Chapter VII

  • I remeber clearly announcements and swearings about ch vii that should have been a real chapter and not a merely new zone/cap.

    The only new content was the draco cards set; 36 cards are not even close enough to define 2GB+ of patches a chapter.

    We should expect to see GF reconsider his enthusiastic proclaims?

    Wiped at 0% Will's Curse - Medusa - Andriol - Vrantal - Charionys - Naos - Yawaka - Gugolar

  • Maybe we see some big changes soon, Next week sounds me fine for that! :P

    I smell lot of nerfs are coming however im fine with that (lot of cheap gera in AH <3 )

    have song for a new patch:

    You was so cool and so deadly

    now Balloons moke with you

    Your speed so gone oh sadly

    slow like snail move you, do you?

    la la la warlock, warlock la, la la la!

    Skills i have from items Skills and sets

    Now itgive me more mana la la la

    Don't joke im so sad and upset

    I am Warlock/cham with 200000 mana la la la

    but my Severed with now skill of sets

    Have cool down 20 sec but use mana la la la

    Now i have to sell all me PVP sets

    Lalala Thanks Gamegofgeis not only me la la la

    My friend was Knight/mage and he also cry

    "reflected dmg is back" he say la la la

    Just before he die, Maybe we have to Try

    "New STEAM server" he cry and i cry la la la

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