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    Instead of writing rules whose breaking is on the players' reporting (absurd) methods, can I ask why in all these years siege war is still in beta ?!? No new maps, no new traps, no new npc guards, no crash fix to avoid the lost of all the self buffes, mertis and sw items in backpack ? That's just a sample list ofc.

    It's just me or the gifts are still the very same as before so far ?

    Reworked what ? The fact there is no longer the 24hrs counter ?

    I think it's the only good thing for now

    :huh: OMG we gonna have double rubies !

    For 1 week only, 11.03 – 17.03.2019!

    In view of the reduced ruby bonus to one tenth now they give us 1/5th for 7 days.....I guess exceptional dia promo along with this...or not ?

    1 tech question: when will RoM be sold to some1 else ?

    Success rate is gambling, so this GF's handling of RoM should be banned to everyone under 21 ! I explain, if I pay 25x real life euros I I expect to have improvements for 25 euros, but if it's just gambling then it should depend on the laws of each State concerning gambling.....18+ or 21+

    What's for being 101 ? Or 102? Or more likely 105 ? To have a +5% better gear than levl 100 or 10% better than lvl 98 one ? Then You have to make it +16 or +18 or least for the upper body (or the lower body = trousers), then 4th slot and the stats.....wouldn't it better to increase the plussing by a +1 or a +2 factor of your existing lvl 98 gear instead ? Or not to give a single damned thought on this "$&/ iussue at all ? Boycott GF's policy if You're smart :)

    Story goes that lowering the dura to 0 by white hits, sending the weapon to a lvl 1 char, putting a Loot X into the 4th slot, buffing the low char for highest drop rate You can, placing the char in Ystra in front of Angry Gecarce, the success rate increases by 5% !!!! :)

    Ok, summing up I wrote lvl cap isn't an issue as far as we can get new stats, gear, tps, maybe some pvp patch......As I can see quests are bugged, stats are bugged, pvp is still in alpha. new cenedrils.....pure fantasy. Top at the end ? The cm asks us to do the betatest and then report. What to say ? Good Job ! :)

    For me it's not a bad news. In the past we have had 3x lvl 50 instances, 4x lvl 55 instances, multi difficulty level 60 instance and gear was always better. Non new level cap, ok but the bright side is that lvl 100, expensive lvl 100, jewels arent trash. There will be more tps for our 3rd+ class, new cards, maybe new stats, new gear. Fo me level is not all, I can state I enjoyed rom max when level cap was 60-67. I hope only something's coming for siege war, maybe new maps i.e. We will know that very soon

    Let's speak of forgotten combos ? Like Priest-Warrior ? It would be quite a fun one but just mementos gear' would be great a skill like that of druid -warrior that allows to wear chain armor in example....there are a lot of combos to be fixed and balancing an unbalanced game is always a good thing

    999 dias are almost the price of a full boxed game where as here it's just a virtual priceless item meant to create a new class with all the following: new gear, new stats, new plussing, all things that bring income to gameforge. So...why should they sell it for more than 199 dias i.e. ? Same thing goes for new class ticket imho. It drives the player to invest for a new combo from scratch, if they were wise businessmen they'd price it cheaper but if there are players ready to spend whatever it takes to buy what gameforge sells.......well then no surprise new tariff has come !