Not sure where your failure occurs, but one thing I have noticed is that I need to try several times on the credit card screen before it registers. My big clue is when the fields autofill, I know I'm good. If I have to actually enter my name in the name field i know it is not going to work. Also, the flashing diamond button in upper right of the game screen does not work, I have to open item shop and click on the 'Top up diamonds' button.

    Try running the "Repair" option. This is on the main screen, the one that shows up after clicking on the gameforge client. The play button will have a drop down menu on the right, one of the options is "Repair", should only take a few seconds for it to check your installation.