Knight/Warrior build/Guide?

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  • Old account removed appereantly, but I'm looking for a guide for a knight/warrior combo!

    On the old forums there was a great guide, I remember, about the K/W. but I cannot find it anymore, not even using web.archive :(

    Anyone has a nice guide, skill-build and gearing-list for me?



  • K/W primary purpose = AD ( 3 seconds of glory )

    Gear enough to survive the 3 seconds of aggro and pray your party can take down the boss in those 3 secs.

    I think that's about it. ;)

  • I was hoping for a more serious answer. Shows really that this game is going down the drain.

    Can be closed, I'll be looking for a new game to put my money in!

  • Shows really that this game is going down the drain

    man..i bet deep in your head you think world is turning around you...and right at this moment in heights of Nepal child is born....he will eat grass for many years...learn animal languages and so on... day ..he will climb down the mountain..enter nearest city...walk into bar..sit at first table ( ofc..theres laptop with WIFI )...he will use wirelles mouse while real mouse sit on his neck....driven by some internal force he will start google..and on some strange language type in "runes of magic...knight- warrior combo "...

    ....after that..child will close eyes and connect with you on astral level and transfer all his knowledge directly to your head.....

    I was hoping for a more serious answer

    after will know that your hope become real....

  • dray_on_forum Don't waste your breath with remarks which have absolute nothing to do with the question in the first place.

    Already found another RoM-server and there I got a decent answer to my question, in fact they pointed me to a guilds-website with up to date info regarding the K/W and W/K combo.

    And it is not, like Ycavan said, AD for 3 seconds and hoping the boss will be dead within that time!

  • Novar

    Closed the thread.