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    Phalen just try plussing 1of your item to 20-30 i can told you is fun start try to do on wings till you say you are low lvl pointless start whit weapon ^^

    after you can imagine what ingame player asking about succes/drop/failrate "hope you not get bored after 16fail in a row 21 to 30 but is happen "

    and please when you are done plussing your wings share forum how many dia coasted just on one item ...

    have fun and enjoy game this plussing system -(^_^)-

    then you need some cavington ... 1st guild never use coe gear 2st realy cant remember when i run whit any w/wd last 1,5-2year all saw is pointless and reroll for some usefull classcombo who can dps boss 3st you agin forget some based stuff "till you winning on ibp " when all dbuff fast as posible on boss scout and rogue can be use dmg food and do nice dmg /fail dbuff or slow is pure whaste/....w/wd can build alot more pat whats leather user never can have also you need less defreduce on boss for do your dmg cap also if you do just close dps thats can be high critrate when other do almost zero crit or just fail dbuff boss

    and yes englis is not me langue try understand it.......and not forget mail me ingame any message when you rdy for run ! ... i will link there how is run/boss end w/wd vs rogue^^

    no idea who you are ingame but ... when i play scout almost always top dps in guild run so psst ..

    you try count 1of random run where ppl almost never know when buffing boss in time ??? "remind me if i am not right dbuff fail dps =zero" there many ppl who just pick 1 class and cant even know what to do on it and mostly i swap scout in b3 IBP hope you not forget there is random black cirkle whats generate almost zero dps YES? so not go nabis plsss and made reason by this

    just mail me ingame any message and i will log and do pt whit you agin and hope you not go bored when your w/wd worth nothing ......'atm i am very inaktive by no new lvl cap so just send some ingame mail"

    Well, in sun temple at least, if the game decides you aren't going to crit then it doesn't matter how good a player you are. You simply won't do much dmg if your snipe and DPB/CC are noncrit. More hits = more chance of "average" levels of crit vs more extreme levels (in ST my crit tends towards 50% on w/m. On K/M it's not uncommon to get 20-30%, or in some cases even 100%, which I never get on w/m). It's pretty rare that a R/M has all its ET hits as non-crit, but not so rare that a S/R or a S/WD has both of its big hits as noncrits.

    inb4 Scouts can buff to 14-15k crit > doesn't mean shet in ST quite frankly

    When we cleared ST first day, our scout's were doing 200m-300m dmg per boss in 4-5s fights like nothing.. instance burns were so easy lol. Obviously you can have bad RNG for crit and that can gimp your damage, but that goes for any class. Scout damage is still by far the strongest if you play your class right.

    when first few time cleared ST my r/m doing 200-300kk too just for you ...!!! and sometime 380kk in 4-5sec fight but who care and can tell you multiple time when scout do less dmg or same and prety lucky i am old scout from start to GC time also anytime can swap bk but is pointless

    and yes i saw when scout do 200-250kk snipe hit and at end 400kk+ but is like 10/1 "hard fight vs scout when boss down earlier but is NOT IMPOSIBLE!!!...try made boss hp x 4-5 and you can see how fight going after AD ^^

    and if you ask me when scout fail anywhere r/m or w/m can do rest of job even solo kill boss "or just tank full st ^^"

    thx akti you try save rogue side .....:) i am just woundering other server not have any good rogue? or why all forget it......:( is 137kk wounds hit 'and is 110-130kk many many time whit 100-200kk ET sort fight.!" not forget pt like never have ch/p so is can be raise ....

    dbuffer mater only orelse all dds FAILLLLLLLLLLLL and dps nothing!!!