Quick Fix To Memory Leak Issue

  • I've been doing a bit of experimenting with this - I've found that setting graphics to 'normal' eliminates my warnings of memory leak issues and the following game-crashes (up to this point in my testing)

    High settings causes everybody to crash, no matter what system they're running. Obviously the problem must stem somewhere between the normal/high settings - in order to resolve this issue, just remove the high settings feature, and toggle with the settings between until you find a secure state for performance in high demand areas.

    Most people go, high crashes, so let's set it to low (at least the players that this hasn't frightened away) however medium settings at least look presentable and I can at least say that the vast majority of these crashes/warnings are being caused somewhere between or to the end of normal/high settings. Low, I receive none but the game looks terrible. Normal, so far, the same, but the game looks decent.

  • My settings are:

    - Everything low except character detail, texture details are max and view distance is at 5% - 10%.
    - All the bloom and water reflections etc disabled, hide effect of other players enabled.
    - Try to have less addons, more addons cause more crash so better to delete all you don't need and would live without.

    with these settings the game looks good and crash less, there is no way to fix the crashing entirely.

  • That's a good tip and more detailed than my answer.

    I guess part of my point is the people being paid to work on this game should fix this problem..

    It's 10 + years old, this problem has been around forever... and it has nothing to do with hardware, it's the game. Any potato laptop these days is probably 10x more powerful than the machines this game was built with.

    Maybe the game code is so foreign that adjusting menu items is beyond the capability of the developers translating the game? But why would you offer game options that DO NOT WORK ON ANY MACHINE IN EXISTENCE!

    As a new player, it's just a bad experience. You crash - and there's nothing you can do about it. Obviously most people that play this game know the workarounds, to the point of having their characters running around visibly naked to alleviate the load on the client, but that's just bad form IMHO.

    This game is fairly nice looking in high settings (which again, do not work unless you're in a remote part of the game world) - but people don't paly this game for the pretty graphics, especially when they cause the client to crash/receive memory warnings. Just disable those options and make the game secure if you're not going to re-engineer it.

  • It seems that the game runs better on older hardware for some reason. Also, chances to crash increase with number of teleports and number of other players around you.

    What I do is this:

    - When I quest in one area, I set all my graphics to high.

    - When I do festival events, which are usually around Varanas with other players present and which require you to teleport around Varanas or other zones, I switch to all low settings, except for view distance and character appearance.

    This works fine for me. Maybe one day I will be able to see Varanas and other cities in their glory on high settings and not crash after teleporting from East Varanas to Central ^^

  • high view distance causes high memory usage = more crash. i think you would be better with low view distance with everything else maxed but i prefer my setting because everything looks nice with maxed character and texture details so i dont have to change my setting when i quest or go high populated areas. actually varanac city causes me to crash even when im only one around that city so its the area more than the population i think. same happen in dalanic city near the actioun house. it almost everytime causes the game crash even with everything at low settings without any addons

  • "It's 10 + years old, this problem has been around forever... and it has nothing to do with hardware, it's the game. Any potato laptop these days is probably 10x more powerful than the machines this game was built with."

    The crashes have nothing to do with the hardware you are running on, and cannot be fixed without completely re-coding the game engine. The issue is with the compiler, which is no longer supported, is no longer being developed, and will never be fixed.

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