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    That's not the hardest battle you will face though. That one comes in Tergothan Bay, the next zone. It's part of the mainline also. I forget the name, but it involves going in to the castle to look for Will. You have to fight a series of guard parties, and they hit very hard. Personally, I would try to reach level 85 before you get this quest and just transfer over. But, if you are stuck, you need to make it past the first group, and part way into the second, when the NPC shows up, even if in battle, talk to him to transport out and complete the quest.

    i would not recommend this one, it will take longer to reach level 85 before you get someone to help you with this quest and there is not much time anymore before the server go down. if you play with your friend it should be much easier to do than solo.

    None of the postings by GF stated that any character who hasn't reached 85 by the time the servers go offline/unavailable that they will not be able to be transferred off as well. The postings by GF has not clearly stated that ONLY a lvl 85 can transfer off. The postings by GF has only said that once you reach 85 you CAN transfer off. Nothing about anything prior to reaching 85. This is bad business practice to not clearly say "oh hey we're going to screw you over if you don't reach 85 in time so any diamonds you spent on runes/mounts/whatever will have been completely wasted and your time is not valuable enough for us to allow you to transfer off after the servers go down".

    It says "as soon as your character reached level 85, you can transfer it to a regular server" this is clear and means that you can transfer it when reaching level 85, not before. if you could transfer your character before 85 this text would not be there.

    the post also says that "all characters that have not been transferred by this date (naturally, that applies especially to character below level 85) will be deleted".

    this is quoted from the steam news witch many my self included saw first. If i would like to get more info i would go website or forums if something is unclear.

    For me this was clear as day from the first day the server opened.

    Thanks, Kettu, that was a lot of great info. If I interrupt the main quest line now, does it prevent me from any higher level quest series (not individual quests, but complete lines of quest --- such as the Dawn of War and Pirate Island Quest Series).

    the Dawn of War and Pirate Island Quest Series are open by completing the previous quest series, all individual quest that are named by the zone are open.

    the point is (in normal server) to level your main with the main quest line witch get you all the way to level 100 and normal quests are for your secondary class and with daily quests you level your third and anything beyond that. in the catch-up server you can easily level your main, secondary class and even third class to level 85 at the same phase with only following the main quest line but if you do all the multi-zone quests only for your main class your main level will leap ahead with the quest level requirement. in your case if you are almost at level 85 just follow the multi-zone quest series till you hit 85 and boost your secondary and if you like your third class to level 80 and start leveling them with the multi-zone quest series (main quest line). no matter if you are far ahead with the levels you still get the best xp from it.

    you can also leapfrog to the highest level zone you can get with level 85 and complete all quests there and deliver them with the level 80 secondary class to get nice xp if you don't want to follow the main quest series.

    i had hard time with this quest as well (rogue/mage) but i managed to solo it.
    The first wave is 2 enemies, i rooted the other one to save some time, when i killed both i had 20% hp left.
    Next wave (2 enemies again) i used Vanish to get all aggro out and then used Hide immediately, when i was fully regenerated and all skills cooldown i attacked again (remember to use Vanish only after the enemy have aggro on you since if you use it before the wave then the enemies will aggro you and you will be revealed and cant use it again before cooldown).
    If you manage to kill 1 enemy from the second wave the friendly NPC comes help you and after 5-10 second your quest gets completed.

    i'm afraid that monster spawn rate is not affected by item drop rate. i used to farm Anselve and almost got full set of the 2 Anselve's gear sets so its there. you just have to farm super crazy

    played 5-6 hours a day and followed both quest lines, i hit level 85/85/85 in less than a 5 days. if you worry about hitting level 85 and don't have more than 1-2 hours a day playtime then focus only leveling your main class and use the level 80 boost item on your secondary and third class. follow both quest lines since they will connect to 1 before you level 85 and you cant continue the "main quest" without both quest lines completed.

    this same thing happened for me 4-5 days ago. Didn't report it since i was in a party and loot wasn't set to "free for all" so i tough its because the party and no bug.

    server was Vidar

    So the power-up is for both off-classes?

    The boost to 80 applies to all classes you have set to secondary as long as the game client doesn't crash while you're claiming them & switching between classes to get them. To be honest, a possible 6 classes can be claimed.

    correct me if im wrong but someone told me 4 is max in the catch-up server

    what works for me is use less Addons, they will make your game crash more often (I have like 2 Addons total).
    Graphic Setting i use is everything Low except character detail and texture max, view distance 15%. disable bloom and player character effects.