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    Die Funktion wird auch so schon von den CoMas genutzt, z.B. bei der Taboreanischen Akademie.
    Da ist das aber auch schon länger geplant.

    Da jetzt wegen einer Differenz von ein Paar Minuten sich den Aufwand mit der Planung zu machen halte ich für übertrieben.

    Bezüglich der ersten Zwei:

    Der Style ist nur temporär(tm), zusammengezimmert von unserem Forenverantwortlichen, als die WBB3 Foren vor fast einem Jahr wegen fehlender DSGVO Konformität spontan "geupgradet" wurden.

    Diese Probleme sollten behoben werden, sobald das Grafik Department für alle Foren (das betrifft nicht nur RoM, sondern auch so gut wie alle anderen GF Spiele, die mit WBB5 zwangsbeglückt wurden oder werden) endlich endgültige Forenstyles erstellt.
    Da Foren aber kein Geld einbringen, wird das ganze vermutlich Priorität unter Zimmertemperatur haben.

    Bzgl 3.: Ich werds mir mal zusammen mit meinen Mods angucken. :)

    I can understand that you are unsatisfied with rules not being extensive enough.

    If Siege War were running as it should, we wouldn't need those rules.

    We can only assume what RuneWakers intentions were, e.g. when buildings could be damaged while the gates are still up. Is it supposed to work that way? Or is it just simple negligence? We are no mind readers (and even if we were, I kinda doubt we would find much), so we have to work with what we have.

    Most, if not all, cases are covered by "Usage of exploits and hacks is not allowed and strictly forbidden by Runes of Magic Terms and Conditions." - the problem is with defining what is an exploit and what not, which is where the other points of those guidelines come into play.

    They are by far not extensive enough as many would have wished for, and I understand why.

    These rules are what all 6 teams could agree to after long discussions, and formulated in a way we know we can enforce, like the warden pet thing where we only banned certain actions that we know can be clearly proven.

    Now, onto the questions:

    :!: this is :thumbup: what about fire/electric towers behind walls when cant target your self but warden pet can, pet can kill players behind walls ?

    Anything that can trigger a pets autoattack is so far exempt from the rule, as in many cases it can not be proven that it wasn't accidentally triggered by a tower ignoring LoS, or similiar. It may be frowned upon, sure, but we will not ban people for their pet behaving the way it got programmed (though you should maybe pay more attention to what your pet is doing).

    :!: So the problem is here how to you know is not reachable for new players or old one who did not try to reach there

    - like electric/fire/traps towers but neer towers with guards and cant target or atack with melle becuse are under the tower platform you need aoe skills for that

    - like electric/fire/traps towers put on bridge pillars high position same you need aoe skill to take them down

    "Not reachable" as in places no player can normally access, including the infamous bridge poles.

    The rezz point/roof can be accessed by players.

    :!: if the items are not liste not to use when we do know what is not allowed

    Has it been given to you to resolve a quest task? An instance mechanic? Should it generally be removed from your inventory once you've finished the quest?

    If you have got concerns regarding specific items, feel free to ask or send in a ticket, but it should be clear for most.

    "Warden companions are not allowed to destroy buildings while the gates are closed."

    There were times when I would operate a stationary catapult on the castle's corner, and wardens from outside the castle would send their pets to take down the catapult. Do I understand correctly that this is not allowed?

    Afaik, the catapult attack will trigger the pets autoattack. Hence it most likely would not fall under these rules.

    Jo, aber Recht hat er trotzdem.

    Wenn Items verschwinden, kann dir nur der Support helfen, diese wiederherzustellen. :) (Link findest du in meiner Signatur.)

    Im Forum historische Vergleiche zu ziehen hingegen hat nur geringen Mehrwert.

    So, because I missed it earlier, I'm gonna bump this to international Offtopic, as this doesnt really serve a dedicated discussion topic. ^^

    Also gonna close the german thread as it is redundant.

    //edit: Also pinned it. :)

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