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    Snoop can be found when you leave the Front Line Alliance Camp right before you reach the first camp outside of it.

    The camp to which you refer is Aren Base. The Snoop is between Aren Base and Front Line Alliance Camp.

    Just to let you know, last night I started a K/Wr based on this table. I do not usually play a tank, although I have before in another game. It should be an interesting class combo to learn.

    Learning a combo, people still do that? I thought everyone moved over to using combatengines with scripts written by someone else..

    Nah, just the guilds that live at the top of the leader boards. Interestingly, Knightshift has been climbing for the last month or so, and we do not use any of those auto-respond macros but we sure know when we are fighting them. And yet we still win. Strategy and persistence wins in the end, even when a few players seem to be rhino-hiding.

    We had some ticket about 'no spirit cores, cant do quest'. So I made a few (ok a lot) and then world shouted that they were up for people to finish their quests. Presumably more than one person needed it. This isn't the first time we've intervened in this way and probably won't be the last.

    With server maint they should be gone again.

    Please do it again! On Aeterna.

    Not sure. There probably is but it will involve editing the add-on.

    But you can zoom in the preview image. Just mouse over the image and use the mouse scroll to zoom. And then hold right-click and drag up or down to focus on a certain part. Then just take 2 - 3 separate SS. Should be easy enough to edit the images back together. Pretty time-consuming but it's a valid workaround.

    I can only zoom a click or two as the image needs to be head to toe for full armor sets. Yes, I could take multiple images and cut-n-paste, but ick!

    What CharPlan needs is a button on it's UI that exports the preview pane contents to an external, standalone, larger, preview box.

    Please, your help I ask.

    IF you get all 4 parts, Male or Female, or either Wings, of the Colorful Violet Costume sold by Kyle Cronn, please help us out!

    Take a screenshot of the Costume (with the Wings, or of just the 4 parts, or just the Wings), go to Kyle Cronn  on The RoM WIki, follow the links to the the appropriate page and use the redlink there to upload your screenshot (edited for clarity, please).

    The set is split into gender-specific items but we are going to use single wiki pages to display them. The page at Colorful Violet Costume - Cloth has redlinks for 2 images, one for Male and One for Female.

    Old client started through Steam but NOT the Steam client.

    This morning I launched IS. It came up but with the search field minimized. I click the magnifying glass. It opened the search field, closed it immediately, the locked the IS solid. I closed it and reopened IS several times but it would never open again after that. I have NOT tried restarting the client.

    Hush, burd. :)

    By "them", I meant the closest to the power structure that is actually available for casual chatting and exchange of ideas. :)

    Oh, FFS. I found it out. There are two items in my Inventory: Zurhidon Clothes and Zurhidon Costume. For some reason, the Zurhidon Clothes from the previous quest were not removed.

    Zurhidon Costume is the correct item. They both use the same icon, of course.

    No, rebooting did not fix it. I just went back there and tried again. Nothing. I have tried to right-click the clothes when I am at the Class Hall, I have tried it at the Meeting Hall. I have tried talking to the Body Guard, and I have tried just walking into the barrier, nothing works.

    Maybe a transform potion was running on your character and disappear when you close the game ?

    I know there were some issues related to that few years ago for quest who needed from you to put clothes or transform.

    I was not transformed, nor was I mounted.

    If I remember that quest correctly, you just need to go to a certain place. Facing Berol, go up the stairs, turn left and just go to the end of that section, and the cutscene should start.

    Edit : wrong quest. For this one you just need to right-click the clothes and you should transform into zurhidon, perhaps try relog if right-clicking clothes does not work. IIRC you get to keep the clothes after you finish the quest too.

    I will try, as I just did a full reboot of my PC, it may work now, but the clothes were NOT clickable before.