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    Runes of Magic actually ran pretty well in Linux/Unix. I was playing semi-regularly on Fedora 20 back in the day and it was noticeably more stable than Windows. There were a few WINE addons and programs you had to install and some interesting settings but it worked really well.

    However, when the item shop went to browser based, that's when the usability went out the window. The item shop was/is completely non-functional on *nix. Therefore, it was deemed "non-playable" due to the dependance on the item shop.

    Best stick with Windows. If you don't want to buy Windows 10 you don't exactly have to. As of yet an unlicensed copy of Win10 is nearly 100% functional, just a taskbar notification and inability to change the desktop backgrounds or personalization are all that's missing.

    So let's change my example.

    So in my example above the old non-sale value was 3000 and now the new non-sale value is 3900.
    On a normal 140% we would get 7200 (3000x2.40=7200). On a new promo that's only 85% (more) we would get 7215 (3900x1.85=7215).

    The math ends up being the same, It really depends on how the new diamond promos are set versus what was. After the AMA with Phelan and the expression on how expensive the game is from the community that Gameforge wouldn't reduce the amount of diamonds we get with our promos. And if they do then I would gladly join the rage train (we have yet to see a diamond promo so I can't quite eat my words and join you yet). Remember us GM's play the game and most of us buy diamonds, too.

    Note if someone has the old values I will gladly work out the math for those that are too lazy and just jump on rage trains without knowing what's going on.

    So let's put it this way:

    In this forum post ALL figures are purely for example and do not reflect ANY real world figures or numbers.


    Diamonds regularly are $50 for 3,000.

    During a diamond promo 140% you get 7,200 for the same $50. (3000x2.4=7200), x2.4 because you get 140% MORE.


    Diamonds are now $50 for 3,500.

    Diamond promos only may go to 105% now. During that max 105% promo you still get (nearly) the same amount. (3500x2.05=7175)

    Remember that these are just examples but kind of show how I believe its going to work. Like I said, I don't have the real figures in front of me but if this is not what happens, then I'll eat my words.

    Note there will always be variations due to the fixed bonuses and region differences and payment type selection, etc etc.

    If I recall (it's honestly been a while since I've run HoS) the hook point is a pretty small point on the base of the crystal. It can be hard sometimes to hit correctly.

    I don't believe it tells you who failed to hit their color, so how can you be sure everyone did their part?

    Note: As you can imagine some of our support teams are working through higher than normal ticket loads due to the above. It is important to not create multiple tickets regarding the same issue. Please be patient. If you have received a confirmation that your ticket is submitted and you can see the ticket in your end NOT closed, that means it is in our queue and will be handled ASAP.

    Remember that our ticket queue is oldest activity first. If you reply to your ticket it just bumps it on down the queue. Replying to your ticket just makes it appear last which means it gets handled close to last.


    Are you interested in becoming a Gamemaster and supporting Runes of Magic and our team? Well then read on!

    Runes of Magic US Gamemaster applications are OPEN!

    Can you answer "yes" to the following questions?

    • Are you at least 18 years old?

    • Are you interested in helping users?

    • Can you keep a level head even in critical or stressful situations?

    • Can you work in a team environment?

    • Can you follow orders but also work solo and/or take initiative?

    • Are you a good problem solver?

    • Can you handle criticism?

    • Do you have a decent knowledge of Runes of Magic?

    • Do you want to have some fun and get to know the inner workings of an MMORPG?

    • Can you keep your application and identity a secret?

    Note if accepted you will need to submit valid photo ID (drivers license/ID/Passport) and sign a contract. Don't include this in your application though

    If you can answer "yes" to the above questions then we want to talk to you! Submit an application to the following email address:

    Make sure you write it freehand, and include your Forum account name, your InGame account name including your character name(s), and possibly your Discord-Account Name. What other information should you include?

    • Why you think you'd make a good Game Master.

    • What actually motivates you to apply.

    • How you can fulfill our requirements and responsibilities.

    • Your RoM experience, as well as any experience in other communities or games, including servers you play on (or used to play on).

    • If you've ever been banned, what for (be it board or ingame - and we'd find out anyway).

    Write it freehand, meaning don't just list the answers to the questions. Describe your answers, tell us more about yourself. Your application will be judged in part by how well you can write, as we write quite often around here!

    If we reach out to you with a positive answer you will receive an invitation to a private chat on Discord with some of the members from the team where we will have a little talk. We'll also explain everything further there.

    What are you waiting for? We want YOU to support the community of Runes of Magic.

    We're awaiting your application!

    Your Runes of Magic US Game Team

    As Cenre mentioned, we had a merge. The servers were first merged into two servers, Erebos and Mithras. At that time we gave players nearly a year to log in to have their characters transferred. The process was automatic - once you logged in, your characters would be transferred.'

    After the merge came and went we gave an additional 3 or so months for players to contact support to have their characters manually merged. After this timeframe the characters that weren't merged were deleted.

    So unfortunately if your characters aren't there, they were not merged and you will need to create new.

    GDPR: wbb3 can't be made compliant. (old forum software version). And because GF seems to be no exception here to many other companies around the world, of course final GDPR compliance was rushed instead of properly doing it over a long time. Surprise. :whistling: I'm not sure which data exactly in the forum would not be GDPR compliant - on the surface, a forum is a forum. I suppose it's more to do with proper deletion of users and data attached to it should someone request the deletion of his account or a complete excerpt of the data. Also, since wbb3 is EOL for years, nobody ever even looked into it. You don't optimize stuff to run on an i486 anymore, too ...

    Saito already answered that. WBB3 cannot be made to be compliant. Part of GDPR is the data stored on the forums as well as the ability for users to delete their own user accounts and control how their data is used. The licensing and terms of service for WBB3 does not include any provisions for GDPR, namely, for user's to delete their own account or personally identifiable content (their own posts they may or may not have put personal information in from years ago).

    I suspect this was a business decision - one entirely up to Gameforge to research and implement. It was likely far cheaper and cost less resources to simply recreate forums rather than upgrade them through 2 major release versions as well as who knows how many minor and hope for the best (you can't just go from 3 -> 4 -> 5. You have to go 3->3.1->3.2->...->4->4.1->4.2->...->5). Who knows what kind of broken crap we would have had.

    Since this topic has been beaten like a dead horse enough, I'm going to close it.

    The points to take away from this thread are:

    * The old forums, read only or not, were not compliant with GDPR. There was personally identifiable information on the forums that users had no option to delete, up to and including their entire account.

    * Upgrading the forums through several versions was not feasible. The solution to GDPR compliance had to be fast and swift, lest Gameforge get sued or fined.

    * these are the new forums. We gave sufficient time (2 weeks?) to copy all the data you needed off the old forums before they were shut down.

    * This is what it is. Like it or not.


    When you even start importing multiple forums into one (in our case, 3) it goes from hot mess to gigantic clusterf..k . Thus, clean slate forum. Not ideal, but understandable

    Not understandable for me, Version 3 could have been transferred to 4 virtually with pass and 5 after then. Clustereff here or there, the very knowleged FREE WORKING! folks on here would have gone though a huge working process (imagine my shock, they NEVER do ELSE! (/end sarcasm), but no problem (for the publisher).

    As one said already - no idea about the game (personal take) "high ups" decided, so it must be done. *rolls eyes*

    Of note - the new norm is to have one forum for one game. Not one forums for each major region of one game (at least there wasn't a forum for DE, a separate forum for EN, a separate forum for US, etc, like there were for a couple of games). This is one way that Gameforge is going to save resources and time. Before this switchover I would estimate that there were at least 500 forum softwares running on a several servers. Now, there's like 100 or maybe less running on a couple. Saves time, saves money, saves the environment.

    With the switchover of one forum for one game one cannot import multiple forums from older versions into one with any certainty of accuracy. It just isn't possible. There would be hundreds of thousands of thread/user/post ID clashes. Not only that there were hundreds of thousands of users that never logged in.

    It was time for a clean slate. I don't agree with the rush of the switchover but it was necessary. GF couldn't keep the old forums up any longer due to the forum software and the law (we were already in violation when GDPR became law and we were still on the old forums...there was at least a 2 week overlap).

    What's done is done. The old forums are gone. This is what we're left with.

    I believe part of the reason regarding the speedy shutdown was because of General Data Protection Regulation. The old forum software was not compliant with the regulation at all (not counting the data, the actual forum software version). Keeping it up and open, even in archive state, puts the entire company at risk of fines and lawsuits.

    The reason why all the data wasn't just "merged" automatically is because some of the data was not GDPR compliant, and wading through that data one post by one post manually trying to find any sort of compliance issues was not feasible.

    Keep note that Runes of Magic is not special by any means in this regard. Several other games (at least half a dozen I believe) had the same thing. A speedy new forum and speedy shutdown of the old forum because of GDPR.

    Any user is able and open to copying important information. We've had some assistance with this from a couple of community members. If you need a certain thing from the old forum(s), please do your part and copy it to the new.


    I have set my timezone, and as I was watching the forum during the downtime, I would have seen it in 3 hours. I am pretty sure it is not using universal time, but calculating it.

    It is no big deal, it does not break my bones nor pick my pocket. :)

    As mentioned by Dio, it is possible it was posted earlier and simply disabled. We may post something in "Disabled" mode. The forum logs the time it was posted, even if it's disabled. Then, we enable it, and it still shows the time it was posted, not the time it was enabled.

    So in example: That post could have been posted at 16:00 and set to disabled. Then, 2 hours later it was enabled for public at 18:00. But the time of posting still says "16:00" and you checked an hour after it was shown to the public, at 19:00 (all times GMT). It would show "posted 3 hours ago".

    The ticket system is the only way to get this resolved. Make sure you are communicating with us via the email address on your account.

    Then, just be patient. These tickets are one of the most involved - there are many steps on your side and ours.

    In the future, to more easily help us with bug reporting, please spell your bug report out according to the guidelines and templates found here so that we can better get a handle on the issue without having to dig around and/or ask questions to find out exactly what's going on.

    Feel free to use supplemental links to help convey extra information, but the root of the issue should really be spelled out correctly in the bug report you are making.


    As the title suggests, inappropriate character and/or guild and/or pet names are not permitted within the Runes of Magic game or forum, as per the Terms of Service. This involves naming your character/pet/guild any name which might be offensive, foul, rude, interpreted to mean something offensive or rude, insulting or otherwise openly swearing.

    Any name in any language is subject to this guideline.

    The process of rectifying the situation requires your temporary removal from the game to address the situation via the support system. This will surely interrupt your planting process and aiding your guild in siegewar.

    If you find you might be in violation of this rule please contact support and the situation can be remedied without your removal from the game.

    Note the relevant point(s) from the Terms of Service and Game Rules for more information:

    Terms of Service Link

    The user is prohibited from publishing or disseminating content (e.g. images, videos, links, names, texts) within the ‪Gameforge‬ Services, if this

    a) violates the applicable law or is unethical;

    b) infringes trademarks, patents, copyright, other industrial property rights, business secrets or other third-party rights;

    c) is obscene, racist, glorifies violence, is pornographic or liable to corrupt the young or otherwise endanger or impair the development of children and young people;

    d) is insulting, harassing, libellous in character or is otherwise prejudicial to an individual's rights of personality;

    e) contains chain letters or pyramid schemes;

    f) creates the false impression of being provided by or supported by ‪Gameforge‬;

    g) contains the personal data of third parties who have not consented to its inclusion;

    h) is commercial in character, particularly having an advertising effect.

    The user is obliged moreover to choose appropriate wording and not to disseminate any political or religious content or content with sexual references.

    Note: Originally published by Yrcanos.

    Dear Community!

    There has been a lot of discussion over what is and is not allowed whilst AFK ingame.

    Together with Support, the following list of activities has been agreed upon.

    What is allowed whilst AFK:

    • Materials production in the Guild Castle at the Forge, Field or Lumberyard;
    • XP/TP Debt Reduction at the Library;
    • Reading of Encyclopedias;
    • Weapon skill leveling through auto attack, such as the eggs in Tergothen Bay;
    • Processing Materials such as Ore, Wood or Herbs;
    • Farming Crystals from the towers in Siege War;
    • Two players are in a group but one is AFK and likely set on Follow whilst the other kills to allow XP/TP gain;
    • Production of Crafted Materials in House or at the appropriate tools provided ingame.

    What is not allowed whilst AFK:

    • Use of addons that automate some activities, such as PetAutoCraft;
    • Interaction with NPCs or interfaces within the game;
    • Interaction with mobs through such skills that reflect damage or such that makes it possible for a player to gain XP/TP.

    Since many questions have been raised over the use of the PetAutoCraft addon, let me repost the Elaetil's response from the EN forum where similar questions were asked:

    I believe this list should cover most scenarios but if anyone thinks of something that is unclear and needs to be more well-defined, please send me a PM and I will pass the info on for clarification. The result will then be added here.

    This shouldn't affect most players at all & should allow everyone to continue having fun in the lands of Taborea.

    Your Runes of Magic game and Support Teams.