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    Bakken this game work perfect when every year 2+3 lvl apper whit 2 new instance whit 1full set ...whit some cosmetic like MW zodiac draco pet new rune set better rune set ppl motivated to farm instance .....whats going now??? farm peak for nothing 2year overfarmed tos instance /panth normal posible and? you think useless daily sw worth to ppl waste time this game? personal i like gearing this fun for me but last 2year this game give me zero fun just addict peak farm ...and yes hurry new server who a hell care it?

    i not care new server played 12+ year on old server build character gear etc and RW/GF slap to me face instead of give news in current server 2year full of boring they do absolute nothing farm peak lvl5 -10 already when is put ingame whats for?

    this new server remind me when i stoped play game ROHAN you need make weapon by farm 2 diferent lvl weapon +stone whats give something % crit attribute then another 2lvl same way and at final you combine this 2weapon whit 2random stone every merge weapon can destroy and % very random low % on weapon useless then developer got feel just put ultimate weapon to itemshop whit max attribute max % for every class ......your increased succesrate ultimate plussing jewel like same whats can be transfer to old server after lvl 85 "ohh wait there crazy exp raise very easy to do"

    very nice to see old player "12year+ ingame" get nothing just fail fail fail fail drop fail drop drop and new player get everything p2w!!!!!!!

    nice see some title clear panth hm mod server first muahahah when ppl on old server wait 2year and cant even hit hm mod boss

    and what about universal jewel succes rate this is new style ppl buy jewel on new server transfer char to old and use it? cmon....

    new server pure useless.....exp/tp/drop bost is nice but this not a game where lvl 100 or 110 worth anything you need gear and tons of stat ...bag stat blue quest gear help alot but you need craft all potion self what is not easy w/o memento can planting pet craft but both side take ages and eat lots of daily gold ohh wait new server you need gather gold too....

    you will miss instance stat proof stat and a decent weapon is not like you go buy from AH till is full empity buy dia is ok and? who will buy it or what you can buy from gold? gather 11more right geared/class ppl for farm anything in new server just lol

    even you need make tons of useless gear before you can farm anything good...and farm HD item/full set not so easy .....sw skill /cendril/zodiac pet/title bonus /ISS etc etc take alot time stat not like you hate farm self so buy from AH you need waste 1h daily do minigame too

    so at first player better come old server waste some euro sell dia and buy decent endgame gear from then save some some year useless bobing in new server to go same

    STTH told you is title what you swap bk after you cast other tittle whit sarkas macro you can get any title number how is work? ..: use title on you press macro and you got number on chat this is title code then replace it as you like...mine is story title number if you not have you cant swap bk so replace it for some own title mobility speed or heal magic depends your class combo...if you not whant swap title after cast firetraining then just put akcio bar FT and cast it macro only you need when you wanna use good title after FT SA TS MR etc you cast

    and 1 SW skill good to have in akcio bar for see when is rdy then you not need put macro some timer / sw title have diferent cd so i prefer this/

    /run SA = 530467; STTH = 530724;

    /run SetTitleRequest(SA)

    /wait 0.2

    /run CastSpellByName("Fire Training")

    /wait 0.1

    /run CastSpellByName("Fire Training")

    /wait 0.2

    /run SetTitleRequest(STTH)

    mine work fine never fail ....sarkas show you title number macro so you can make similar every title whit this