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    Personally I have found one of the best solo classes that is rarely seen or played is S/P.

    Very good dmg, very little downtime and Vamp Arrow gives you a heal over time so you don't have to stop fighting.

    Plus Holy Aura is a lifesaver in tough spots.

    Thanks, guys. I guess I'm just not being careful. I'm lvl12, was running the Barrow and got ganked by a few too many spiders. While I was fighting two, two others respawned or came out of nowhere. They seemed to be more densely packed in that cave than I'm used to.

    Here is a secret to help you...

    Save up some gold and buy some lvl 70-100 armor/weapon pieces with GOOD HP/DMG stats and add them to your armor. Don't overspend because obviously you will upgrade your stuffs alot as you go. But I found that I could take lvl 10 gear, throw a lvl 80 stat on them, and it would last me to lvl 25 or more.

    If people still happen to farm stats around lvl 70.... bag or other, you could probably get them for 25K gold or so. Or if youre in a guild ask some of your fellow members to send you some for free.

    You didn't say why you liked casters, but you might consider a Scout if it is because you like ranged attacks, or, and this is going to seem odd, a Champion, slower than your typical caster, but tougher, and it's skills are very similar to those you would expect from a "caster".

    Its because I tend to like ranged/caster types of classes instead of melee types of classes. Don't get me wrong though, I do like playing tanks and some times enjoy melee dps but generally speaking if I want to do a dps role I prefer the ranged approach. As far as the champion goes, I'm not to fond of shorter races and the dwarves in ROM kinda look odd to me lol.

    Warlock/Mages are desired by most groups and can easily hold their own as a solo caster class.

    Regular dailies would actually be more than 4084 days because you wouldn't click both xp pots for that. I don't have new zone dailies unlocked so id assume 900k per turn in normal xp, so 90k peak xp per day. which would be 7781 days, so a little more than 21 years.

    In other words, not achievable; thanks.

    Chassizz quests and dailies are the same XP as Enoch was. All quests are 100. Mobs are 100 to 103.

    I happened to find a daily quest that takes about 20 mins as the quest drop from the Mob occurs about 7 out of 10 kills. But what I also noticed is that GF forgot to correct the Hero Arrow mob drops like they did when Vortis opened. Ie... the mobs only drop single arrows instead of stacks of 100.

    (Same with rogue blades by the way)

    When all else fails, check the Forums. And imagine how many ROM players don't actually do that and are running around with their heads cut off screaming that the sky is falling and cursing Gameforge lol.

    Well usually we get a update when the maintenance takes longer but there is none so far in the maintenance thread

    True, it might be helpful to post an occasional... "Still working on patch upload, please be patient" but in the end I'm cool with the staff and engineers focusing their time getting it right, or fixing bugs and issues rather than constantly dealing with forum questions.

    Ahh .. ty all ... (good lord I spent an hour thinking I was doing something wrong.)

    I did similarly to you, but not for that long.

    When all else fails, check the Forums. And imagine how many ROM players don't actually do that and are running around with their heads cut off screaming that the sky is falling and cursing Gameforge lol.

    yes that means the server is off and this is normal that your window does not respond

    If you remember, when we log in now from the Gameforge Client we bypass the old initial logon. Thus I believe the reason we get the Not Responding is because like before, the game cannot connect to the logon server yet and simply times out.

    I'm wondering if they have something different in store for level progression. Ie... noting the new message we get to see Leya Peak regarding 'Peak Level' when the new zone/patch finally comes out.

    It is a shame. Guess I can take a break and come back when next xp event happens. There is really no point to level characters outside xp events.

    Except if all 8 of your characters are ALREADY at 100/100/100. Then all you care about is TP bonuses. :D

    Perhaps I'm wrong, but it does appear there might be something tied to levels after all.

    I assume I'm not the only one to get the message yesterday after the patch to go find Leya Peak regarding 'Peak Levels'? And since he/she wasn't actually in the Hall of Wisdom when I went looking it must be tied to the new expansion.


    Is this also being tied to a level increase? Been sitting at 100/100/100 on all 8 of my characters for almost two years now. :)

    I suspect it is not THAT we use macros, but HOW we use them.

    Ie... bots.

    And yes, Bots should be banned with a blast from Stormbreaker.

    I personally would like to see a couple of new classes and character types unveiled along with 2 extra character slots in our accounts. This would bring back quite a few people in my opinion, and add more variety to the game.

    Class suggestions: Necromancer, Monk

    Character type suggestions: Orc, Cat-human hybrid


    I can finally get into both the Gameforge landing page AND ROM, however I had to use my old Rom client vs. new Gameforge icon.

    "Strange things are afoot at the Circle K" - Ted Theodore Logan

    So far not impressed here. I keep getting errors trying to update to the launcher, and honestly I have no idea which email address I used 9 some odd years ago when I signed up for the game.

    A bit later...

    Now when I try to log in and request a password change it comes up with an error.

    Hmm... what were the names of some of the new games that came out in 2019...

    Note. Im afraid to even try to send a support ticket request since it appears people here in the forum are not getting decent responses from them.

    Hopefully I can find something I backed up 3 pc's ago that will provide a clue as to which of my several emails I used for this game.

    One idea I have always thought of is a Delay Timer running which is tied to tower captures. Ie... if two of a same team's towers are captured consecutively, then a 5 minute timer begins until either a tower is captured against the other team, or the timer elapses. Subsequently, if a third tower is captured from the original team in a row then the 5 minute timer begins again.

    This will eliminate teams taking more than two towers at the very end of siege, and also provide time for teams to defend their open towers earlier in the game with the timers providing additional protections.