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    Well i have lot of old friends from this game. with most of them i keep contacting. I try many times to tempt them return to this game but immediately after they learn for Peak system and time it take .... they change topic about Runes of magic to something else ........ and im talking not only for F2P players. Even players who bought decent amouint of dias in past REFUSE to come back in curent game condition!!! just after 2 question "How many dias i can buy for 100 Euro" and "How many dias for peak orbs to peak 20" ..... After this Topic "Runes of Magic" beeng closed ....! Two friends i convinsed to return with idea about "There are some Events you can grind peak easy" .... but without regular proggres ..... Noone go farm houndreds of hours killing in Tos/Panth for few mil exp per hour!

    Current announsed "Summer event" is not WORTH to do! For the time of farming Peak fregments can get more peak exp by just killing stuff = pointless and waste of time! Everything under 20 mill peak EXP per hour not worh!

    So Dear Gameforge tean ......... Make correct Summer event with good peak exchanges/ farm or NOT DO IT AT ALL!

    Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring Events is must have! And Peak Opbs Exchange have to be part of events/exchanges all the time. Even small amounts are very welcome!

    There is no much point to try leveling peak over 10 without peak exp orbs! numbers are too big to level by killing mobs, quests on map not enough and amount of daily tickets .... even from 14-15 is insane!

    Orbs from Exchanges till now (last 3 years) was barely enought to rich peak 19 and half. What about players who missed one or two exchanges?

    Gameforge have to care about posibility for all players to grouth their Peak proggres and rich some usefulness of their characters in endgame content!

    For ther record my main is peak 20 so im kinda done my alt missing some 70mil peak and im not in hurry BUT:

    1. What about new players? Even RoM is old game players start play or return even those days! Imagine the perespective for a new player when suffering in leveling to 100 (is not that easy) when he learn from guild/friends that ..... there are some 300-320 BIlions exp needed after rich level 100. Not sound promising to stay right?

    2. What about players who play 1/2 or 3/4 of years and missing entire seasons .... coz of work vacations and STUDY? What is motivation after you return to play after 1-2-3 months of break and you learn that .... "so sad you missed Event with peak orbs exchange" .... and noone even know if there will be next one ......??? Not much motivation right?

    3. What about peoples who are not in home 7/7day a week (cant log every day) and missing few echanges a week anyway?

    Solution about "catch up" peak have to be found!


    a. Regular all year "monthly" peak orbs exchanges! (200-300 mil peak exp per month) is atlast some hope for people who start or return!

    b. Increase peak Exp given from Minigame in Silverfall (2-5 mill peak per run) even with 5 mil a day is 150mil per month .... after peak 15 is nearly nothing! .....but is a HOPE .... and combained with other stuff make it possibe or atlast "looking possible"

    c. Increas Logar "Donkey" NPS quest rewards to 4 time a day x 5 mil peak exp orbs. also Fixing quest on NPS for peak fragments .... to make it possible for farm ........ lets say Normal mod is a bit too much for lets say high lvl inis! can be mostly zone quests and few low lvl inis quests!

    Everything is up to Gameforge team but is time to listen comunity!

    Solution about "catch up" peak have to be found!

    ... this is part of game is tons of other games or trading card games ...or any other collectors items are based on rarity....boss spawn also....all this lead to game economy...

    "collectors thingy"

    very few players care collect anything. few players per server farm cards and other few buy(collect) also titles and completed quests. is kind of pseudo elite hobby. very few people will appreciate you as good player coz you have All cards, or 7273 quests compleeted. All this are empty numbers. Mostly proves that person who do this is capable to spend insain amount of time/gold/dias in pointless stuff, For myself i never get tempted to collect anything or go for "make all in game ...quests, inis, anything". Example: "Why to farm/buy Aisha looks=rare if every 2nd pseudo Endgamer have it" ...

    In conclusion: "Collectable stuff" farmers and buyers are very small part of Game population. Even some people can say "i make my Gold like this 13 years ... and im alwaus rich" or "i make Gold cap every week by sell cards" .... Ok but is Aisha looks or rare Cards more then 0.1% of AH transactions? is like to say "Trade of Swarovski jewelary important for global ekonomy" :) Good luck with it guys and girls!

    So that the warlock becomes even stronger? For a guild playing with 36 people become more tanky?

    Stop crying like little babies.

    Learn to fight and play your class.

    Warlocks won't become more stronger! deff food on any WL is +% to little anyway .... if WL have deff build = no DMG= nothing scary, if/when WL swap to pve/dps gear he is 1-2 hit anyway .... ... 400k deff + this food is nothing! Benefit from Such food will be for healers and tanks! 1kk p deff x % is ... something XD and without "burst 2-3 enemy healers with imunity" .... Many players who "think they know their combo" ... will become Oh how to say .... what they are! MORE deff in SW is more fun for ppl who play Healers and Tanks! At monent SW is a bit Dumb, PvE swaps and "Buff macro + kitty/Dyice" any noob with "proper combo" can kill in 2-3 sec player with best PVP set on realy good tier and +ing ....! Why? is THAT the sense of PVP/SW ... "buff macro+ Dyice = OP player" <== charge with immune otherwise not so OP player Muhahaha! Did i make some kids cry? Hope not ... or yes?

    About Tanky guilds with 36 players ... i see Top geared players with Deff GM foods melted in 2 sec from 1kk hp to 0! Every time p/r select them XD and 36 ppl SW will be nearly the same with tones of This Foods used ... just fight will be aaaaa bit longer XD! <== more fun for Tanks and healers! Probably way less fun for SwapGearBuffmacro "OP players"!

    So in general Nero112/911 or whatever ... you have totally wrong view point about statistic values in SW/pvp and meaning of pvp at all! Tankines good <=> Longfight are funny! 2-3 min fighting for a tower and in end you can take breath .... and realise ... MAN we win it! or Man was so close! ....... is not like: Guild chat... Immune in 6,5,4,3,2,1 bumbumbum and then have to take tower... no enemy left ... probably no even guards XD! Deff food = fun! Long fight = fun ... Kill enemy tank = Big deal! ... Few more years + few more games probably and i hope you understand!

    Here in Bulgaria (country made ~1500 years before Germany or US appear on ANY map!) we say: "If promise Horse cant give Donkey"

    I'm sorry guys! All or nothing! i wont take any of this stinky pots .... Have gold and Dias to buy half server (probably even German) XD

    well i agree, they say feedback. From where? didnt see any bad feedback on forums or on discord server guess its one or two unhappy who said something.


    Can we see this feedback? From where it come? Can we know the names of peoples who disagree with first mentioned IS gift items list?

    Just few Names .... Forum nicknames, Discord? Ingame?

    Or is Some IS even menager friend make "phone call" ....... <= sounds me 90% possible! YOU make feed back! Be brave tell us your name!

    P.s. is possible to Blacklist Forum members? and if yes ... how?

    Rare defense boosting food replaced by uselse potion who everyone can Just buy from IS ? What wrong Gameforge see in it? Yes defense boost will make PVP a bit more interesting! Only people who can stay against such gifts are: 1 Swap to pve burst few ppl in SW .... nothing to say about them! 2. players who already have big amount of those deff foods and WANT TO STAY .... ALONE in their suprimasy over others! Both cases we talking about verry small sigment of Game popylation! Should this few % of players (who are forum, discord overactive in cry to GM-s) ........keep rule ther game?! Again Asking ....Is Gameforge hold/keep Runes of magic runnung is weird direction coz listening few % opinion?!!!!???

    Is it worth Gameforge 99% of players dislike Game condition ..... do you keep Happiness of several weird players .... on the cost of everyone unhappiness? #ReturnRiceFoodRewards

    1. Create character on server Vidar! (if you want ot play Europian time zone)

    2. Ask for guild inv in first few zones when you meet players

    3. Guild will give you all info you need! Forum is too slow to count for productive question answer progression time period!

    4. Welcome to Hardest MMO in game world!

    This pet has some aggro reset skill is better if you DONT take this pet/pet transformation potion!

    Doubt any party will like to see aggro reset on last 25% of boss or so

    Putting a deadline for developer from community is never work well "as we know" ... And Gameforge/RuneNABS are fast like dead snail ha ha!

    But i think in 2-3 more weeks ppl will stop read/write here and will be noone to fix anythin for!

    Let me just give you 1 realy simple example :)

    For last 9_ years i had max 2 games on my desktop Runes of magic ...and something else! (rare played "something else" moslty in maintenanse time) in last 3-4 weeks i got 5 "new icons" on my desktop .... and is NOT Gameforge games for sure!

    Fix Peak Quest items droprate and Peak Exp system SOON (coz i have downloaded other game to instal tonight maybe gonna replase some time waster)

    Sounds a bit like witch spell: "And exp will be counted only if killer is 6th son of 6th son and killing only with LEFT hand under full moon light between 28 and 29Th september......" We need simple salution FAST and easy (change few simbols in code not NEW bugs) XD

    Make quest item tradable, sellable!!!! So if you cant farm it atleast you can get it other way and proceed with other for new cap.

    here i totally agree! and this change can be added !

    make quest item 100% to everyone in party EVEN after quest is done!

    make NPS to finish quest for 100kk and ...... let people Sell items as well if you think you can buy/sell item for some 25kk good, fine, verry well! More option to complete 1 goal is a fondation of any MMRPG ... otherwise we are .. just RPG! A single story line ... no "Chose" option while questing! is not a set of variations NO is Pipe one way IN and qne way OUT(quit this game) you need 6x int/matt +24 weapon accessory (more = beter) ... and thats it!

    So this time Please give us "options" for finishing this quest

    I think Peak EXP reduction have to be changed to 1/5 or 1/10 maximum! is not possible to "Be Slaves on new GAME patch" for next 300 hours of my/our lives!

    And about PREQuest! here is ONE simple explanation: not possible for majority (80%) of players!

    I have Quest done! On two character! Im not crying for myself!

    There is easy and simple "Elegant" way for Gameforge to "Save situation" with this new system and even MAKE it Win/wim!

    "Make second option/condition for finish the quest = donate 100.000.000 gold to Quest NPS" !

    There is a lot of gold on old servers .... redusing it will be WIN for gameforge and i believe many will use this way! From other side .. Real hardcore endgamers can still make it normal way buy killing bosses!

    But ... there is But i think and comunity will support me "Boss drop items have to be 100% drop"!

    well the 1/100 rate is the worst prequest is bad but its doable for most, i dont looking forward to get 13kkk exp to get 1 level on peak. and they have no exp event bcs it would make it to easy to level it, ye sure even 10/100 rate is a pain.

    if you cant do NEW HM under lvl 5 peak, boss drop items will be "Easyest part" coz 65 Bil EX is a lot of farm if i understand all corectly ...?

    Probably first HM loot after 1,5 -2 months who know XD

    Coz this time is not "Im ready" .... you need ~ 8 ppl ready minimum