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    Yes, top guilds get bored from decent oppos so they need 5 vs 1 fights against people without top gear.

    But I hope that there are at least some people in 20k+ point guilds who don't consider themselves weak enough to enjoy this.

    I personally favor only the "let them see invisible units" part from this suggestion and want to have the possibility of fcaps. "Pure fighters" can go 6 vs 6 arena any moment. If they can find oppo that is. This actually shows how popular the "fight only" approach really is.

    But I do fully support the last part. Sarkas did encourage us to post feedback. Let's hope to see the effect.

    Some thoughts after the dust had settled.

    Both events are enjoyable but certain aspects seem underthought.

    Scarlet and strange seeds should better be available from mobs that give tp and mirrors (including all elites). However the chance of being in loot should be affected by drop buffs. 100% is just as ridiculous as fixed 3% although not that frustrating. And certainly my appreciation to the support team for quick analysis and fixing the way they could.

    I'd say the optimal is obtaining about 150 a day (= purple watermelon) if doing all mirrors and maybe killing some zone/instance mobs.

    And rewards for the quests were well... eccentric at the current level cap.

    Dasein boss was pretty much boring tank and spank. Mana drain brought an element of surprise but only for the first time. The rewards were not impressive either. I'm personally not motivated to redo it.

    Non-instanced boss and especially labyrinth might be good if more thought is put into implementation. Maybe increasing size or chest spawn rate according to the server population.

    Otherwise competing with unknown (but definitely excessive) number of players with a slim chance of reward and upfront payment is a bit smelly. It's no secret that many players consider Gameforge's policy as scam abusing loopholes in the legal system. This brand new event could negate the impression, not support it.

    And small interface tip. It's better not port a player inside right away but ask first "are you willing to pay NNN gold to enter?". Possible with informing about boss status and the number of people present in the labyrinth.

    The event is already disliked by many players. How about adding one seed to every mirrorworld mob like it was done during the anniversary event?

    As the general theory says, every merge leaves only 6 lowest stats. But what if they have same rank? Here comes the trick.

    Arcane transmutor cells have different priorities. Center is the highest, then top left, then top right. You don't need to remember this, just swap mana stones till you like the result.

    There is one exception. Stats on items will have higher priority regardless of the slot (we are still stalking about same rank case).

    This means you can make mana stones starting from low tier items and keeping your 6 yellow stats.

    Basically, there are two options.

    1. When producing t12 make sure one of them has the stats you want and then put it in the highest priority slot when tiering your weapon.

    2. When you have t5 stone with 6 yellow stats make 2 more t5 mana stones (any would do) and apply your 6 yellow stats to the item. After this you can safely tier it with any 3 t12 stones.

    Upd. One more detail. Don't use fusion stones you buy from NPC to extract yellow stats. If you do, you'll get a mana stone with both yellow and green stat of the same rank and they you cannot get rid of the green stat.

    You can get fusion stones with level III and IV stats from public quests in Dalanis, Weeping Coast, Savage lands. If you use them with your yellow stat item, the produced mana stone will have only one level I stat, namely the yellow one and it can be safely merged with others.

    /script SendChatMessage(UnitClass).." health is, ("say")

    This line does not contain any valid command. You can try

    /script SendChatMessage(UnitClass("target"), "say")

    to get your primary class. Or

    /script local p,s = UnitClass("target");SendChatMessage("Primary class is " .. p .. ", secondary class is " .. s, "say")

    for both primary and secondary.

    You don't have to take macro as divine revelation beyond comprehension of mortal people. This is just some text a fellow player wrote. It's easy to parse them once you get the idea. Let me give you some examples. Btw /run and /script are almost equivalent so I will you use the former.

    /run SendChatMessage(123, "say")

    /run SendChatMessage("any text i want", "say")

    Here SendChatMessage is something which is called function and you pass it comma-separated parameters. As you an see, it just prints the first parameter in the white chat. String parameters can be merged into one using two dots ..

    /run SendChatMessage("first " .. "second " .. "third", "say")

    In your examples UnitName("target"), UnitLevel("target"), UnitHealth("target") are all calls of other functions (and yes, "target" is the only parameter here).

    Now try looking at your macro again and decompose it into something you already know.

    Next, few tips about Walu Village dailies. I believe ctrl+tab is the default shortcut to target the nearest friendly object or the next one if you already have selected something. This includes both players and NPCs. Of course enemy players in SW are not considered friendly. This is exactly what TargetNearestFriend() does. Btw some functions can be called without parameters like this one.

    If your macro for treating mushrooms contains only of those three lines then you can simply omit the last one. Delays are needed only when you want subsequent commands to be execute after some delay. For example, you can duplicate those lines.

    /run TargetNearestFriend()

    /run UseItemByName("Batchie Grass")

    /wait .5

    /script TargetNearestFriend()

    /run UseItemByName("Batchie Grass")

    Will treat two mushrooms with one macro call. Add more for less clicking.

    Quest taking and delivering can be automated as well but let's leave this for another time.

    If you have done the quest at least once then simply talking to Laath Tawan (36, 87 at the farm outside Varanas) will give you the elite on other 60/60 combos.

    Actually the quest line can be repeated again but i'm not sure what triggers it. Switching to another combo seems to one of the requirements.

    Go to Reifort Camp and Snoop can port you. Or you can take a short ride to the Dust Devil Canyon, see the map.

    And there's one more thing haven't been mentioned in this topic. Questing in Ystra makes sense if you like that zone or want to play the game the old way. Otherwise get you second class to 20, then do a quest for the third class and go Heffner Camp via Snoop outside Varanas or the transport spell. You will be at level 50 before you know it.

    Actually, two things. Mage/priest is fun to level but it's in no way a viable endgame dps. The chart in this topic can give you some ideas on classes people play.

    Btw that warrior/warded stun is better be reduced against players too. Currently it's close to permanent stun too.

    Just to clarify, I'm not against last second fearcaps, they are an interesting aspect. The suggestions were addressing the case of not fighting at all and only hoping for the last cap. Reducing total siege war time in these situations might be a solution as well.

    Ultimately most of the suggestions were to make a better matching algorithm. It's no fun fighting much strong or much weaker opponents.

    Sarkas asked us to post suggestions and support them with likes. Here are some ideas to make sieges more interesting.

    1. Restrict last second fearless capping for those who don't really fight and just sit in the castle holding the gates for the whole hour.

    For example, every minute one guild holds all towers subtracts one second from the latest allowed occupation timeframe. For example, if the blue guild held all towers for 15 full minutes, all red occupations must be done by SW end time minus 15 seconds. If reds want to do last minute cap they should keep retaking at least some towers.

    Another suggestion was already made on the forum before. All 6 towers takes by one guild start a countdown, say 5 minutes and victory if nothing changes. Next countdown will be smaller, like 4:30 and so on.

    2. Gates can be practically unkillable with enough protecting alts . Is it technically possible to make rams ignore ch/m high-energy barrier? Motivation: if a weaker guild cannot even kill rams then it's better end this fast and avoid wasting time.

    3. Extend ranking calculation. Currently it's only based on the SW outcome. But there are more factors which are relevant to the actual guild's combat strength. For example, taking a crystal can result in 20% points transfer, not 10%. As well as who controlled most towers for most time, number of kills etc. Also last minute fearless capping can be taken into account.

    4. Forbid entering siege war for players with crashing buffs. Ideally together with making these buffs cancellable.

    Some random thoughts about pricing.

    I don't have access to the internal GF reports but from the outside it looks much like the pattern that can be observed in many other fields and which is not specific to gaming only.

    At first there are many interested or simply curious players who are willing to spend some real life money. As the time passes game management body decides to make the first step to increase income. It doesn't really matter for which reason, whether it's due to bad revenue model from the start or maybe people leave because they didn't like something else. The easiest way to increase or compensate decreased income is raising prices. Or rather making the game more expensive to be precise. This results in more people leaving. Obviously the situation repeats over and over. Whatever might seem a new balance point is simply a next step towards the decline. This isn't even a vicious circle, it's more like a downward spiral.

    Increasing player base is probably the only way to break it.

    The bottom line. Changing prices is not the solution. I can only be a part of the strategy to bring in more people.

    Convincing former players with kind words or low prices will hardly work. People might come back. But they will return to the game not due but rather despite GF's efforts.