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    I put so much effort into get my guy to 85 on the catch-up server, and now I want to be sure I get to 100 as well prepared as possible. I hear in global chat about statting/tiers, naga runs, pets. I've watched videos on all of them. But I want to be sure of the priority and what I should be doing now and what I should wait for lvl100 to do. If left to my own devices, I would simply continue the quest series and move to more and more difficult zones. I'm in a guild but don't want to monopolize anyone's time and can't be sure that one person's opinions are correct.

    That's an interesting question Teo, let us know if you try and find out that yes, once you get one character to 85 you have access to 2 level up pills and if your second character is on the same account does he have access to the level up pills since same account, same item shop. I would guess that maybe they have put in something such that your second character would not have access until it reaches 85, but IDK.

    And, AFAIK, all indications are that your second character needs to get to 85 by end of month or it will be deleted, regardless that it is on same account, you need to get to 85 in order to get option to transfer character, (not account).

    The two pills were bound to the lvl85 character and couldn't be used on the lvl20. I upgraded my scout and warrior, so I had a R/S/W 85/80/80

    the point is (in normal server) to level your main with the main quest line witch get you all the way to level 100 and normal quests are for your secondary class and with daily quests you level your third and anything beyond that. in the catch-up server you can easily level your main, secondary class and even third class to level 85 at the same phase with only following the main quest line but if you do all the multi-zone quests only for your main class your main level will leap ahead with the quest level requirement. in your case if you are almost at level 85 just follow the multi-zone quest series till you hit 85 and boost your secondary and if you like your third class to level 80 and start leveling them with the multi-zone quest series (main quest line). no matter if you are far ahead with the levels you still get the best xp from it.

    you can also leapfrog to the highest level zone you can get with level 85 and complete all quests there and deliver them with the level 80 secondary class to get nice xp if you don't want to follow the main quest series.

    Thanks, Kettu, that was a lot of great info. If I interrupt the main quest line now, does it prevent me from any higher level quest series (not individual quests, but complete lines of quest --- such as the Dawn of War and Pirate Island Quest Series).

    I came late to the realization that following the Quest Series was the only serious way to gain significant XP. As a result, I'm 10 levels ahead of the quests, and stuck in the very beginning of Clash of Good and Evil in Chrystalia. I'm about to turn 85 and will be working on my elite skills, and probably leveling my 2nd and 3rd classes. When I've tried to leapfrog zones, I've found that higher level zone quests are only unlocked during and after completing the multi-zone Quest Series before them. Can I start a new Quest Series closer to my level? I guess I should stay on the Catch-Up server as long as I can for my soon-to-be lvl80s? BTW: I seem to be monopolizing this forum. Sorry for that ... I don't have a guild and world chat is only helpful to a point.

    i had hard time with this quest as well (rogue/mage) but i managed to solo it.
    The first wave is 2 enemies, i rooted the other one to save some time, when i killed both i had 20% hp left.
    Next wave (2 enemies again) i used Vanish to get all aggro out and then used Hide immediately, when i was fully regenerated and all skills cooldown i attacked again (remember to use Vanish only after the enemy have aggro on you since if you use it before the wave then the enemies will aggro you and you will be revealed and cant use it again before cooldown).
    If you manage to kill 1 enemy from the second wave the friendly NPC comes help you and after 5-10 second your quest gets completed.

    Sounds like a good plan. I almost wish I hadn't done it already ... no, not really!! Thanks

    no, you will only get the pill once one class has hit level 85 on the char as you can have two chars per account, your main can get 1 class to 85/80 with a pill and 2nd to 85/80 OR you can use the item twice on the "main" char to get to 85/80/80

    Wait a minute ... Let's say I have an 85/25/10 and a 25/15. I can get an 85/80/10 ... and can I get an 80/15? And if so, don't I need to get the 80/15 to 85/15 by the 30th to prevent him from being deleted?

    1st question

    you can get both 2nd and 3rd class to 80 (you get 2 pills to get to 80, can use one on it and save the other for 2nd char on that account or use both on 1st))

    2nd question

    people would only stay on the catch up server to get the three classes to 85 (or more if you buy dias) to get levels faster

    Thanks for the quick reply. So, if I use the pill on a 2nd character, I then have between that time and the 30th to get that character from 80 to 85 before they would be deleted. Correct?

    Try this, I have no idea if it will work or not, but hey, worth a try. Before the fight starts go into hide. Wait for NPC to take aggro, wait a bit longer and talk to him to see if it triggered the port out. Also, you have skill .escape' , try that if hide does not work, or, if you do need to actually hit them to trigger NPC.

    NPC leaves to begin the fight, he comes back after the 2nd wave and when four of these guys supposedly appear. I'm alone with them, and as I said they hit for about 2,500 each hit and they double hit. The best I've done is killing the first wave, but then not having enough HP or pot time to even survive the first hit on the second wave. I must be missing something --- I'm 10 levels above this quest. This is one of those things that's definitely a game killer for me.

    [68] The Big Gate Ahead (PEP x150) - Look into Will's whereabouts

    They are lvl69 and I'm lvl79 Rogue/Scout w/ 20K HP and 18K AP. I can barely get one of the two down to 50%, and together they're hitting me for about 4-5K per hit. I last no more than 20 secs even chugging pots.

    Unfortunately no. Also would like to note in case you weren't aware, any character not 85 by the close of the servers on Jan 30th will not be eligible to transfer to a normal server. If you aren't already in the 55+ range and able to play at least a few hours each day, you may not make it in time and I might suggest just rerolling on a normal server.

    As I mentioned in another post, I'm lvl67 and am stuck at the "Return the Glory" killing of a lvl60+ elite vulture preventing me from continuing the chain, therefore preventing me from combining this chain and the Dragon chain to start the Magical Reconstruction ... so regardless of lvl at the moment (and I've gotten this far in 10 days), I don't see ever getting to 85 in 17-18 days.

    I'll tell you how stupid I am! I had both questlines, but didn't know they were important. It's not like there's a star or anything. The first one with Kai and knights got me to Mother Ilun standing in the fields and wanting her son back. The questhelper pointed me to the rubble ad had be searching for an entrance to a camp and killing the three bandits repeatedly. I gave up and abandoned the quest. When I just came back, I realized I missed the dialogue with Kai that starts the encounter. I'm following that questline now, and reached lvl59 still in the city. Good news! As for Froggy, I gave up on that, too. After all, how important is a talking frog (except Kermit) ... I'll be going back soon to see him and his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle friends. Thanks, guys.

    I'm now lvl 58 and for the past 3 levels, I've been running out of quests pretty fast. I'm now in Northern Janost Forest, have done the dailies twice (used a reset), and the quest threads have ended in 6-man-recommended elites (there's no one here on the Catch-Up Server. At this rate, I'll never get to 85. I looked at Limo. I can handle the 60s and 61s but grinding them at 5K XP, would require more than 2,000 kills just to get me to lvl59. What to do?