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    Affected Class/Skill/Quest/Festival/Other: All

    Description: Experience Potion (7 Days) buff cannot be cancelled. After being used it stays on for 7 days no matter what you do. It was distributed as a gift (or one of possible rewards) some time ago but there was no warning about this feature. Now i cannot use +100% exp potion during whole exp event. Actually this applies to a number of other tp and exp potions.

    Please make it possible to override existing buff, at least with a better version.

    Server: Vidar, probably all

    Version: Current

    Making cooldowns more friendly.

    The remaining time for skills or bag items is displayed like "1m" which means that the cooldown is somewhere between 1 and 2 minutes. There's a way to display more information e.g. adding seconds for cases like this. You just need to override function CooldownFrame_SetTime. If you don't know how to make custom functions you can start here

    My implementation looks like this

    Durations over 1 hour are displayed as HH:MM, durations form 1 min to 1 hour are displayed as MM:SS, less that 1 min are displayed as SS and the last second as

    You can easily make your own version. For example, if you don't like flashing numbers you can rempve the "else text = string.format("%.1f", s)" part.

    UltimateMailMod mistakenly treats "Gold Hammer of the Boundless Dune" and "Rare Gold Hammer of the Boundless Dune" as bound and cannot send them.

    There is a quick-and-dirty fix for this. Edit UltimateMailMod\Locales\EN.lua and change the value of UMM_TOOLTIP_BOUND from "Bound" to "Bound%s".

    Titles from the first list require certain level of your main class but they have no limitation regarding your highest class. In other words, you can obtain all of them later.

    "Whitefur Savior" is given for killing one of last two bosses (idr which one), not just b2.

    The second list seems to contain mostly "usual" titles which can be obtained from festivals, minigames, instances. For example "Lets Rock! Kaz!" and "Kaz Madness" come from a pumpkin festival event.

    Complete some public quests in the zone. Justice shop opens if you earned public even points in the current round.

    If you have many eoj (idr how many but 9000+ works) then prices may be lowered. Best eoj farm is doing Musical Festival tasks.

    If you 6000 public event points were obtained in the zone then at least the top scorer can get better prices.

    Resurrection spot near New Pantheon isn't safe. Nearby mobs are permanently fighting with the camp NPCs and use aoe damage.

    PS. A GM with certain reputation asked us to give more examples. Let's do this so he can safely close this topic too with "it has been tested" comment.

    Affected Class/Skill/Quest/Festival/Other: All

    Description: I have a legendary Zodiac pet (id 241511) and adult secret Zodiac dragon (id 241525) both with exp buffs selected. When I summon any of them I get a 40% exp buff. But when I summon another the pet appears but not the buff.

    Upd. If the buff disappears then the buff from another pet can be obtained later this day. So it's really about compatibility.

    Sever: probably all

    Version: current

    Brilliant. Just brilliant. All we need is id. And nothing happens when we get it.

    If there is anything that can help you establish fairness of pulls please let me know how.

    According to rom-welten the item is is 236293. I'm specifically interested whether stat 514559 really drops 1/4 of the time.

    PS. I reserve the right for "i did say so" comment later.

    Please don't take the following as a request which has been the whole purpose of this topic.

    Let's say i had bad luck with stats in "Devourer Gloves of the Dawn" and want to be sure it was only bad luck, not intentionally skewed distribution. Game team can make tests and give their verdict. However Korrin wasn't enthusiastic about testing all important items and I can imagine him saying "we did enough, come back next decade after you pull 1000 PoM items and don't like something". This is not a joke btw but a reasonable assumption about "we won't redo all tests" statement.

    So I have a dilemma. Either ask to test a minor item or ignore it and ask to test something vital many players need.

    If these are the only two options then I would prefer the latter. But if Korin meant that all "vital" distributions have been tested then I can safely go back to the original issue.

    Please help me here. If testing the original EOJ item in question doesn't stop the whole thing right there then we can go there.