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    Meanwhile, why don't you try to get RW to fix it. It's been broken since the launch of the zone.

    We have a long, looong list of bugs that RW needs to fix. If it's been reported as broken, then it has already been put on that list and we're at the mercy of RW to fix it eventually.

    But Google translate handles it better than Russian and English. Honest. I'm not saying he should try to use Russian on the Polish forum. He should put his stuff into Google Translate in Russian, get the Polish translation, and copy it into the Polish forum, then use Translate to convert the answers to English.

    And English isn't a Germanic language. It's roughly 25%Celtic, 45% Romance and only 30% Germanic.

    At its base, English is a Germanic language. It has taken on a lot from the Celts that were there before them and the Romans and French.

    Having tried out Google or Deepl translations of Russian into multiple languages, none of these have impressed me very much.

    Regarding the actual question:

    many cooking/potion quests require you to interrupt the cast bar at a specific point (usually around 70%)
    That sounds kinda familiar for that one too

    That should be the solution :)

    moorlands could be roughly translated as peatlands in russian, so that should be correct.

    In English we don't have peatlands, so probably the same one. I recommend you try the Polish forum. Translations are more accurate to Russion there.

    Although Polish and Russian are both Slavic, they don't necessarily have similar translations. Thats like telling an English-speaking person to talk to the Germans, since they're both Germanic languages :)

    To fix google translates terrible assumptions "Кв" can both refer to "квартира" (a flat) or "квест" (quest).

    As such, there is no issue with their living situation, but rather with not getting some title after turning in a quest.

    Since it looks like there is something deeper going on here than just a misunderstanding of how markets work, I will be closing this thread.

    To the rest - please be kind to players that seem to be going through a hard time and need help.

    Ich bin aktuell noch dran, mir mögliche Lösungen durch den Kopf gehen zu lassen, aber da es im Privatleben aktuell etwas stressiger ist, ist mein Hirn zu Matsch dafür im Moment.

    In diesem Thread würde ich aber darum bitten, zum eigentlichen Thema, dem Stapeln, zurückzukehren.

    Zum Thema Sammelthread darf man mich gern mal in 'ner Woche oder so mal anpieksen, per PN oder im Discord.

    Von Sammelthreads für Vorschläge halte ich nicht viel.

    Eventuell wäre ein Thread für kleine Quality of Life Sachen machbar, aber erfahrungsgemäß endet es so, dass jeder all seine halbgaren Wünsche in unstrukturierter Form da rein schmeißt und man das weder sinnvoll aufteilen kann, noch der Diskussion folgen, wenn sie ständig durch komplett neue Vorschläge unterbrochen wird.

    Das Endergebnis ist dann meistens irgendwas zwischen Weihnachtswunschliste, verfasst nach dem zweiten Tetrapack Glühwein, und Twitch Chat.

    I've been gone for a few weeks and at this point I just scrolled past most of it.

    Since this is a non-issue for most skilled players and this thread is going in circles going nowhere, I will be closing this thread.

    Creating a new thread withthe same topic is against the rules.

    Any appeals can be submitted to me by DM.

    f someone think that GM are not actualy active players ,he/she need reality check.

    Ummm... I'm pretty sure that to be a GM you actually are EXPECTED to play using accounts other than the one that your GM toon is on. You are also expected to keep quiet and not use the power of your office outside of the GM role.

    Sarkas, can you verify that for us, one way or the other?

    To become a GM, you have to be knowledgabe about the game, which in turn requires you to have actually played it (or read and memorised much of the wiki).


    Regarding the actual issue of this thread - many such cases are discussed with all other members of the team before measures are being taken, both as to make sure that there is enough proof (and it has to be airtight for bans to be issued or items to be deleted) and to make sure the decisions taken are impartial.

    Since Data Protection laws prevent us from commenting on any such specific cases and the discussion of bans is not allowed on GameForge platforms, I will be closing this thread.

    Feel free to reach out to any of our volunteer staff (not me, as I will be traveling) if you wish to discuss this further.

    Opening further threads when the first one gets closed is also against the rules and will eventually lead to sanctions.

    EDIT: Sarkas with the fastest Close Posts in the West. *pew pew*

    Guys, I need you to chill out.

    While I enjoy and encourage any kind of lively discussion, this has ventured into childish namecalling.

    Please stay civil and try to be more open to each other's opinion.

    Edit an die Forummods: Im übrigen ist die Startseite im Forum seit 8 Monaten nicht aktuell, denn das Musikevent findet im Mai statt, aber warten wir einfach noch 4 Monate, dann passt es ja wieder .... peinlich Diogenes

    Als Board Admin habe ich da leider keine Zugriff auf die Startseite. Werde es aber mal an die CoMas weitergeben, danke :)

    Zum Rest kann icht nicht viel sagen, würde das aber auch mal intern anstoßen.