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  • Hello there,

    On your wiki it says the new dragon mount is a single seated mount, on steam it says (atleast in the german section) it's a double mount.

    Thought you might want to fix that, or check again if it's just a spelling misstake on the german side or the other way around ^^

    • Thank you, Hades. I thought it probably was, but did not see any evidence of it. It has been corrected.

    • You're welcome ^^

  • hello bludwyng, just wondering if you know any guilds that might be recruiting?

    also want to thank you for your wiki links they are proving helpful ;)

    • You are welcome. The most fun is when someone tells me they find my work useful. :)

      I am in two guilds. One that is just winding down (everyone has left except the farmers).

      The other, Knightshift, does Seige every night and is fairly active, but not really recruiting. I got in because my previous guildmaster asked them to take me, as an orphan.

      However, you could ask Autumn.

    • thanks mate i will :)