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    Are they supposed to eventually work? I have used other types before, sometimes got two fails in a row and it was discouraging but understandable. Now i wasted 5 hammers for my ring and the durability haven't changed. Hard to believe it was just a coincidence.

    Server: Vidar

    Festival task "Rescue the Musical Angel" is bugged again on both channels.

    Please restart Silverspring zone.

    Sadly this event bugs with disappointing regularity. Could caring GMs be so kind to occasionally check and restart the zone themselves so that players can fully enjoy the festival?

    Thank you

    Diogenes, thank you for clarifying. Could you please give more details on

    1. Is it legal to destroy corner catapults with mage Thunderstorm skill? It can be cast on the wall from the outside in a way that hits a catapult. Or the "buildings" refer strictly to guild buildings only?

    2. Non-reachable means that both our team cannot use towers and opponent team cannot attack towers with skills or white hits. Is this what you meant?

    3. There's nothing in the current rules prohibiting killing inside players and towers with warden pets and wall-penetrating skills (like thunderstorm or wl/ch electrocution)?

    1. Remove "Apply to construct a guild castle" from NPC dialog. It's simply not needed there. The castle is constructed once and Varanas Guild Hall is the perfect place for this. The first option should be entering the castle.

    2. Please add auto flipping the treasury switch after one closes the guild bank. It's really annoying to wait every few seconds when you come to use the vault. First you wait to close it after the previous user. Then you wait to open it for yourself.

    Nerd way.

    Launch the game

    Open task manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc should do this)

    Find client.exe, right click and select properties. You can see RoM directory in Location. Alternatively, try locating file client.exe in some subdirectory of C:\Program Files (x86)\TERA

    Your addons should go to <the-rom-directory-you-just-found>\interface\addons. Create the subfolders if necessary

    I haven't seen any plussing stones so far nor have heard of anyone to get them. Assuming that anniversary gifts are a generous gesture from GF, what are the odds that any stones reappear in the "reworked" chests?

    Thank you for siege war Nemesisdivine(Baldr). Thank you for using wishing well buff when you understood you couldn't win fair.

    Google translate:

    Vielen Dank für den Belagerungskrieg Nemesisdivine(Baldr). Vielen Dank, dass Sie einen guten Buff gewünscht haben, als Sie verstanden haben, dass Sie nicht fair gewinnen konnten.

    Should the chests in the Tower of Wailing Wind spawn all at the same time. In my experience this is what happened before. It would also make the most sense because one spends a considerable amount of fire wood on the way through the tower.

    However, the spawn pattern seems to be different for the last few days. There were multiple occasions of only the first few chests were present. Is this the normal situation? Could it be a bug that can be fixed by zone restart (like that Blake quest)?

    Sometimes the fourth boss stops taking any damage. It does not become inactive, there is no relevant buff, no "immune" or "absorb" messages. Just the hp remains the same no matter which attacks we use. Happened several times by now.

    This may be caused by the boss being silenced before going into the "Phanotm Anubis" phase but we cannot tell for sure yet.

    PS. Seems that instance bugs are too frequent, you may want to consider making a dedicates section or category for them.

    Affected Class/Skill/Quest/Festival/Other: All players at high level. Or all mobs, depends on one's point of view


    Expected behaviour: Bad drops from the "coloured buff" mobs contain items with 272th stats

    Actual behaviour: items have 215th stats like in Korris

    Server: Vidar

    Version: 7.3.0..2863.en

    Affected Class/Skill/Quest/Festival/Other: All chars level 100


    Expected Behavior: Superior Equipment Package (|Hitem:327b4|h|cffc805f8[Superior Equipment Package]|r|h) gives same blue items as mobs in the last zone (Vortis) drop. Namely, one 272th stat atnd one 248th

    Actual Behavior: Items are from Enoch: one 248th stat, one 215th

    Server: Vidar

    Version: 7.3.0..2863.en

    One more aspect.

    Before Vortis, the respawn site or the last 3 instances is right at the entrance so one can quickly go in without being attacked by the nearby mobs. This facilitated a lot quick runs for power leveling, farming t6 items, arrows/projectiles etc.

    Please consider placing a resurrection stone right at the instance entrance and making this location "off limits" for the nearby mobs.