Speedy leveling advice

  • So I've been told that once you hit 55+ you should be doing the two main story quests Envoy of the Dragons and Return the Glory for your questing. I thought it was just the Envoy quest you should be doing until someone mentioned to do Glory too. Problem is the two questlines are in totally different areas of that continent. My problem is I'm on the catch-up server and I'm only level 58 right now. I'm currently on the part of Envoy titled Strange Noises at the Abandoned Camp (by the time someone reads & responds to this I should be further down but that's where I'm at now) and in terms of the Glory quest, I believe I'm on the Meet the Lady of Shador part in Southern Janost Forest.

    I am praying to the almighty that I can make it to 85 in the next 15 days so I can transfer off the catch-up server and onto my normal server (I'll be out of town on the 28th through the 31st which is why I have to do it before the 28th). So there's the problem.

    Should I go back to the Glory chain and progress further or should I continue with Envoy?

    How do I level the fastest possible?

    Honesty is it possible at this point to go from 58 to 85 in the next 15 days without spending 20 hours a day playing?

    All advice & tips is much appreciated!!!

  • Do only these two quest lines. With 3x exp it's more than enough to reach 85 in few days.

    Also consider making alts for goblin mines and make sure to do gobs and malatina minigames on your main char. Mobs in Tergothen Bay and higher zones will be a problem in quest gear only.

    Wailing Fjord zone is probably available at least for some player on the catch-up server. Try buying t5 items to tier your weapon a bit.

  • played 5-6 hours a day and followed both quest lines, i hit level 85/85/85 in less than a 5 days. if you worry about hitting level 85 and don't have more than 1-2 hours a day playtime then focus only leveling your main class and use the level 80 boost item on your secondary and third class. follow both quest lines since they will connect to 1 before you level 85 and you cant continue the "main quest" without both quest lines completed.

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  • One of the series starts in Aotulia Vulcano, then takes you to Dalanis. The other series starts in Dalanis. Their quests usually go hand in hand. In Limo Desert they merge into one, so you pretty much need to do both, otherwise you won't be able to finish the quest after which they merge, if I remember correctly.