Posts by InferiorityC talking about magic purple cloaks and pants and stuff .

    So, if they're purple, they're actually useful items that could be used by folks levelling up and trying to get started in running instances?

    They may be 'trash' to you, but not necessarily to everyone else.

    I'd guess the "cloth trash" to which he refers, is stuff that makes a T5 mana stone - quite a useful thing, really.

    I always go to where I can buy from the NPC, just to get it cheaper than the convenience of the Auction House.

    I have heard Linux users say that they run the game without ever crashing.

    I used to run RoM on a Linux machine a good while back. Performance was surprisingly good, but I definitely still crashed, though perhaps not as frequently.

    Addons can make a world of difference to reduce crashing. I used to have quite a few installed, but nowadays I only use about 5 or 6.

    As per the info at Patch - Colorweave Festival - New Worldboss

    I'd like to point out that this location is used during the main zone questline, and the location for this new boss could impede progress.

    Most world bosses are in 'out of the way' locations, so questing players can proceed without being needlessly attacked.

    Now, I'll admit to having not yet encountered the boss, so don't know if yellow or red...

    • If yellow, this wouldn't be a problem as the questline can continue around her.
    • If red, she'll attack anyone coming near - even those who are just following the questline to get to the next zone.

    Now, as I've said, I've not seen her yet, so I may be bleating on about nothing...

    I seem to recall reading somewhere that this title required multiple kills of a massively rare spawning Fungus in Howling Mountains.

    Having read through the posts above, it could very well be the Fungus Captains that are the required target.

    Alas, I gave up on this title eleventeen years ago and don't know with any certainty if the information was correct.

    I've avoided posting in here due to the 'flammable' nature of the topic, but my own personal stance on macro's, which may not be liked...

    For PvE - have at it!

    For PvP - Nope, nada, diddly-squat.

    "Player Vs Player" should obviously be me, a player against another player and not their macro.

    Now, is my stance on it going to cause changes to be made? Highly unlikely, so I need to put some effort into learning my own macro's to make life easier for myself.

    However, despite my efforts, I'm still utter sh1te at PvP and I don't see that changing any time soon! 8o

    Now that I've poked this forum thread with a big sharp stick, I'm going to run the other way...

    Hi Everyone ! I started to play ROM in 2013 , then stopped , returned in 2017...

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back, when we had the first round of server merges, around 2015, accounts that had been inactive for over a year (?) were not merged into the new servers.

    There were emails sent out about this happening but if you didn't have the box ticked in your account to say that Gameforge could send you emails, then you likely wouldn't have received them.

    I lost every other player in the Guild I am still a member of, except one.

    why is there no mobile version of this game yet most MMORGP style games have mobile versions

    No, they don't.

    They're separate games entirely as mobiles still do not have the capability to deliver the same kind of gameplay as a full-on MMO.

    Most MMO's will make full use of most of the 102 keys on your keyboard. Try shrinking that down so that it can be done on a touch screen...

    Since I first set eyes on them in late 2008, I've wanted playable Capra...

    Sascilia Steppes is the starter zone and at level 10, we get the same Transport skills as Humans.

    However, the major drawback to playing this race would the quite limited class availability - physical DPS only - Scout, Rogue and Warrior.

    I may have given this too much thought...


    How do new players know what Suspicious-looking Powder is for?


    Sorry new players don't use wikis apparently lol

    It's worth mentioning here that there's sufficient information in the tooltip for most Event items as to what it's for, and how to use it.

    Question: Where is it from?

    Tooltip: Monsters drop it

    Question: What's it for?

    Tooltip: Getting a Transformation Potion

    Question: Where do I get this Transformation Potion?

    Tooltip: Varanas City, Central Plaza

    Question: How many do I need before I can turn it in?

    Tooltip: Ten

    Ahem, why don't y'all go make a new character and play it until level 10 and see how much money you get by playing quests in and around Logar (or whichever starting are you play in) and do it without transferring anything at all from your main!

    Then, just for funsies, go on until you are level 20 and see how much money you have...

    Then, for even more funsies, keep on going until you get enough money to buy your first Housekeeper, and see what level you had to play to... :D

    As of today, Oct 14th, there are 4 Pumpkin Festival Pet Eggs available in the Item Shop:

    • [Little Pumpkin - Pet Egg (Permanent)] - Item ID 203229
    • [Pumpkin - Pet Egg (Permanent)] - Item ID 203274
    • [Prankster 300 - Pet Egg (Permanent)] - Item ID 241837
    • [Treasure Box Monster - Pet Egg (Permanent)] - Item ID 242495

    I do think it's a bit ridiculous to be charging 100 diamonds for a Pet that doesn't offer a buff & would suggest that 10 diamonds be a much more acceptable price for these items, especially since they have been available at that price in the past, and even just 1 diamond in the case of many of the other vanity-only Pet Eggs.

    I notice that Pet Eggs that give a buff are on sale for 150 diamonds and I don't think that's too bad a price - in fact, I think it's a very generous price. However, there are many more Pumpkin Festival related Pet Eggs that *do* give a buff and it's disappointing to not see them amongst the October offers.

    I think it should be clear to everyone by now, including the system operators, that Gaia has a hardware issue...

    I'd be inclined to agree but this only holds true if Gaia is a physical server. If the servers are virtual, then this cannot be the problem.

    Given how the issue has persisted for some weeks without a proper solution, I'm inclined to believe that the servers may actually be virtual.