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    1. Create character on server Vidar! (if you want ot play Europian time zone)

    2. Ask for guild inv in first few zones when you meet players

    3. Guild will give you all info you need! Forum is too slow to count for productive question answer progression time period!

    4. Welcome to Hardest MMO in game world!

    This pet has some aggro reset skill is better if you DONT take this pet/pet transformation potion!

    Doubt any party will like to see aggro reset on last 25% of boss or so

    Putting a deadline for developer from community is never work well "as we know" ... And Gameforge/RuneNABS are fast like dead snail ha ha!

    But i think in 2-3 more weeks ppl will stop read/write here and will be noone to fix anythin for!

    Let me just give you 1 realy simple example :)

    For last 9_ years i had max 2 games on my desktop Runes of magic ...and something else! (rare played "something else" moslty in maintenanse time) in last 3-4 weeks i got 5 "new icons" on my desktop .... and is NOT Gameforge games for sure!

    Fix Peak Quest items droprate and Peak Exp system SOON (coz i have downloaded other game to instal tonight maybe gonna replase some time waster)

    Sounds a bit like witch spell: "And exp will be counted only if killer is 6th son of 6th son and killing only with LEFT hand under full moon light between 28 and 29Th september......" We need simple salution FAST and easy (change few simbols in code not NEW bugs) XD

    Make quest item tradable, sellable!!!! So if you cant farm it atleast you can get it other way and proceed with other for new cap.

    here i totally agree! and this change can be added !

    make quest item 100% to everyone in party EVEN after quest is done!

    make NPS to finish quest for 100kk and ...... let people Sell items as well if you think you can buy/sell item for some 25kk good, fine, verry well! More option to complete 1 goal is a fondation of any MMRPG ... otherwise we are .. just RPG! A single story line ... no "Chose" option while questing! is not a set of variations NO is Pipe one way IN and qne way OUT(quit this game) you need 6x int/matt +24 weapon accessory (more = beter) ... and thats it!

    So this time Please give us "options" for finishing this quest

    I think Peak EXP reduction have to be changed to 1/5 or 1/10 maximum! is not possible to "Be Slaves on new GAME patch" for next 300 hours of my/our lives!

    And about PREQuest! here is ONE simple explanation: not possible for majority (80%) of players!

    I have Quest done! On two character! Im not crying for myself!

    There is easy and simple "Elegant" way for Gameforge to "Save situation" with this new system and even MAKE it Win/wim!

    "Make second option/condition for finish the quest = donate 100.000.000 gold to Quest NPS" !

    There is a lot of gold on old servers .... redusing it will be WIN for gameforge and i believe many will use this way! From other side .. Real hardcore endgamers can still make it normal way buy killing bosses!

    But ... there is But i think and comunity will support me "Boss drop items have to be 100% drop"!

    well the 1/100 rate is the worst prequest is bad but its doable for most, i dont looking forward to get 13kkk exp to get 1 level on peak. and they have no exp event bcs it would make it to easy to level it, ye sure even 10/100 rate is a pain.

    if you cant do NEW HM under lvl 5 peak, boss drop items will be "Easyest part" coz 65 Bil EX is a lot of farm if i understand all corectly ...?

    Probably first HM loot after 1,5 -2 months who know XD

    Coz this time is not "Im ready" .... you need ~ 8 ppl ready minimum

    Definitely was open for more than 72 hours this time. Have to think i will have to make observing + screening every faze and waste lot of time for that. Is nearly imposible for ~ 1 year to open Arcanium chamber every time Monday- Friday ? Coz never see it stay more then 5 days

    Maybe is time Gameforge suport member to come and check the case!

    Also Many players see no point in all this "open close" story!

    Think is time ot separate Donation NPS for Arcanium chamber status.

    Buff/donation NPS stay all the time and give bufs for gold , Arcanium chamber open all time for all wgho want to do whatever they do there!

    Game is 10 years old ... HoE ~4 years Do we realy need all this "open close" story?

    From the beginning of server Idun "Hall of earth" Entrance Closes after every maintenance! And i Know/see that on other servers is no the SAME!

    With low population it take month to collect money for open it, and process of opening is a day or two, so if "Hall of earth" Entrance open in Middle of week ... next maintenance close it. that mean less then 5-6 days Instance is open???

    And why only on Idun server is so?

    Hope for answer soon and some Changes around this problem/bug.

    Yeah, now lets see servers merge!

    I can agree with your wish just cuz this can make you happy for a while :)

    But server merge is not a cure for the "situation" you are in (Ibergard and Nuada)

    Siochain/Aurora/Vidar is capable to absorb an endless amount of good players and wipe them out! all 3 servers you want ot see merged are spining around few egocentrical persons (few on each server) with mentality of something between 7 year old kid and white shark!

    and few days after merge you will understand what i mean :)))


    Game Of Thrones ... Fans will be really in right atmosphere on such Merged server :) ...."Betrayal will be your best friend"

    Original idea and well made video! ... But is maybe bit too much !!?

    In last Changes in Game We get a real victory! Even more then one!

    There is no more Wheel of Destiny!

    Also Daily Loyalty give way better rewards NOW!

    Perfect +12 jewels and Mater drillers with dias!

    Things that we could only dream about before just few weeks!

    Game we play is what we want ot see in it! "You see the Light and Light will come! You see only Darkness ... then Darkness will stay"

    Will "10 days for 10th Anniversary" in daily loyalty was pathetic! Daily rewards are Nothing compared to "Normal" daily loyalty!

    Please! Return Old Normal Daily loyalty and NEVER touch it again!