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    None of the postings by GF stated that any character who hasn't reached 85 by the time the servers go offline/unavailable that they will not be able to be transferred off as well. The postings by GF has not clearly stated that ONLY a lvl 85 can transfer off. The postings by GF has only said that once you reach 85 you CAN transfer off. Nothing about anything prior to reaching 85. This is bad business practice to not clearly say "oh hey we're going to screw you over if you don't reach 85 in time so any diamonds you spent on runes/mounts/whatever will have been completely wasted and your time is not valuable enough for us to allow you to transfer off after the servers go down".

    Would anyone be willing to help me out with some fast leveling on the catch up server? School started for me last week then my grandma's companion of 25 years passed away on Monday so I haven't had much time to play. I'm scared that I won't be able to reach the 85 cap by the 30th because I have had limited time to do it. I honestly thought when reading the information posted by the developers that in order to transfer off BEFORE the servers went offline you had to be 85 but that after the servers went offline you could transfer ANYTHING off the server. Boy was I wrong. I'm just scared the diamonds I spend on my druid and all the time I've put in will be wasted. If I can't reach 85 by that date I'm likely not even going to bother playing the game in the future because I feel I've not only wasted money on diamonds to get stuff on my druid but wasted my time on the server thinking anything could transfer off at the end because GF wasn't clear about that aspect of the server.

    I came late to the realization that following the Quest Series was the only serious way to gain significant XP. As a result, I'm 10 levels ahead of the quests, and stuck in the very beginning of Clash of Good and Evil in Chrystalia. I'm about to turn 85 and will be working on my elite skills, and probably leveling my 2nd and 3rd classes. When I've tried to leapfrog zones, I've found that higher level zone quests are only unlocked during and after completing the multi-zone Quest Series before them. Can I start a new Quest Series closer to my level? I guess I should stay on the Catch-Up server as long as I can for my soon-to-be lvl80s? BTW: I seem to be monopolizing this forum. Sorry for that ... I don't have a guild and world chat is only helpful to a point.

    Honestly get to 85, use your vial or whatever the item is to get your secondary (and third and 4th and 5th if so choosing) to 80 and then transfer OFF of the catch-up server. There is level caps on the catch up server and it makes no sense to reach cap and still quest. Plus the servers can't be accessed starting Jan 30th and you only have until mid Feb to transfer off before everything gets deleted.

    afaik there is nothing. You can increase the chance that a mob will have ANY drops, but you cannot increase the chance that it ill have a specific drop, nor that a package will have the rarer content when opened.

    I literally had used a potion to increase the party drop rate 100% for an hour and I literally would go 3-4 mobs with no loot at all other than the specific quest item (not daily quest item but specific quest items) and they were mobs my level so they should have dropped SOMETHING.

    Potent Potion of Luck

    + 100% more loot
    + Collect more items
    + Lasts 60 minutes
    The item drop rate is increased by 100% for 1 hour. The affect applies to all party members.

    So I've been told that once you hit 55+ you should be doing the two main story quests Envoy of the Dragons and Return the Glory for your questing. I thought it was just the Envoy quest you should be doing until someone mentioned to do Glory too. Problem is the two questlines are in totally different areas of that continent. My problem is I'm on the catch-up server and I'm only level 58 right now. I'm currently on the part of Envoy titled Strange Noises at the Abandoned Camp (by the time someone reads & responds to this I should be further down but that's where I'm at now) and in terms of the Glory quest, I believe I'm on the Meet the Lady of Shador part in Southern Janost Forest.

    I am praying to the almighty that I can make it to 85 in the next 15 days so I can transfer off the catch-up server and onto my normal server (I'll be out of town on the 28th through the 31st which is why I have to do it before the 28th). So there's the problem.

    Should I go back to the Glory chain and progress further or should I continue with Envoy?

    How do I level the fastest possible?

    Honesty is it possible at this point to go from 58 to 85 in the next 15 days without spending 20 hours a day playing?

    All advice & tips is much appreciated!!!

    Are there paid character transfers in ROM? I'm afraid that I'm not going to hit 85 before the Jan 30th deadline and will lose everything I've been working on for that new character. If I could PAY to transfer off I'd honestly do it on Jan 29th if I'm not already 85.

    I've been having fun with my other characters I have and got to be curious about this whole warlock class. I was reading in THIS PARTICULAR THREAD about how the WM & MW are buffer (or possibly debuffer) classes. It doesn't list them under dps classes. That got me to wondering, are they any good at dps and are they honestly any fun to play? I'm hoping they're not a class combo that requires a tremendous amount of ramp-up time to kill things on their own. They already have one thing going against them in the fact that I typically don't enjoy shorter races and dwarves in general when it comes to games.

    Thought, opinions, and advice is very welcome here!

    To clarify, the exp boost only applies to non gathering and non crafting. I think it applies to quests/dailies but I'm not entirely sure. It may just be combat exp. Maybe someone else could clarify on that part.

    Unfortunately no. Also would like to note in case you weren't aware, any character not 85 by the close of the servers on Jan 30th will not be eligible to transfer to a normal server. If you aren't already in the 55+ range and able to play at least a few hours each day, you may not make it in time and I might suggest just rerolling on a normal server.

    Sorry to say that is call spam if wana put time use and repeat, in guild chanel use mesage board,

    but in zone or world chat is SPAM read more details rules

    I'm going to guess you were the one that told me I was spamming when I asked in chat if someone was willing to port me to a specific spot in Moorlands if I provided the portal rune and paying 1.5M when I said it a second time after previously saying 5 minutes before......

    I believe Curing Potion does but its a lvl 83 potion. Also you're at the mercy of whatever potions are on the auction house if you don't have the alchemy skill yourself.

    Only thing if I remember correctly is when you level up briar shield it gives you more healing(cause of the elite skill).

    This is correct but that's an elite skill at level 60 that does this. That means that the upgrades to the skill (up to a max of 50) are used under the druid primary because that skill goes under the "druid class-specific" section not the warden section

    After looking at the spells and elite skills of the druid/warden combo it got me to thinking. Is there any reason to level up the warden secondary past 70 at all? The warden part only gives you physical attacks & physical damage SELF buffs plus briar shield. With the enhanced briar shield the other person doesn't even get the physical def portion of briar shield. They only get the reflect damage portion. The briar life elite skill obtained at level 60 increases healing received and since it is in the druid class-specific section, you need to level up the druid part to raise that to the 50 cap it has. So that leads me back to my question, is there a reason to level the warden part up past 70 in the druid/warden combo if you don't plan on ever using the warden part for anything other than being your secondary for the druid healer?

    So is the Memento gear you're talking about the same as the ini gear you mentioned as being the best gear or are the hard mode dungeon gear better than memento? I haven't a clue what mementos are or where those vendors are. But my question is the gear from regular non-hard mode dungeons, where does that fall in ranking for the hard mode instance > pom > crafted > shell > blue from quests stuff and where do the memento gear fall in there too?

    So the crafted gear that says requires level 100 to learn but only needs level 1 in the profession (if I'm understanding the recipes on the auction house properly)

    I'm guessing that the recipes in Auction House say that they are level 1? It has been a while since I've looked at that.

    But no, a recipe for a lvl 100 item needs you also to be level 100 in that profession to be able to craft that item. If it says level 1, that refers to the recipe itself, not to the levels needed.

    I was talking about when you look on the auction house under recipes there are recipes that say "level 1" under the level (assuming it means level needed to learn it) but when you hoover over the recipe it says requires level 100 to use. Normally on the auction house UI if you hit the order by level it puts the level needed to learn it from lowest to highest or vice versa (like how you can show gear listed from highest level need to lowest level). The purple recipes that require level 100 to equip the crafted item all says "level 1".

    Basically I like to be self suffecient in terms of what I need to play a MMO. I like being able to craft items I would use at endgame instead of relying on others in my guild or paying auction house prices (supply & demand rules and all). After learning how buying the OP statted items for an alt to use to level up only is good for armor but not weapons, I figured that making weapons would make sense for alts to have decent weapons that I don't have to, again, be at the mercy of not only if/when it is available on the auction house but the prices they are listed for. On the catch up server I've been focusing on leveling and stopped worrying about gathering all together when I found out that all progress made on characters is thrown out the door if you don't reach 85 by Jan 30th to be able to transfer off (still ticks me off knowing that).

    Since I really haven't played anything at endgame, I only have heard the term pom before but don't know what it means. I know ini is instances so I'm good on that. Shell is the gear you get from running dungeons (not sure if it has to be hard mode or regular ones) if I'm thinking correctly. So the crafted gear that says requires level 100 to learn but only needs level 1 in the profession (if I'm understanding the recipes on the auction house properly) is better than the shell gear or is it the stuff anyone can learn from trainers is better than shell gear? I might consider the whole crafting gear for stats instead of farming because that sounds easier.

    You mentioned shortcuts, you able to steer me in the direction of some of those tips? I know one of them is waiting until this late spring / early summer for the crafting festival but are there any others?

    Another question, where on the ranking does non-hard mode ini gear fall or do non-hard mode inis not drop gear at all?

    Thanks a ton for your help folks!

    Does the item drop rate affect what appears from the boxes/festival packages? If not, what does?

    I don't know but I used a 100% drop rate increase the other day and literally went 6-7 mobs before I got a single drop outside of non-repeatable quest items. Like not even the stupid arrows/rocks. NOTHING!