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    25 lvl Shiled of Light: Reduce cooldown of skill with the duration of skill, maybe like 30 CD and 30 duration

    Wouldn't that be great if all protection skills had the same cooldown as the duration of the skill? Non-stop protection :)

    Actually its not non- stop :D It protects for %15hp when you max the skill :D so it easly breaks haha At the moment skill has 60 sec cooldown and 60 sec duration :P

    Ah, I guess I confused it with Mage's Electrostatic Charge. This skill is 60 second duration/60 second cooldown, but I guess the point of this skill is that you can give certain level of protection for certain amount of time. You want to lower the cooldown and duration, but want to leave the protection level the same.

    Basically, your idea is "make skills better". It can be applied to all other skills of all other classes - we all can benefit from better skills. I'd like to hit mobs harder on my Wardens, Priests and Rogues, too, and not just on my Druids :)

    It's from this Storytelling Festival. You need to do this event:

    Story Ceremony

    • Event type: use items on other players to get a reward
    • Start location: Varanas Bridge and Varanas Central Plaza
    • Event location: Taborea
    • Event Target: collect story elements by the group with other players

    After you get all story titles, you talk to the NPC who gives you story element to get this title.

    My R/D is actually my primary character. R side is 91, D side is 86.

    You asked who plays certain combos. I said I play some of them.

    I have S/P, S/D, R/D, R/P, D/M.

    I kinda hate to be the person that says, "Well, if you like how other games are, why don't you go and play those games", but... why don't you?

    I actually have D/M character.

    D/M Elite Skills are mostly used on other players, cause yeah, D is a healer.

    D does ranged magical damage, but then you have to have some damage, how would you quest otherwise, without damage? Heal enemies to death?

    Wiki is written by players, AFAIK, not by RoM people, so players can call different combos however they want.

    As for redoing skills, I am sure there are skills for other combos that players would love RoM to change/upgrade.

    You bought a RoM CD? As far as I know, it's a free game. I think I saw RoM on DVDs/CDs distributed by PC Gamer with their magazine copies, but I haven't heard of CDs with RoM for sale. Also, I think it would probably be a DVD or multiple CDs and not a signle CD.

    Each day you can kill the bunny once. You get 6 of those earth-crystal-things. So, if you have killed the bunny twice after two days you can get a reward at the event area in Varanas, because you need 12 of those earth crystals .

    Hunt the Rainbow Eggs also awards Earth Spirit Crystal x6. So do both and get a package every day.

    Is this the one from Dalanis where you need to find 100 eggs?

    I wanted to try Murder Bunny, but then I read this post, so NOPE, NOPE, NOPE.

    Tried petals - someone really should stop playing Mario Bros. platformers and drawing inspiration from them, there are way too many platformer minigames in RoM.

    I assume no one managed to follow Deedee either - I found some website offering a bot that relies on fly and teleport hacks.