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    Can we change rate?

    I farm winternight witches and Aisha spawn maybe 3 min, maybe 3 hours.

    But Anselve, dont spawn.

    I have Anselve helmet but I dont believe Anselve.

    Do not forget, nobody cant help you!

    This game is enslaved by zurhidon, and we are the zurhidons.

    Join us today or you will lose.

    We have plans always there.

    If you paid money, we will win.

    If you dont paid, we will win.

    Some players crafting level all of 100/100/100/100/100/...

    Basicly only limit is your dias.

    Buy craft tickets the in the ''true time''

    Kill alone monsters and wait their cooldown time

    Join party and do quest with your friends (the main goal of this game but you know...who cares?)

    Maybe healer secondary class is useful for you

    Buy Phoenix elixir (in the item shop), this restores full HP after 1 death

    Play Mage and use ''thunderstorm'' + ''purgatory fire'' skills (best skills in the game)

    Fast and high area damage

    Some skills very powerful in the game an repels damage

    Champion-Remodeled Body

    Champion/Mage-High Energy Barrier

    Holy Aura

    Knight-Holy Shield

    But if i play your zone, I can take statted cloak full of Stamina/HP

    Not need 5 online peoples.

    You just need 2 client at the same time.

    Main account (guild leader) online all time

    Other client go Character Selection and new characters total 4 man.

    Last thing 100.000 gold.

    And now you can Dismiss all of 1 level characters.

    I do this. The guild name Vidar on Vidar server but i delete guild leader.

    Now Vidar guild deleted by game.

    But why you need guild?

    Oh sorry, maybe too much people invite you...

    GF launcher just bad and do errors,

    Steam launcher sometimes dont log out the game,

    But my client works perfect!

    I manually update game on Steam

    folder and I connect game NoCheckVersion

    You guys i think experienced players.

    And i think you have old accounts and you can power level 0 to 100 fast.

    If you accept this risk go my way!

    Macros, you can use on chatbox.

    But if you make macro and push actionbar be very fast.

    Inspect Macro (for example Shift + Tab + ActionBar1 this macro, like me inspect peoples fast)

    /run InspectUnit(''target'')

    Summon Pet No 1, If summoned Return (very useful)

    /run if(IsPetSummoned(1) == false) then SummonPet(1) else ReturnPet(1) end

    Mage Thunderstorm Macro (automatically push your mouse position)

    /script CastSpellByName(''Thunderstorm'')
    /wait 0.01

    /script CastSpellByName(''Thunderstorm'')

    /script SpellTargetUnit()

    Equipment Swap (use 1 sec before death and your equipment dont broke)

    /run SwapEquipmenItem (-1)

    Otherway you can open or close your scrutinizer addon

    /scrut toggle

    Download RaidSave addon and Make Macro for fast memento farming in Dalanis


    [visual detail]

    view distance=1500

    That is very strange. I use 10.000 view distance but no crashes. Maybe Rune Circle is holy area.

    I cant change my settings, graphics detail on low mode i dont understand which game i play...

    Old Launcher > New Launcher

    Old Item Shop > New Item Shop

    Old Quests > New Quests

    Old Bosses > New Bosses

    New Maintenance > Old Maintenance

    New Players > Old Players

    Now some things must be change. Make Rom Great again . . . . .

    Go game folder and change UpdateEU.inf to Update.inf and delete others.

    Use Client.exe NoCheckVersion and play. Maybe you see TNTlogin, this is bait.

    Use old account like me. If you add your account to GF-client will not work :)

    Eye of Wisdom commmunity surprising us.

    No problem. We trying something.

    No issue on Steam client.

    But Zurhidon Community always clever.

    No auction house no afk players. Not need any server. Bug free version.

    We purpose offline client. (like Age of Empires)

    The imageobj error is broken data. Fdb file, if you delete the file and reverify it, it should redownload it.

    Bro you dont understand me. I am pro zuridon. You know i dont disconnect.

    My data is not harmed.

    I have this error on a linux system. How is going on and not work...