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    Oh i think i understand well - and yes your arguments are good

    Then next version - Rogue knows Priest will come after 15s - so what he just hides for the first seconds and uses invis pot just for the last 15s.

    And if the priest comes earlier - just take invis until priest immune is over - oneshot him (it´s still an alt)... hide again with escape or whatever,...

    I know it´s a thing barely to do - but as long as it is possbile to cap without being able to be interupted (with all immunes, potions, skills whatever) people will try and also succeed.

    Thats why I like the idea of doubling the cap-time more than just 5s - maybe 25 is also enough.

    But I prefer even more the idea of guards attacking the occupier even in invis or the cap only when all guards are down - maybe even combinations of all 3 ideas.

    Sorry for sarcasm and irony...

    Yep the alt is lvl 100 and has 100k LP (it´s still just an alt).. Problem will stay similar

    However I give up - you are right

    Capping towers is no problem of SW <3

    Yep just a level 50 alt with ~10k Lp

    and now a small simulation of what will happen:

    Rogue hide to tower - immune, start cap, invis pot, herald immune - 1s before invis stops -> throw, priest alt is dead

    Thanks for your comment :thumbup:

    Ah yes purge - because everybody has 6 purge-priests with enough gear and etherything to not fall down onehit ...

    So you need specially 1 class against 1 other...

    That reminds me off something... was it about Wl/Ch countered by K/M? :/ No wait, can´t be...

    So on one side we should not need to play some special classes to counter others - but on the other hand we should? :/

    Of course you´re right with your suggestion but still feels like measuring with two standards or not? And how does this work with 5 vs 5 - or is this just for high end again?


    K/p might still be able to cap, but would need at least 5minutes between each cap, and could easily be purged anyway.

    Might be - but interesting for this topic (at least for me) is only the one last cap in the last minute.

    And 20s - how long does Invisible potion work? + immune + /priest + serenstum/laor + maybe other buffs ?

    - Make guards fight the occupier first and let them see invisible units

    - double the cap time

    - make towers only capable when guards are down

    --> everything has the same result, goal and reason and nearly everybody wants something in this direction

    Let´s see if GF/RW ever hears something about this and ever implements even one of these things...

    Maybe Phelan or Celes want to say something about it...

    You cant just look at balancing from the high-end perspective, you want sw to be fun, and yet do you think that people enjoy getting shot down before even getting a chance to react from a wl that can run at over 200% speed, and hit them for 300+x4 in a matter of seconds? It's no wonder so many people made k/m alts just to counter this, or simply rerolled to wl/ch themself.

    You´re right and i don´t only look for balancing just from high-end.

    The only thing i said was - don´t look at David vs Goliath.

    If you want to look for balancing - look for teams and how they can get more equal also with different classes.

    Teams - this is also what SW is designed for - I´m also not asking for dungeons to be playable/beatable for 2 players - just because I only want to play with one friend...

    If you want to balance 5 vs 5 - it´s strictly not possible.

    If you have 5 Wl/Ch vs 5 M/x - the Wls will win.

    But if yo have 5 R/Pr against 5 Wl/Ch probably the Rogues will win (simply for capping).

    And if 2 of the 5 Wls swap to Scouts - maybe this will turn the tide.

    And the next thing - Equal 4 players on both teams but in one an additional skilled Wl/Champ with 800k Lp PvP gear and the other team with an additional Wl/Ch with a half finished PvE gear and 160k Lp... I think the outcome is obvious...

    But there is no balancing for such situations... it´s simply not possible except you make wars totally different.

    One way (and i would also appreciate this one) would be everyone who enters gets white gear without stats etc (similar to Arcanium) - then only numbers and skill will count - but will never happen, think about it, it´s Greedforge we´re talking about - nobody would have to make PvP gear anymore...

    Fun can mean diferent things. One can get fun fighting all sw while other geting fun even from defending. As Cenre said 1 shot is not fun at all.

    No one shot is no fun and nobody is talking against it - but there are ways against this. Make PvP gear, use wisdom-stats, play a proper class and not the beloved M/W,...

    And i also don´t have anithing against defending - interuppting tornados, fighting around the gates, stealing back towers - but invisible automatic alts behind the gates and 2 active players just destroying towers so that alts don´t get visible... is no fun at all.

    Think this way. What you will do in if you would be in that lower guild and fighting vs Top guild. Would you skip sw and afk at roof?

    Yes - afk for 10min at Roof (if i need the merrits) or not even join and do something more worthy (daylies, titlequest, mirror-world, preparing for dungeon,...)

    So situations is very diferent. Top guilds see it moustly from one point while others moustly just trying to survuive.

    Again nothing against trying to survive or also defend - if it´s still a fight. But "fighting" against automatic alts is no fun - and will never be.

    So lets stop talking about how to make sw quicker. Insteed lets talk how to make it fightable for more players around here.

    I´m not talking about making it quicker . I´m talking about making it more fun (and more reasonable). I have great fun when there´s a war over 60 min with intense fights, cool tactics, if people trying something new and special which you don´t expect. Where i don´t have fun is when I´m waiting 1h... Or if a totally inferior guild just caps tower at the ent with Rogues and you can´t do anything against it...

    Ch/m gate guard is not a problem like here all crying about it.

    Better we would discuss about rewards, class balance and maybe new sw scroll, more powerfull but more expensive also. Maybe some new trap or baricades or some flying staff. Anything that could make sw fun for all not few head smashers. Let imagination fly and maybe some of GM will like some ideas and it will be put in game in a future.

    Actually the SW right now has 2 big problems to call it siege or war

    - gate keeping alts (often automated)

    - tower capping

    We can also discuss about every other thing - but why not fix first the biggest problems and also the easier ones?

    And about the GM thing - dream on...

    GMs are unsalaried people, often players themselfs - nobody at Greedforge, Product Team or even Runewaker listens at them. Neither when they find critical bugs in new dungeons (remeber suntemple NPCs being not elite? ), nor if they find some other critical stuff and certainly not if they are proposing something about SW - a part of PvP which is ignored by RW and GF for years...

    Sorry if i didn´t read all the last posts and missed something important..

    Wouldn't really say a lot of combinations can stop a wl/ch, and certainly only then in a high end sw. In a lower siege wl/ch just tears through absolutely everyone.

    Well like I wrote in #30 - I´m talking about a siege WAR with 15-20 people on each side, not about small skirmish of 5 vs 5, and especially not about a fight between a 800k+ LP Wl/Ch (from a point drop guild) vs some random guys without PvP-gear.

    My goal is not to give everybody Ironblood-Will (which would be easy - give 13 or even more merrits to everybody no matter the outcome + give extra rewards for winning to make the guilds want to fight).

    My goal in this case and thread is to enable a fun siege WAR; that you can enjoy the PvP available. Of course te best thing would be other circumstances combined with rewards, balancing and proper rules - but like I said before: start with the basics and keep the fine tuning for later.

    Oppos just flame tower outside

    Yes of course, because flame towers can see invisible things :/

    And it´s not that one thunderstorm of a badly equipped mage destroys such a tower in 1 hit... (like every other class and skill)

    All discusions about ch.m gate guarding is only cause all wana finish things faster or easier and then wait rest of hour till all server finish sw to do some runs :D.

    With dungeons like the actual ones which can easily be beaten by a group of 6 players... yes you need to wait for the rest of the server.... NOT

    It´s not only about finishing fast - it´s about a fun siege WAR. What is the fun in waiting outside the gates to kill a not buffed player every 1-2 minutes just to (actually not) see an invisible tower cap some seconds before the end?

    Curently I need to play specific class in sw just to counter wls. I cant play other combos cause those would have no chanse. And its sad :(.

    Let´s assume the enemy has 2-3 strong Wl/Ch at their side - so you have 2 K/M (in front), maybe a healer and 2 scouts in the back to snipe them down...

    I mean - of course if we´re talking about a siege war with 5-6 people on both sides and one side has some strong classes the other side needs to have counters or will loose (except for capping).

    But we´re still talking about something like 20 vs 20 (i also know that the times of guilds with 36 active players are over) - and if these 20 or maybe even 15 have a small variety of classes there is no single class which dominates alone.

    (and of course we are talking about equally skilled and equipped people and not David vs Goliath)

    And, if what you say is true ... then how does this help?

    well... if you need to kill the guard first - and even if it takes only 3s --> then you need to go there and fight and not jump out of your castle which is guarded by 8 invisible gatetwinks - run with your undetectable rogue to a tower and just cap it 5s before SW ends.

    You write you´re playing in US - i don´t know the situation there but come to EU for 2-3 wars and look how it is - guilds hiding in their castle behind automated gatekeepers (Ch/M + Pr/Wl) which are placed in illusions waiting for the last seconds of war - just to immune+invis cap 4 towers after they couldn´t fight over 1for the whole war...

    In an ideal world we could get real pvp and some balance, but its a dream world.

    I totally aggree with you - and yes wl/ch is a strong combination. But if i see people running around with tears in their eyes just because of one combination which you can easily counter with a lot of combinations - sorry but then it allways sound like a witch-hunt...

    Yes in an ideal world we would get some balance both for PvE as well as for PvP - but you already noticed this would be a dream world. I think nobody really can remeber the last real balance patch anymore and if he/she would only say "oh this time when they ruined ..." Even with the small changes (e.g. the last set-skils) they totaly miss the mark by miles.

    That´s why to my mind they first need to implement some easy things before even thinking about balancing...

    1: All guards? Not going to happen, the side guards are easy enough, but the middle guard can only be taken by some OP players and even then not quickly.

    some seconds with burst 3-4 people is "not quickly" ?

    and therefore you don´t need "OP people" - this guard is way weaker than an average boss of any actual dungeon

    Want better sw? Fix wls.

    Hi my name is Mr. Knightmage and i´m pissed of warlocks - i´m just immune to them for 50% of the time but they run away from me too often.

    Or is it

    Hi my name is Mr. Roguesomething and i´m pissed of warlocks - i just walk around them, killing everything in the backyard and destroy buildings way faster - and thanks to my setskill i can even walk over half of the map undetected by everything just to immune+invis cap a tower - but these warlocks dude...

    Or is it

    Hi my name is Mr. Wardendruid and i´m pissed of warlocks...

    How long do you want to continue this?

    I fail to see any reason anyone could not consider warlock overpowered,

    see above

    Ch/m buff can be outdmged. Often geared players full buff and outdmg that buff easily or they just kill gate holder inside. P/wl ofc can heal gate to max. But take in mind someone must operate all thees chars. Be it alts or real players they still must be whatched over. So that part is alright.

    Somebody noticed the invisible-towers from your castle?

    And to come back with this one thing....

    Hi my name is Mr. Macro - i run a spell on my own for ages... and i´m the brother of Mr. Script - he is automatically running to a certain position after killed and uses his skills automatically when the gate get´s hit...

    To my mind 3 'simple' changes would be enough to make siege war a real war again:

    1 - towercapping only when all guards on this tower are down ;)

    2 - gates (all buildings) can´t be buffed anymore, heals to gates are reduced to 25% of actual value, damage of tornado, scrolls and players to gates are reduced to 50%

    3 - rams should get high damage (breaking down after ~10s) when placed near towers.

    This would be enough to make it way better than now.

    The rest is fine-tuning but since Runewaker and Greedforge only know sledgehammer approaches the easiest solutions should be the first to be implemented.

    mal meine Situation der letzten Tage:

    - Chrysalia keine Probleme

    - Gildenburg keine Probleme (mitunter mehrmals täglich besucht)

    - nördlicher Janostwald keine Probleme

    - Syrbalpass keine Probleme

    - Grabmal der Seelen - immer Probleme (buggende Bosse, nicht verschwindende Barrieren,...)

    --> bitte mal die entsprechende Zone neustarten <3;)

    Also gibst du grad zu einen Model-Ordner zu verwenden? :/

    OMG verbrennt die Hexe den Hexer

    Ich kann nur sagen wies bei mir war - Portal nicht da (wie auf dem Bild)

    -> Channel wechsel - immer noch nicht da

    -> Relog - immer noch nicht da

    -> Haus mit Klassenwechsel - immer noch nicht da

    -> ein AoE auf die Stelle (in dem Fall einen gleich ausehenden falls der Patch was zerschossen hat - vllt aber egal) - siehe da, Portal erscheint

    btw. Rasa haste wohl geschafft deinen geilen Ordner kurz raus zunehmen was. ;) Vonwegen Saces Umarmung. xD

    Wie du vllt an dem Bild erkennen kannst hab ich extra Leuchtebuffs angemacht und die Waffen glitzern und...

    Aber nein du hast recht, ich hab extra einen Model-Ordner geschrieben, der nur diesen einen Skin rausnimmt, den ich auch vor dem Patch schon kannte...

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum intelligentesten Beitrag des Threads Velm - ich hatte mich schon gefragt, wann jemand auf eine so glorreiche Idee kommt - vielleicht nicht immer von sich selbst auf andere schließen ;)

    Also erstens mal - nen Event zu machen, was man ab lvl 75 betreten kann und das dann Belohnungen lvl 60 gibt - bei aktuell lvl 100....

    Da hat sich das Produktteam ja was ganz tolles ausgedacht - nicht!

    und zweitens...

    wenn mans wenigstens betreten könnte...

    Edit sagt - Problem gelöst - Saces Umarmung auf die Stelle machen hat das Portal erscheinen lassen... klasse programmiert

    Many thanks go to the automatic catapults and the twinks in the balistas direct at the towers.

    This is a very satisfying way to play siegewar.

    Thumps up Unbreakable :thumbup:

    Danke auch Firimar für den BK,

    allerdings finde ich persöhnlich ja die Venatoris-Taktik "haha ich bin ein Schurke und nehme den Turm unsichtbar und mit Bubble" recht... naja sinnfrei und hat wenig mit PvP zu tun - vor allem in Verbindung mit dem Schurkensetskill wo man im Prinzip aus der Burg ungehindert über die ganze Map stiefeln kann, egal was da wo steht...

    Aber hat halt jeder so seins...

    Das nächste mal, machen wir vielleicht den ein oder anderen Fehler nicht und dann siehts vielleicht anders aus :)