Mana Stones Tier 7 and above!

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  • Hi,

    I am aware that we can directly make a Mana Stone Tier 6

    However is it possible to make a Tier 7 and above Mana Stone using Greens/Blues/Purples of level 96 or above equipment or any equipment?

    If so what is the highest Tier of Mana Stone which could be directly obtained in game currently?

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  • To directly make a T7, you need an item with an effective level of 121. I.E: lvl 121 White item, 118 green, 114 blue, 108 purple, and I've forgotten the values for orange (epic) and brown (legendary) items.

    This means (I think) that if there were legendary items of lvl 100 (poss 99/98/97) around, these wouyld make T7s directly. As the highest level legendary items are the armours made from Hall of Chaos drops, there are no items available in game that would make T7s directly.

    PS: for T6, its 98 green, 94 blue and 88 purple

  • YW, and I believe the formula exists but I got my information through experimentation and from a post that existed a long time ago on a previous version of this forum (now long gone).

    The base tier of items can be seen in game and changes every 20 levels (lvl 1-20 = tier 1, 21-40 - tier 2, etc). Many moons ago, it was noticed that putting purple/green/blue drops into the arcane transmuter sometimes gave higher tier stones than the base tier of the item. At that point, we just experimented with the items we had available to find what worked. Thus we found that green drops gain +3 to their base level and blue items gained +7. Purple was a bit trickier and for a long time it was assumed they gained +11 (as there was a more limited range of items to experiment with). It wasn't until someone got hold of the formula that people realised purples gained +13 and found out what the pluses were for orange and brown items.

    Incidentally, while some recipes can create higher quality items (eg: white recipe gives chance of green or blue item) whatever the quality of the item, its level is always the base level of the recipe.

    Hope all that makes sense.