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  • It has also been don't quote me on this , it has been like 3 yrs or so since we had a new race also and it is diffently time to raise level cap and get us caught upto the private servers

  • What's for being 101 ? Or 102? Or more likely 105 ? To have a +5% better gear than levl 100 or 10% better than lvl 98 one ? Then You have to make it +16 or +18 or +22+......at least for the upper body (or the lower body = trousers), then 4th slot and the stats.....wouldn't it better to increase the plussing by a +1 or a +2 factor of your existing lvl 98 gear instead ? Or not to give a single damned thought on this "$&/ iussue at all ? Boycott GF's policy if You're smart :)

  • Its close to the game's anniversary date, it will be ten years and a lot of us have been playing since the beginning, so hopefully ROM will decide to do a level cap and double xp/tp along with the celebration, this is usually a good time of year as far as the game providing some good stuff for the players;)

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  • There is atm nothing to do in game.

    New instance is already over farmed so all just wait for some new content or anything to do.

    So most don't even log cause nothing to do.

  • Any idea when come new lvl raise or just any new map whit new instance? curent map already run agin to long and game totaly boring even instance over farmed .....almost pointles to login

  • Most are on a break since there is no reason to play since beginning of this year.

    Kinda sad that the game i love has nothing to offer since a long time.

    I still log but bored within 5 min since there is nothing new. I find myself playing more and more other games and just checking rom time to time.

    Yes there are changing festivals but they are same since years also.

  • i dont know the new level cap 102 or 103 but i completely know

    zurhidon literally empowered all of game. ''Eye of Wisdom'' lost to this.

    But who cares? We are always win! Have fun!