Steel Nail for Wing of the Dragon King

  • Does the Steel Nail material still drop in the Goblin Mines? or has Gameforge removed that too? I have ran it several times with different level characters and no nails have dropped.

  • It still does think i farmed it on level 31 char in december last time.

    (checked level it is 33)

    and what i do is i make a party with 2 same ish level and after i enter and start the game then i invite more and they can be even 100

    as long as you have started they will enter the same gm and you all will get low level materials


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  • You can get it as a reward from Guild quest board quests (extremely rarely) or in goblin mines run on level 31-40 (possibly 31-49 but can't confirm that) chars.

  • Actually it does in low level inis where bosses aren't guaranteed to drop purples. Nowadays, bosses in end-game inis drop purples at 100% so you will always get purples, irrespective of drop boosts.

  • So it sounds to me from what you are saying is that the boost events are good for gathering tier stone items. Would it be worth wile to run GCH to get the orange drops at the end?

  • Even on the new server it isn't worth the time to get lower level stats. Somehow, by day 2, people were already putting Enoch bag stats in the Auction House. It should not have been possible to even get there by day 2, even if you bought enough Experience Orbs to get there, you would have to run the main quest line from Splitwater all the way there. I quit playing there when it became evident that someone was hacking without consequence and returned to Aeterna Server.

  • Erich1999, The steel nails have always been an "uncommon item" to get a hold of even before they changed things with the drops and recipes. I have purchased every one I've seen in the auction house for the last 5 years. Probably only had 20 in 7.5 years. I used to see 3 or 4 a year for sale, now 2 a year is uncommon. Now, granted I do NOT get them all because others buy them up also. I have a couple steel nails in storage but the problem with selling them is that people don't want to pay enough for them. If I make an OD Wing, I can sell it for over 10 million. If I kick out a dud, I can still sell it for 1 million. People don't like paying more than 100k for the nail. I buy them for 1 million and lower. I am on Aeterna and don't want to sell but...... I will send you one free steel nail. If I had 100, I'd give you 20 of them but I don't. Check Silentbtdedly's mailbox. One of ME will send you a free one.