Lightforge Dwarves Concept (not official)

  • Lightforge Dwarves Concept (not official)

    Here you can find my new game concept!

    #Two New Classes

    You waiting so much since 2012.

    Finally new classes coming...

    #Available Classes








    This new dwarves cant be able to learn Rogue and Warlock.

    Oracle Class

    Armor: Cloth

    Weapon: Staff

    Skillbar: Mana

    Basicly new magical class but more than that.

    Have great healing abilities and curse breaking mechanism.

    Uses light damage, this was unexpected.


    Little bit slow movement :thumbdown:

    Shift Class :love:

    Armor: Leather

    Weapon: Sword

    Skillbar: Energy

    You are warm welcome!

    Please meet our new fast class.

    Also you can equip leather armor.


    Sorry not be able to equip dagger!

    Adventurers time to test new classes and elite skills!

  • Neat idea. I'd like to see some of the other races in game be playable like the Angren or Limon even if it didn't come with new classes

    Since Beta 2009-03-05

  • Since I first set eyes on them in late 2008, I've wanted playable Capra...

    Sascilia Steppes is the starter zone and at level 10, we get the same Transport skills as Humans.

    However, the major drawback to playing this race would the quite limited class availability - physical DPS only - Scout, Rogue and Warrior.

    I may have given this too much thought...

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  • The concept of a "light dwarf" runs contrary to the German/Norse mythology surrounding dwarves. A dwarf is also known as a "Dark Elf", so a "Light Forge Dwarf" would simply be an elf. The idea of elves being the same height as humans started with Tolkien. Until then, they were the same height as dwarves.

    Not that I am opposed to the idea. Just a little advisory information.