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    Misunderstood, the text below is not true. :)

    Which is good.

    I think it was always the most attractive part of RoM: you can play very different way on the same toon by swapping to the secondary class. Sure, getting TP and gear takes a bit of effort but it is manageable. And you could initially save on second set of gear by playing e.g. two leather classes.

    With the absolutely crazy peak XP requirements, I guess what will happen is that no one will have two viable main classes. After months of peaking Wd, you can swap a sub and play Wd/S or Wd/W but you will not be able to play with a different main class. You can put the knowledge about S/ and W/ to rest, you can put their gear to a trash bin.

    I think this will kill a big part of fun, a big part of why people still play RoM...

    PS: And no one will have patience to correct mistakes. Hard to say how pvp will play out, but for the new inis there is a fair chance that (with higher levels of characters and bosses but not changed level of skills) the fight may take longer. What if someone peaks a burst class only to discover after months of grinding that it is not very useful? Do you think there is a slightest chance that she would spend next months to peak a different class?

    I think, peak XP requirements have to be lowered. And fast, before servers get even more empty.

    Great, thank you!

    Utu, GetBagItemLink(GetBagItemInfo(1)) does not preserve properties like dura, stats etc. So it's not really an option for gear (is good enough for simple items like pots etc.). However here, I got a nice item on an alt but wanted to advertise it in the guild from the main.

    So meisjustme's solution turned out more practical. If anyone wants to use it: note that the first part (|Hitem:36eda in the meisjustme's example) is different for each item and you have to type it in by hand. Still, the link from Utu explains nicely what is the meaning of different parts.

    It doesn't have its original color,

    Since you have to type the first part by hand anyway: just add "|cffc805f8" after the first "|h", so for your example it would be:

    1. |Hitem:36eda 22 170e66 d7a3d730 d78cd7a0 d7bcd562 7f1b6 7f48d 7f389 7f1de 2745 e4|h|cffc805f8[Schwingen der Göttlichen Inkarnation]|h

    Thanks again! :D


    Sorry to say that is call spam if wana put time use and repeat, in guild chanel use mesage board,

    but in zone or world chat is SPAM read more details rules

    Well, since you can e.g. have a helper to write a specific fixed text to a channel, I'm not sure how including a link to an item or not makes it any different. It's all about moderation. :) And, sure, for guild - checked on TS first that ppl might at all be interested etc.

    (And no, you cannot have item links in guild's board (I think) so it is not an alternative at all.)

    Is it possible to create a macro that will chat (to a friend or a channel) text with a link to an item?

    Something like

    1. /g Anyone interested in [item]? Giving out for free!

    where everyone could click on the item link in square brackets. What to type in a macro instead of [item]?

    (I know how to link an item from backpack if I type it all manually, the question is how to do this in macro, so that I can repeat it from time to time.)

    PS: I guess the question has two parts:

    * is it possible for simple items where id is enough to identify it?

    * is it possible for equipment (which has dura, stats etc.)?

    those that got the preq done stopped helping rest

    No surprise here, right? And it's only going to get worse and worse in time... :(

    Just a theory: they wanted to allow speeding up leveling to 100, but keep normal speed from 100 up. What awaits us is a permanent 100 times XP/TP bonus. If you start a new character you would be able to level to lvl 100 much faster, and then from 100 up it will be the normal speed. What do you think, could this be the GF's plan?

    Because there are almost no GMs anymore, who have a chance of remembering the disaster of "Joining the Fight" (Morrok's Belathis quest), right?

    I hope this time you have already NPCs to give out the items to finish "Crossing the Mountain Path", they just need activating in two or three months...

    Quests like this sound like fun for first month when everyone is doing it. And throughout the second month when you can find a random pt at least sometimes during a weekend. And then those who will be late for this first push (among others: any new player if such a thing still exists, or anyone starting a new character) once no one is interested end up whining for a pt to push through the instance. And get blocked, even for months. It's really black and white, no one was happy: just check the forum posts about Belathis! (Oh, wait, right, for this you would need to magically undelete the old forum...)

    Anyway, yes, I hope this time you do have already NPCs to give out the items to finish "Crossing the Mountain Path", and it's just a question of when they will be activated...

    what hapened with launcher? why save data function broken? :cursing: opens window where i need to enter email and password every time and after presing play button there is brand new acc wo any chars :thumbup: and need to restart game and launcher few times to work well, what is this???<X this thing started for me yesterday i also asked guys in guild and they have same problem as me, fix this sh1t pls :!:

    The same happens for me. Irritating.

    Zwei kleine Ideen, (keine Ahnung, ob sie für andere Spieler nützlich wären...) :

    1. In dem alten Addon war es möglich, Leerzeichen und zusätzlichen Text hinter den Charakternamen einzufügen (was dann ignoriert wurde). Praktisch, um z.B. Charakters mit Bepflanzung zu markieren. Um dies zu unterstützen, ist die einzige erforderlich Änderung (glaube ich) das Parsen

    1. char_name = char_name:match("([^%s]+)")

    2. Einmal im Monat gehe ich alle Charakters durch, um zu prüfen, ob keine E-Mails verfallen. Für mich selbst habe ich es so gemacht:

    * ich habe sowieso ein "Addon" mit einigen hilfreichen globalen Funktionen

    * ich habe dort eine Liste hinzugefügt:

    usw. (ich habe Charakters nur auf einem Server).

    * und eine funktion

    * in vx2019_SlashCommands.lua habe nur drei Zeilen hinzugefügt:

    Jetzt "/camp n" wechselt zum nächsten Charakter auf demselben Konto (gemäß der Reihenfolge aus der obigen Liste, nicht von der Anmeldeseite). Der Name des Charakters muss mindestens 4 Buchstaben haben, deshalb "n" stößt nicht mit echten Namen zusammen.

    Sowieso funktioniert es für mich, aber es würde ein bisschen Liebe erfordern, um es für die Veröffentlichung vorzubereiten.

    W linku w p.1 w pierwszym poscie: nowa wersja v6. Chazz zmienil to tak, ze teraz mozna dodac nowy parametr z nazwa postaci ktora powinna automatycznie byc zalogowana.


    1. ["KONTO2"] = { ["Nawia"] = {"POSTAC2a", "HASLO2"}, },

    zaloguje na KONTO2 bez pytania o haslo dodatkowe i wtedy mozesz wybrac postac recznie. Ta forma nadal dziala


    1. ["KONTO2"] = { ["Nawia"] = {"POSTAC2a", "HASLO2", "POSTAC2b"}, },

    zaloguje na KONTO2 i od razu zaloguje cie jako POSTAC2b.

    (pewnie kazdy wybierze w takiej sytuacji jako pierwszy argument tez POSTAC2b bo prosciej i czemu nie, ale formalnie w tej chwili: pierwszy argument jest tylko do logowania konta, natomiast trzeci jesli jest podany wybiera postac)

    Probably the biggest effort for you in what I described above would be introducing EDITING in gui the ORDER of user accounts in the list. This would be something like: allow dragging game accounts in the list, remember the order, use it when the list is refreshed next time.

    If you wanted to avoid expanding gui this way: users who would care probably are experienced enough to have used the old autologin. And for this they needed to edit some files by hand. So one way to edit the order of accounts in a list could be to add a config file:

    * if user does not do anything (the file is not there) - do the current crazy random-ordered list

    * if user cares she could add a file with a list of accounts that should appear in the list first, in order from the file.

    Basically: show user's game accounts from user's file first in order from the file, then all other user's game accounts.

    Up to you what would be the format of such a file (just one line per account with only the account name would be the simplest; some sort of json or lua list might be more extensible for the future). Again: users who have enough accounts to care, have already used the hand-edited lua config before. It's basically an one-time setup, no one will care if it is a bit more arcane. ;)

    PS: and if you ignore not-matching accounts it would easily work with multiple users using one computer. If me and a friend are using the same computer, his lines(accounts) would be ignored when I'm logged in with my GF account and the other way around. So we could simply put our accounts together in the config: first mine, then his and it would still work for us.

    Ciekawe, pewnie ten dll nie powinien byc potrzebny jak sie odpala ze steama? To jest dll wymagany przez nowego launchera, jak sie ten plik usunie nowy launcher nie startuje z dokladnie tym komunikatem. Wiec u ciebie po crashu na steamie cos odpalino nowego launchera. Dziwne.

    Jestes pewny ze sam nie klinknales na nowego lauchera przez pomylke? ;)

    PS: jak bedziesz mial ten komunikat czesciej - daj znac w grze, poloze ci tego dll-a np. na tsie.

    są pewne problemy z badziewną aplikacją od GF


    Haha. Ano. :P Wszyscy kochamy GF jeszcze bardziej niz wczesniej, prawda? ;)

    what i don't get that you are still "online" even after you closed game hours ago and yes in taskmanager is no rom running so only option is just to restart PC

    You need to kill in task manager Gameforge Client, not rom. Then when you start the Gameforge Client again you will be able to start rom from it.

    so far has this new launcher experience has been pure pile of poo


    Another thing is that the order of the accounts in current list is changing (almost) at random.

    An option like the first bullet above (with a list of all accounts in a separate panel) would allow easily editing the order of accounts by dragging them in the list (internally it would require additional "rank" filed in the database and sorting by this field when filling in the list).