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    I've been gone a bit and now am seeing a lot of hate towards the peak level system...

    How about a system where you can enter a special "peak level" version of every instance? This system would be available from level 10 on...

    1. This instance sets your max level to the instance level.

    2. Gear and stats are restricted to the gear and stats available at the time of that instance release.

    3. Each boss will have a chance to drop bound peak tokens that have different values ( roughly the instance level ). Create new currency in the currency tab.

    4. Each person has 1 peak level clear per instance daily, like hos/zs/dl

    5. Progressive 1k peak tokens can be turned in for a peak level... so, lvl 1 = 1k, 2 = 2k, etc...

    Something that could be added as well to make this system worthwhile would be a "Peak Bonus" tab. Every Peak level gives your toon 1 "Peak Bonus" point.

    This point can be used to permanently add 0.1% - 5% ( random ) to any of the following:

    1. Individual stat ( str, int, wis, dex, stam )

    2. Physical attack

    3. Magical attack

    4. Physical dmg ( 1-3% )

    5. Magical dmg ( 1-3% )

    6. Physical defense

    7. Magical defense

    8. Physical crit rate

    9. Magical crit rate

    Let's say you add to str & roll 1.3% @ Peak lvl 1 and you add 2.2% @ Peak lvl 2 then str would get a 3.5% permanent bonus.

    Peak level will only be used in combat calculations.. so even if you are Peak lvl 4 and level 51 you cannot wear lvl 55 gear. OTOH, you'd be considered a lvl 55 toon when fighting in regards to hit, miss, crit, etc...

    Just a thought on how gf could make something horrible into something nostalgic and fun.

    To not scare off the potentially new players w/ the Steam release, GF deleted the old forum.

    Officially, I think there was some "security" issue w/ the old forum software and it'd be a pain in the keister to try to bring that data over. Players were encouraged to remake all of the forum posts.

    Whatever rules, whatever restrictions are placed... people will find ways around :)

    I think the best of both worlds would be to allow a win if all 6 towers are capped for 5 minutes. That's plenty of time for a guild to re-cap at least 1 tower.

    froggie EU had problems, no argument there. Froggie us was doing okay, though.

    There was a diamond vendor in the froggie us days and it was reasonable. Max 15 diamonds per day purchased in lots of 5. All of these diamonds were bound.

    There were always problems with rom and most of that stemmed from the disconnect between the developer and the players. If someone reported a problem, the developer found a way to, perversely, make the problem a "feature."

    Ie % mana skills... I remember dying during a roach event when my knight ran out of mana ( pre-knight rebalance ).

    The changes that were made to the game pretty much came out without any warning whatsoever and the players were testing the changes for the developer. ( from what we now know was all planned for the failed dragons prophet game. )

    It just saddens me that the main froggie company was froggie EU, that was losing money hand over fist, and had to sell off the company to gf. Gf comes in thinking that froggie eu's handling of rom was the pepper way to handle rom, instead of the way froggie us did.

    I wish the comas now could see the fun and wacky things froggie us employees did to make Rom engaging.

    I remember a giveaway that involved a huge link rune url. It's crazy dumb stuff like that.

    Until the person(s) in charge of Rom @ gf start caring about what brings people to a game, it's only going to keep getting worse.

    You call it rose colored glasses, I call it being excited to come home from work to play with awesome people and run on servers with so many people that everyone had to hide gear to run anything.

    Annecdotal statement here:

    When I first heard about RoM back in 2009, I gave it a go and happened to create an account during a player appreciation event.

    Frogster gave out 10 or 15 diamonds to the first toon logged in on every account. I was, like, huh? what are diamonds? So I researched them & found them to be pretty inexpensive additions to the game.

    The very first thing I bought with diamonds was the Moa Charity mount where part of the purchase went to a children's charity event.

    Back then, diamonds were available in the AH and they were fairly inexpensive... I think the avg price back then was 4k gold per diamond.

    I spent most of my diamonds on things like aggs & adv. aggs because it was fun to create a personal feel to my toons.

    What has RoM lost in it's transition to GF? The FUN factor. GF is focusing soo much on making this game make "financial sense," that GF is losing all of the players that made this game a joy to play.

    I know that it costs $$$ to pay for servers, internet bandwidth, etc... but it's all for naught when players won't give you $$$.

    Make the game fun & make it inexpensive enough that people are willing to give you their hard-earned money.

    All of these dumb restriction for no reason do nothing more than to drive people away. Please pass this on to the person in charge of RoM @ GF. You are doing nothing but driving people away from your game & any other game your company runs.

    I've been away for a few months due to a change in work and location, but if - and I mean if - GF is serious this time?

    1. Support your supporters: provide a BASIC subscription.. Say $10/mo that gives 1K diamonds per month, 25% off all shop prices and 1.5x phirius tokens per turn in.

    2. Change loot tables for memento vendors to give out real stats again. More people challenging instances = winning.

    3. Make all instance gear bind on equip except for the last 3-5 instances. More people running instances = winning

    4. Allow gold and memento conversion to/from diamonds.

    5. Change normal mode instance stat drops to be the same as hard mode. Here you could make memento and eoj pulls the same table.

    It's obvious the people in charge of rom @ gf don't play this game, so they don't care about breaking the gaming experience. If they use the above suggestions to in-break the game, they may have a resurgence of players.

    ...and please, kill your greed... Even with subscriptions/memberships, gf should still have diamond sales periodically. Remember, there is no physical inventory, so tell the accountants to get over themselves.

    K/W primary purpose = AD ( 3 seconds of glory )

    Gear enough to survive the 3 seconds of aggro and pray your party can take down the boss in those 3 secs.

    I think that's about it. ;)

    yeah, they decided to give us a lot less. Previous years, we got daily login stuff in the mail alongside our normal daily loyalty stuff. So do enjoy the advanced aggregators instead of your normal daily loyalty pulls!

    You're killing me smalls! lol

    Yeah, my guess about the ruby rework? they'll be 1/2 of what they are now & cost will be 2x after this week. ;)

    The Ruby system prior was perfect. This across-the-board 10% Ruby system makes it difficult to purchase necessary items in the Ruby Shoppe.

    GF Options if we are to keep the Rubies @ 10%...

    1. Reduce all Ruby item costs by 50% -- defeats the purpose of limiting Rubies from diamond purchases.

    2. Make all of the Ruby Shoppe Items available in the diamond shoppe at a reasonable price.

    3. Apply variable Ruby returns like there used to be in the old system. ie, have a sale where Ruby returns are 50% for certain items. This way, GF would not need to reduce prices on certain items, but instead give more Rubies back.

    The investigation one is easy. Wait until the 2 guys nearest the corner where you come from have food. Walk over and just stand there.

    Air Raid is a fight! lol. I spin my mouse around until I see the red warning symbol. Run over & click the rune. If an npc is there & you have the skillbar up, use the 1st skill. Then click on it.